Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Relaxation




“I know! Let’s go to the sea!”


This was the idea that popped up in my exhausted head after I returned from the imperial capital.

“Your Excellency, there’s no work to be done at the moment, so now is a good time-nya.”
“Your Excellency, your black knight guards are ready too.”
“Son-in-law-dono, I am free too.”


“Master, you mustn’t come…….”

This was supposed to be a trip for me, Bea and Toto…….Now, these guys are coming too.
Master, don’t glare at me like that, I’m still not taking you along.


The carriage was shaking as it made its way towards the fishing village.
I also wanted to watch the way Herman worked.
Once in a while, you have to get some rest otherwise you’d be ruining your body….or so they say.


After all, when I was in the imperial capital, I was exposed to the Imperial Family’s terrible darkness……

No, stop it!……When I think about that, my head starts to hurt…….
I want to forget about Princess Tsubaki too.

She is…….yeah, she’s shocking……
If she were to actually become my wife, my stomach would be full of holes……


“What’s the matter? Are you all right, Zest-sama?”
(Dad, why don’t you sleep if you’re tired?)

They looked at me, their expressions filled with worry.

“Thanks, but I’m good.”

These two were really kind, so much so that my troubled heart was starting to heal.
I proudly brushed their heads.


“Surround them!!”
“Do it! Kill them all!”

……..The maids unit was full of energy as always…….
Almost all of them have decided upon getting married……..with the black knights.

Only muscle brains children are likely to be born from them.
Will my domain be all right?

I must find some other civil officials too, since I can’t let Katalina do everything.



We arrived at the fishing village, and I was amazed by the changes it underwent.

There was a solid fence surrounding the village, and the houses were looking great.
The coast already had a pier, and it all looked like a veritable harbor.
It seems Herman went through a lot of trouble to do all this.


“Your Excellency, Duke Zest, it’s been a long time.”
“Hey Herman, you did great things here. It looks wonderful.”


Herman felt proud, but he also remained modest.
He did amazing things in such a short period of time……With this our income should grow considerably bigger.
Sooner or later I might have to make Herman a noble too……


“Come now, we have made preparations for a welcome party.”

A banquet hall was prepared in the village’s central plaza.
It wasn’t extravagant-looking, but they cooked a lot of seafood-based dishes for us. Everything was filled with emotion.


“I’m very glad you people feel this way. For today, let’s party to our hearts’ content!”



I greeted and the party started.


“Katalina? Long time no see!”
Nya? Everyone!? It’s been a long time-nya!”
“Well then, look at my trick……”
“Ha ha ha, I wanna try it too!”


I listened to the soldiers’ merrymaking and drank.
As one would expect, a duke was not supposed to be noisy like them.


(Dad, you know……Haha)
“Hm? What is it, Toto?”

She sat on my shoulder and smiled at me.

(Dad, you were mad at that Majesty uncle, right?)
“……..You’re right. Our meeting wasn’t really interesting.”

I can’t hide things from her, it seems……

(That’s why, you know, I made sure to send him away!)



“Totototototo, Toto? What did you do?”
(I sent away the uncle’s hair!!)


You sent away……his hair?

(The uncle had some hair placed on his head, you know? That’s why I sent it flying!)


His Majesty……was actually bald…..even though he’s young……

“Toto, this is a secret, all right? Do you understand?”
(Yes! I promise, Dad!)

She said and followed me excitedly.
I see now, he was bald……

…….If there was no evidence left behind then there’s no problem.
However, wigs are extremely valuable in this world, so I bet it was difficult for him.
…………..Toto, you did amazingly great!


“Oh my! You were talking with Toto, Zest-sama.”
“Hey Bea, are you having fun?”

She came to me, escorted by the maids unit.
This party was very unusual for her, since she didn’t really attend such frank and open parties before.
She constantly looked around her.


“Katalina looks very happy. She met her friends again, after a long time.”
“That’s great then…….I made her do the impossible after all. I actually wanted her to meet her friends.”

“Zest-sama, you’re the same……doing the impossible!”

Bea’s expression became sullen.
Toto seemed to have guessed something, so she left us alone.

“Just by looking at your face I understood everything……I already know, that something happened.”
“I see…….”

“Did you do it……for my sake?”
“That was one of the reasons, but to be honest, I did it for myself. I don’t need anyone else but you, Bea…….I did it because I’m a noble.”

“…….My father often said this to me: ‘Because you’re a noble’……“

“However, at least let me worry about you…….I am your wi…..wife, after all…….”
“You’re right. Thank you, Bea.”

I brushed her hair lightly as I began to inform her.


“I got a message from the Frontier Count.”
“From grandfather?”


“Princess Tsubaki will soon arrive at your grandfather’s castle. The Frontier Count will serve as her guardian as he escorts her here. I’m ashamed to say, but she will enter the Duke’s Household as an adopted child……….”



“She needs guidance, all right? I will train her in homemaking arts……..Ahaha…….AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

(Tsubaki!? She’s coming!? Awesome! I had something to say to her!)







They were clad in a pitch-black aura and there was no way I could oppose them.
All I could say was ‘Yes’ or ‘Understood’.


That day, several hundreds of fish washed up ashore; they could be found all over the fishing village’s harbor…………

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