Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Training and Education




‘I didn’t feel alive until you reported that this was all a military exercise.

I’m really sorry I troubled you with the matter of Tsubaki.

So please forgive me! I promise that I will keep both the Duke and the Frontier Count’s Households in high consideration.’



Half crying, the Prime Minister brought us this letter.

A great number of nobles already fled the imperial capital, so the palace was extremely busy with remedial measures.


“Grandson-in-law-dono, remember that sometimes you have to warn them in order for them not to misunderstand you. You’ll learn, sooner or later, how to add degrees to your warning.”


It’s easy in case they simply obey, you just take advantage of that.

In case they don’t obey, you have to pressure them to, and this is the difficult part.



“Haha, it would be good for you to learn this while I’m still alive. Anyway, I’ll be alive for a little longer.”

“I’m also here, you know, you can rely on me too.”


Frontier Count, master…….thank you.

I’m still inexperienced when it comes to such tactics.

I’ll let these two teach me…….what should I do in this situation.



We finished our training and decided to return to our territories; when word of this came out, we were told to hurry up and leave.


“We don’t need to stimulate them any further. If we stay too long his Majesty might really start preparing to fight back. It’s best to keep it moderate.”

“I agree. It’ll be troublesome if we can’t see through the whole situation.”


They grinned broadly as I told them farewell, then I returned to my domain.

Those two…….It’s a huge relief they’re on my side.

I wanted to visit my foster father too since I haven’t seen him in a long time, but I’ll have to postpone it.

I’ll make sure to write him a letter.



The return trip was going smoothly until Albert screwed up.


“Your Excellency, he peeked on Tasel!”

“Oi, restrain Media or we’re gonna die!”

“Where are the medial soldiers?”


……………..What the heck happened!?



According to the beat up Albert, this is what happened.


After giving birth, Tasel was back to work, but because her breast milk was coming out, she entered a tent to wipe it dry.

Then Albert came and, seeing Tasel’s back figure, thought that he was a man. Therefore, Albert called out to him.

Tasel turned around, Albert was astonished, a loud scream could be heard, breast milk flew around…


Such a chaotic scene was unfolding right when Media showed up.

That’s when Albert and Media’s physical talk started.


His face red, Tasel was glaring at Albert.

His outward appearance was clearly a man.

I couldn’t withstand this dangerous atmosphere where a blushing man stared at another man.



“I understand…….This was an accident, so let it go…….”


Media flared up at my half random words.


“If that’s the case, your Excellency, what would you do if Albert peeked on Lady Beatrice by mistake?”

“Hahaha, obviously, I would kill him. Without any doubt.”


Albert……..Don’t look at me like that……


“It’s a joke. I wouldn’t blame him if it was an accident.”


Albert, I’m sorry……Don’t cry……

You should give him a break too, Media.


“On the contrary, you, Tasel, should feel happy that you were mistaken for a man. And Media too, you should cheer up. Albert is not a peeping tom, I can guarantee you that.”


“If that’s what your Excellency says, I understand.”

“…….Yes, your Excellency.”


“Your Excellency………Do you trust me?”


Tears gathered in the corners of Albert’s eyes.

He’s such a fool.


“Ain’t that obvious? You are not a coward man. And, above all, you are not interested in a mother’s milk, am I right? Since you enjoyed sniffing that junky sister’s chest odor, I bet you like them really small, like nonexistent, right?”

“………Lord Albert!”

“Such a sinful taste…….”


“Wha!? Your Excellency, that was me checking for poison…….”


Everyone started to laugh and the matter settled peacefully.



…………….Or so it should have been.


“Albert-sama……… you really have such preferences……………?”

“Me…Meril!? Why are you here……….?”



Because of his wife’s sudden appearance, Albert’s hellish experience continued to unfold.




Such fun events kept me entertained as we arrived to my capital city.

Albert and Meril made peace and now were flirting with each other; it was a little annoying, but I endured it.

I would meet Bea soon as well.


Smiling, I entered my mansion and saw Toto flying towards me to sit on my shoulder.


(Dad, welcome back!)

“I’m home, Toto. Did anything change while I was away?”


I asked her as I brushed her hair.

Brushing her hair was already a reflex for me now. It comes naturally.


(Yes! Mom is educating Tsubaki!)

“…………..It’s a relief that Bea is handling this.”


(Mom is in very high spirits!)

“………I see.”


(Tsubaki’s already at the second jar of maiden’s secret medicine, so she’s becoming a good child!)


Maybe I should really ask.


“What is a……..maiden’s secret medicine?”


Toto answered, her face covered in smiles.



(If you scoop it with a special spoon, it will flow into your mouth! It’s impossible to avoid and you can’t spit it out either. It’s a curs……good luck charm!)


………..Just now, did she almost say ‘curse’?


(Uncle Sonia tasted it and said that it exceeded Mom’s former obento 1. He was so deeply moved emotionally that he fell asleep!)







Toto, he fainted……..And also, he wasn’t moved at all, you know?


Thanks god that wasn’t me.

I thought, and entered my office.


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  1. The obento incident unfolds in Chapter 17. Read more about what a Bento is here

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