Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Quiet Talk: Zest’s Wish



…………….so it was.’



Good. I finally got this far.
There’s still much more to write though…….


*knock knock*


“Excuse me, Master. It should soon be time for a break.”


The girl, dressed as a maid, entered the room and started to prepare the tea.
I drank some of the tea she prepared then started to talk quietly.


“I finally managed to write until this point. I can more or less grasps the ending now.”



‘The ending’………She probably reacted to this word, because her face got distorted.
Was it the handbook that was going to end?
Was it the Master’s life that was going to end?

She probably wanted to ask that, but she remained quiet instead as she stood next to me.


“Since we came to this point, would you like read a little? I might need to make corrections after all.”

I smiled and handed over the unfinished handbook. Even though she looked a little disturbed, she took it and started to read.






“What do you think?”


She finally took her eyes away from the handbook and smiled.
Maybe she recalled her grandmother, a person she missed very much.


“Haha, grandmother used to do such things.”


She said and laughed. In these kinds of moments she looks exactly like her grandmother.
The women I can’t meet anymore…………..



“It’s interesting! I don’t usually read stories, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t understand, but it was very easy to read.”

“I see. I’m glad you liked it. You know…….this handbook……….I’m addressing it to the people living in my native country.”


I brushed her head lightly, something I haven’t done in a long time.
She looked sad……..and embarrassed…….They really are alike.


“In my native country, there is a platform where many people go to read stories, you know?…….In order to connect to that, I used all my magical powers…….” 1


It’s been already 100 years since I came here.
A lot of things happened…….


“When my fellow countrymen read this, they’ll be able to understand a little about this world. And in case someone comes here, they will know better than allow themselves to be used by the nobles…….they’ll be careful not to get involved in conflicts………they’ll be able to at least smile and live a quiet life.”


The girl stared at me, her pupils fixing mine.
Don’t make such an expression…….I won’t die too soon.


“Therefore, I want this handbook to be read by as many people as possible…….People who do not usually read novels, might get summoned here too.”

“………..That’s why? So that’s why the contents of this handbook are made to look funny and interesting?”

“Ha ha ha, precisely. If I were to write an instructions book or something similar, nobody would have read it. There is meaning even in looking at it, you know?”





I pray that…….

This book will catch the attention of as many people as possible. I pray that it will spread.

I pray that it will reach my native country, where my fellow countrymen live.


“This is a handbook that cannot look like an instructions book…….Then, what about making it into a tale? This option was not good, since there are many similar stories in my world………..”

There were many light novels and fantasy novels in my world.
And it was impossible to write something that is completely different from them…….But even so……


“That’s exactly why I chose this writing style…….Please, fellow countrymen, please realize……..that this is a notification I’m writing with all my might………”


The girl was silently listening to me.


The moonlight was pale.
And this pale light was illuminating my room, as I kept on praying.



Please God…….It should be all right for me to advise them to such a degree, right?
Please, make sure this handbook reaches Japan……….

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
God’s gift to mankind: Mockii


  1. I find this interesting as a narrative technique. The author (Takkurun) wants us to believe Zest is the one who actually writes the novel and through his magical powers it gets uploaded on ncode.syosetsu for all the Japanese people to see it (and maybe, the future Hero). But that’s my interpretation, and you’re free to see it as you wish.

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  1. Aww. Imagine him having to use ones and zeros. On top of that, if he’s connecting to wi-fi, the passwords etc. Sounds like it’d take more than magic. Perhaps, technology?

  2. Maybe, toward the end, using the very last of his magic, Zest embeds an enchantment into the online text. This charm makes it so that future summonings are far more likely to stick onto those who have been exposed to the magic. Then, when Nana suddenly stops translating, we’ll know why.

    Gambatte, Nana, we’ll never forget you!

  3. I seriously though that’s it but it’s just a continuation from the Prologue. I was scared it ended there or got cancelled and ended there. Thank God it didn’t!

    Anyways, thanks for this awesome chapter. I already guess that the person writing is Zest at the prologue by later chapters.

  4. Well that was trully a revelation, so the only people to guet summoned to Sword and Magic worlds are Japanese!!!??? Nah joke aside, great chapter thanks for delivering it.

  5. Boring way of writing. Dull supposed end to the story. I hate when mcs end up alone and supposedly are going to die, it’s way too depressing. It’s really “great” how the author has to make us know even from the beginning and then remind us in the middle that he ended up all alone, without his lovers or friends and that he just writes a fcking book and then wants to commit suicide or something to join his beloved. I mean, what the hell. Is it too much to ask for that we don’t get to see such a sad thing in a comedy novel? Perhaps they could somehow get to live for at least thousands of years together and never separate until death? Couldn’t he have just solved everything including that fcking handbook and lived happily ever after with his beloved people? No? We have to know the ending, so that we can expect that everyone will die around him.

    Thanks, it was a great way to ruin my reading experience completely. Now I will never be able to forget that this guy and his beloved along with everyone else who are happily running around will actually end up like this. Oh, then we imagine Bea going old and white haired, only to die in bed and the grief it brings. We can also imagine the serious Albert dying after being cut down, or just as a gramps. All other relatives will also die from age or strife, including her father and mother. Then perhaps the exchange diary spirit toto died when defending them or something, perhaps she perished because one of her masters died, that is, Bea. Oh, so great. Now I can totally keep reading this without feeling sad and frustrated while imagining myself in his situation.

    Sigh… The author seemed to think it was a great idea to write it like this, but I really believe that he just ruins his own story by including such a gigantic spoiler. At least if this crap happened only at the very end in just a few chapters, I would be able to ignore it to some extent, but now I have to be reminded of it while reading the novel…

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