Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: A Dodge Ball-like Conversation



“I see. That’s some rather deep story you’re telling.”


Ha ha ha
I laughed, but I couldn’t shake the cold sweat feeling.
I didn’t understand a thing from what she wanted to convey…….

I cast some strengthening magic on my trembling hand, as I took a cup of tea and drank it.
I couldn’t taste its flavor anymore, but since my throat felt dry, it couldn’t be helped. I needed it.


“Hahaha. Your Excellency, Duke Zest, you are the sea at sunset…….For the rest of us who cling to God’s pity the night has come, unfortunately.”

Again, she struck me with another puzzling riddle.
What’s that ‘sea at sunset’ supposed to mean!?…….
This person is unpleasant. I hope she leaves soon.


For the time being, she compared me to something….That has to be a good thing, right?
I selfishly decided that. In any case, there was nothing I could understand, so why should I have even bothered then? It was useless to worry about it anyway.


“That’s much appreciated, sister. Well then, how about we start talking about your business here as a messenger…….Did you bring a letter or the sort?”

She was stunned for a moment then she took out a letter from her breast pocket.

………Don’t teach the sisters to keep letters at their chests! That place is not a container, you know?
Ah, I see there’s no obstacles in the way, so maybe that’s why it’s the perfect place for her to carry things around, huh?


She handed over the letter and I opened it.
I played to God that this letter’s contents were not some sort of scriptures again.


…………Good. The contents looked decent enough.

It was actually a very polite letter that I haven’t seen in ages, and it even started with a seasonal greeting.

Recently, when I think about letters, I remember the scripture.
His Majesty’s wasn’t any better, to be honest; it only said ‘I leave it in your care’.
The name and address were actually longer than the letter’s content. I really don’t want to read letters like that anymore.


I read the letter that the sister had brought. To make a summary, it said:

‘The Holy Country of Lilac is recognizing the former Tarminal Kingdom’s lands as the territories of the Grun Empire.
Your actions were not fickle, but rather justifiable. You rescued the people from discrimination among the races, without fighting a war.
Therefore, we will not oppose the Grun Empire. We will be neighbors from now on, so we expect some exchanges.’

These were its summarized contents.

The sender was Pope Garbera, the man leading the Holy Country of Lilac.
There isn’t much information to be found about this country, since it doesn’t really socialize. It was kind of hard to picture this person.
But, if I were to judge by his letter, he seemed a person capable of holding a proper conversation.


However……..There is a ‘however’ after all.

At the end of the letter, there was a terrible entry.

‘The dispatched sister will create a new church there and she’ll be appointed the new Priestess.
She’s fully knowledgeable about our doctrine, and she’s not a shady person. She’s an obedient and honest girl.
Thank you and I leave it in your care.’


It was clear to me that he didn’t mean those words exactly as stated.

‘I’ve sent a demoted sister to work as a Priestess there. There’s nothing in her head, but doctrines, so she’s a great chess piece that won’t ever betray us. What if you decide to dispose of her? That’ll be a great reason for us to start a war.’


It was more likely like this.

Since he couldn’t tear off the former Tarminal Kingdom, he sent in the bait…….Because not having a clear pretext to move and attack would be too disadvantageous.
When I thought about that, it felt pretty much consistent. This Pope is quite a sly person.


The sister was not really a disrespectful person.
All she does is talk about her mysterious doctrines.


If she were to be punished because of that reason, something like this might’ve happened:
‘We must pass judgment on the heretics who don’t even understand the doctrines!’……….


The Lilac Doctrine is very understanding of other religious beliefs, therefore it is friendly towards heretics.
However, they follow a fundamental rule: ‘If you kill us, we’ll kill you too. Since we are not seeking to convert people, you have no right to talk about our faith.’
They are definitely up to disputes.


Realizing the Pope’s unpleasant expectations, I sighed deeply and drank some tea.
I must consult the others about what’s to be done.


“I perfectly understood the Pope’s thinking. You are to become a Priestess, am I right, sister? Do you plan to use the already existing church?”

“To accept donations from my beloved brothers and sisters and use them as a means to study this transient world is disrespectful to our God. The drifting ship floating on the great ocean is relying on God’s hem; it’s like searching for flowers inside a forest.”


You do understand, right?
It was like her smile and her head inclined to the side in doubt, were asking me that.

I didn’t get it…….at all…..



“It’s like praying to God for his benevolence. As for your Excellency, Duke Zest, I pray for your peace and tranquility. Well then, I will excuse myself now.”


She stood up and made a praying pose, before she left the room.


I was left alone and drank up the tea that had already become cold.

“Send someone to tail that sister. And don’t be discovered.”

The black shadow that hid itself in a corner of the room disappeared.
He was one of the chosen former adventurers who enrolled my Intelligence Unit.


“For now, we should hold a meeting……..”

I muttered to myself without realizing.
The situation was darker than I previously expected………and I felt very tired……..


I gathered all the management staff inside the conference room.
Well, they were only Albert and my master for now.

Master just arrived yesterday.
He brought along 200 black knights.
It seems that the Empire doesn’t plan on selling this place, after all.


“According to the Intelligence Unit’s report, the sister is at the church’s site, working on some renovations. I believe she will use that place as a base for communicating with her own country.”

“I see. However, it’s really troublesome to use religion as your diplomatic relations.”

“Your Excellency, should we kill her?”

Albert………you should just shut up.


“For the time being, I want to inform the Emperor and wait for his acknowledgement. As one would expect, my words alone don’t have enough weight in this matter.”

“Indeed. You should probably take advantage of the imperial capital more, don’t restrain yourself too much.”

Master, you are so reliable.

“Then, we will wait-and-see for the time being……..Master, you will stay here for a while, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. And I really don’t mind you using me.”


Good…….I only had to work with muscle brains until now, so I was really happy when he said that.
I had an adviser now.


I really need a few other smart civil officials as my subordinates, otherwise things might get complicated.
The work that needs to be done is gradually increasing after all.


“By the way, Zest. I have something to talk to you about.”



His voice was so low that it felt like it belonged to some sort of creature, crawling at the bottom of the earth, and his eyes were darker than darkness itself.
I felt a burning sensation on my skin as I looked at his pretty much visible killing intent.


Huh? Why did he snap?
Albert! You must……..He’s gone…..
That rascal, he dared to run away!?





“I heard you have a magical tool that recorded a naked picture of Bea, am I right? I didn’t raise her to be an immoral person, you know? What did you do to her?”

Master was drawing near, his magical powers shamelessly enhanced to the max.



“Please wait, master. If we talk…….You’ll understand if we talk!”







You’ll understand if we talk.
Putting it differently, you’ll never understand unless we talk.

His magical power was like a whip, shaving the stone floor. As I watched him approaching me, I thought again for the first time in a very long period of time.


……………..I might actually die.

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
DA BEST (among the worst): Mockii

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