Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Blessed with a Moment of Peace



20 days have passed since the ‘nude-Bea’ incident.


The black nights knew how I desperately ran around that night, so they laughed at me, but I took care to train them properly. Other than that, we were living in times of peace, going out drinking with Herman and his men, making fun of Albert and his notorious ‘I’m a kemonobito, but I’m herbivorous’ saying, at which people usually laugh so hard, that they even lose their breath.


The things were progressing smoothly, with all the regional lords surrendering one after another.
Tasel and Media were riotously taking care of hunting the former administration remnants.
As for me, I was finally able to let the soldiers take turns and train again.
Today, Albert was in charge of training the Main Army’s soldiers.


I didn’t have any paperwork to do for the day, but I was nonetheless sitting in my office, when a maid came to visit.

“Your Excellency, his Majesty’s letter arrived.”

Finally. I needed directions for how to deal with this situation from now on, otherwise it could get rather ugly.
I hurriedly opened the letter.
‘I leave it in your care.’


…………………I looked for a second page, but I couldn’t find any.
Did he really pass this whole task onto me!? I take it that the Emperor won’t enjoy spirit drops anymore.
He said it’s up to me now….

I was a little troubled when the maid started talking again.

“There’s a letter from the Holy Country of Lilac.”


I really hoped it didn’t only say ‘Understood’ or something like that.
I opened the letter anxiously.


‘The God’s guidance is equal for all. And His relationship with the apostles is……………..’


Is this a scripture? I really don’t understand a thing………
It was supposed to be a letter saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’………….

The Holy Country sure is scary.


Confused, I read the scripture-letter again.
It started to look more and more like a Bible in the form of a letter.

I was in a state of panic when Media came inside the office.

I didn’t even notice her…….
I turned to face her, only to see Media wearing a huge smile, while patting her tummy.


“Your Excellency, I am expecting a baby!”
“I see. I see. Congrats. You can take a break from the army and take care of your body.”
“Yes. Thank you very much. Excuse me.”

She said and left the room.


I see Media is going to be a mother.
Haha…….They were faster than me…….
Well, there’s no need to rush things up anyway. Bea and I will do our best in our own pace.


I walked towards the window and looked at the courtyard.
Tasel was zealously participating in a sham battle.
His opponent was Albert. The battle was violent and it looked pretty impressive.





I opened the window and shouted.

“Pregnant women are not allowed to do sham battles! Bring me that stupid Media!!”


I was almost deceived……




I thoroughly lectured Media for about two hours, when a maid came into my office.

……..Another letter?


“Your Excellency, a messenger from the Holy Country of Lilac just arrived.”

“……..Understood. Let them wait in the reception room.”



After Media left, I read the letter-Bible again.
………..As I thought, I couldn’t really understand anything.



I gave up and walked to the reception room where a brown-haired sister was waiting for me.

“I have made you wait. I’m Zest, the former Tarminal Kingdom’s commander-in-chief.”

She didn’t have any noticeable features……but that was a feature in itself. She smiled and started talking.


“I am glad to meet you. I am a sister of the Holy Country of Lilac. I don’t have a name since I was already baptized. I hope you understand.”


She bent her knees and put her hands together at her chest.
This must be a custom of this world.
As I thought, there’s a bit of Japaneseness blended with this worlds’ practices.


“I do. Well then, sister, what business had brought you here?”


She smiled and her eyes glittered as she started talking again.


“Regardless of me having business with you or not, we must never give our blessing to something that goes against the Will of God. The water that flows down will never make it into the sea. If you’re asking why, the answer is the God’s guidance.”




The sister, no longer smiling, puffed up with pride.









The God’s guidance……..was the only thing I understood……..haven’t I?

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii

7 thoughts on “Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 73

  1. Hey. Is it just me or are the japanese stupid enough to confuse ‘religion’ with ‘cultism’?
    It seems almost every other japanese novel I read has this problem.

    1. Well, I am not a religious studies student or anything, so I don’t really know what are the precise differences between these two terms….
      Japan has never been a truly religious nation, as Shintoism and Buddhism can or cannot be considered ‘real’ religions, and more than that, the Japanese don’t really care that much about it anyway.
      There’s a saying: Japanese are born as Shintoists, get married as Christians and die as Buddhists.
      So, I personally don’t think that Japanese people are stupid, they just don’t see religions the way the West does. (And, again personally, I find that great.)
      Maybe that’s where the confusion comes from. xD

      1. Well, yes, cults and religions are pretty much the same thing and both can be taken to the extreme. Religions also start out as cults and I honestly don’t believe they ever stop being cults even if they get a fancier name to refer themselves with, cults just have a generally bad nuance due to all extremist cults that has bothered and is bothering people.

        Does that “seriously” guy actually think that it isn’t a religion because they’re zelous as fck with blind faith? Did he think christians and whatever other religion doesn’t have people like them both now and back in history? Just go back some years in history and you’ll see crusades and places that are like this “holy” country.

        It’s annoying when people make their own assumptions based on preconceived opinions. That guy “seriously”, seems he’s stupid enough to prance around and claim that he knows something he doesn’t. If that holy country and their doctrine isn’t a religion, then there are no religions in our world either.

        “Regardless of me having business with you or not, we must never give our blessing to something that goes against the Will of God. The water that flows down will never make it into the sea. If you’re asking why, the answer is the God’s guidance.”

        There’s a lot of bullshit going on here, will of god and all that, I wonder if they mean that what the mc is doing is going against the will of god or something? Seriously confusing, but the author made it so on purpose. Going to be funny when they bring that country down.

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