Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Reuniting with My Family



“………And so, you have permission to bring your families here. There will be many other immigrants apart from families, so they will arrive in about a month. You must be looking forward to it, right?”


The Duke’s mansion was constructed on the site of the former royal castle.
This announcement was made in the big square in front of the mansion, and the soldiers who heard it were shouting with joy.


“Finally, I can see my family again.”
“My kid must have grown a little.”
“If my…….If my wife doesn’t hurry, I’ll………”
“………My family………My family.”



One year had already passed since our war with the former Tarminal Kingdom.
We assaulted the enemy nation, then we had to administrate it…..There was no possible way for me to go back.
Since I was offered a new territory, I had to declare it as part of the empire’s lands and proclaim a new set of laws; I also had to hire new government officials, repair the damage done to the former capital, but also maintain it.
All the neighboring nobles have already surrendered, but they never left their lands, so I had to call out to them and invite them to meet me and so on.


But it was finally safe to bring our families over. We were already prepared to do the legal procedures.
In fact, I could’ve called Bea to join me much, much earlier, but….

“I can’t be the only one to bring my wife here, when I’m forcing all my subordinates to endure the absence of their loved ones. Nobles and commoners alike love their families dearly, so we will wait and bring all of them together.”


My eyes looked pretty much unwelcoming when I spoke those words, which actually caused a huge stir among the soldiers.
My mansion was therefore finished in a flash.

After that, the old royal capital was more or less completely restored.
In fact, the former residents said that the capital has become busier and safer than before, and everyone was very happy with this.


……….So, we finally came to this………


“Your Excellency, the signboard with the name for the new capital is ready. Please hold the establishment ceremony.”

Albert reported while showing a broad grin on his face.

“Good-nya. I’m so jealous-nya.”
“Right? I’m really jealous as well.”

The Media and Katalina combo said to me, broad grins on their faces.
Since Tasel was on maternity leave, Media had lots of free time, so she spent it in my office, acting like my escort.
Because of that, she became good friends with Katalina.


“Must I…..really hold the ceremony?”
“Yes, you must.”
“Yes, it is a must.”
“You must-nya.”



I gave up……It was impossible to run away from this……

The day of the ceremony, I raised my eyes to look up at the sky.
The leaden clouds…….The birds’ noisy cries so early in the morning……And one of my shoelaces broke.
A feeling of unrest was building up inside me.

“Your Excellency, please do the greetings.”

As I followed Albert, we arrived at the grounds where the ceremony was about to take place.
The wide square in front of my mansion was packed with hundreds of citizens.


“Your Excellency, Duke Zest.”
“Oh, sister………I’m sorry, it’s Priestess now, right?”

I haven’t seen this junky sister in a long period of time, but now she called out to me.


“It’s all right, just call me sister. That’s because I’m a mountain colored with countless sprouts.”
“……….Such modest words.”

“Haha, it’s like a bird that gazes at distant heights. But I am not the bird, I actually want to become a fish swimming in a small mountain stream. That is the guidance of God!”
“………We can only admire God’s thoughtfulness.”

“Ha ha ha”

…………………I hate it. I don’t understand a thing from what she’s saying.


Katalina was clearly too astonished by this scene…..Stop wigging your tail, will you?
Albert, don’t draw your sword, you idiot!

“This is a wooden talisman I made for the prosperity of the capital. Please take it.”
“I humbly accept your kindness.”


Hearing this, she took out the wooden talisman from somewhere around her chest region, then turned to leave.
Why does this sister always take things out from her chest region!?…….
I gave the wooden talisman to Albert, and prepared for the ceremony.


“It’s still……..warm……..?”


Albert said and sniffed the wooden talisman, action that made Katalina draw away from him as quickly as possible.

Eh? Did he only make sure that the talisman was not poisoned?
No, no, I already know that Albert is an extremely serious person.
Uh-huh, I believe him, I really do……

I ignored the sad-looking Albert, and went up on the stage.
I didn’t want people to think I’m the same as him.


“Thank you everyone for gathering here. I’ve prepared a banquet to celebrate the beginning of a new capital. Today, I will take care of all bar bills; it’s my treat for you. Drink as much as you like and make merry!”


“ “ “ “ “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh!” “ “ “ “

“Oi, it’s free alcohol, you hear me?”
“His Excellency, the Duke sure is understanding.”
“This would’ve never happened before.”


All the citizens scattered; they were happily searching for bars.
All went according to plan………This way no one will pay much attention to the new city’s name.


“Your Excellency Zest, please rest assured. I gave orders to every bar and drinking place so that all those who shout out loud the name of the new capital will receive free drinks.”
“You can rest assured this way-nya. Coming from Lord Albert, this sure is amazing-nya.”

Albert didn’t even realize she was making fun of him.
That stupid cur, he kept on grinning and nodding to her words……You really did something unnecessary, damn you!



That day, the name of the new capital was heard countless of times in all the bars and drinking places across the city.

‘Let’s toast for the capital city that his Excellency, Duke Zest loves so dearly! Let’s toast for <Beatrice>!’

This capital city was named after the Duke’s beloved legal wife.
It was expected that he would value this city for eternity; there was nothing to worry about.
The citizens partied until the next morning.



“Why?……….Why did it turn out like this?…….”



I was actually in a dreamy state when I accidentally decided to name this city ‘Beatrice’……..
And because of that, the rumors have spread even to the imperial capital, saying ‘There’s a Duke who named his city after his wife’…..
I also received a letter from Princess Tsubaki, saying ‘Where will you use my name?’, so I was kind of troubled by that……..


When I meet other nobles now, they never fail to include this into their greetings:
‘As expected from your Excellency, no one could imitate your act of naming this city after your legal wife. Ha ha ha’


I completely became a toy, these guys enjoy playing with……….There’s a limit even to embarrassment.

As I was drinking sake in my office out of despair, a maid came to deliver a letter.
She brought it to me despite being late at night, so it must be urgent.
I watched as the frightened maid left the room and opened the letter.
It was a strange letter that didn’t have a sender or a recipient’s name and address.














I saw the dark red letters that looked exactly like blood, and felt extremely frightened after such a long period of time; I even wet my pants a little.

This……..probably means death………

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Translation: Nana
Proofreading: Carmina
God’s gift to mankind: Mockii

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  1. …………………I hate it. I don’t understand a thing from what she’s saying.
    Katalina was clearly too astonished by this scene…..Stop wigging your tail, will you?
    Albert, don’t draw your sword, you idiot!

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