Stranger‘s Handbook – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: A Lady’s Style





“Young lady Tsubaki, don’t forget your fighting spirit!”

“With that level of determination you won’t become a fine lady.”

“You still have 500 left! You have to practice sword swinging for another 500 times!”

“Huuh haaah, oooooryaa ah ah!”




“Katalina…….What’s this uproar outside?”

“Ah, the maid’s unit is coaching lady Tsubaki on how to become a fine lady-nya.”


“……..I see.”


Do ladies these days really get psyched like that while practicing sword swinging?!

Well, these women are strong, so it’s no use to argue with them.

It’ll be too troublesome to oppose them, so I’ll just leave it to them.



I was doing paperwork in my office while listening to Tsubaki’s fighting scream.

My master returned to the Frontier Count’s domain, leaving only me and Katalina for the job right now……

This is……..a chance?

I put my workload away and looked at Katalina.

She’s doing a great job for me and her outwards appearance is that of a beautiful woman; there’ll no complaint at all.


“Katalina……’s time…….to do that.”


She was startled.

She took a short break from her work to look at me hatefully.


“…….Are we doing that again-nya? I…..urm…..”


Her face was completely flushed as I approached her and told her as gently as possible.


“You don’t dislike it either, Katalina. Am I right?”

“……..Uh! It’s not fair-nya.”
Katalina and I moved to the room next to the office.

We made sure no one saw us……..



However, Albert did see something.

He clearly saw us vanishing inside a room all alone.

And then, he ran to make his report.


“Beatrice-sama! His Excellency Zest disappeared inside a room with Katalina.”

“……..Well, maybe it’s about work?”


“Urm……..they said something about doing that and entered the room. I could smell sweat and heard intense breathing coming from inside……..”


Albert’s over-sensitive sense of smell was something you could really trust.

Even though he sometimes acts in a perverted manner like when he sniffed the sister’s scent, his sense of smell is something you can rely on.


Immediately, Beatrice started running, her favorite bardiche 1 in one hand.

Her bardiche was made of the same jet black material as the black knights’ armors, and the people started calling it fondly ‘The Grim Reaper’s Axe’; this weapon was her best partner.



She controlled her boiling rage and erased her presence as she approached the room in question.

If she were to hurry, she might not be able to obtain evidence.


“Katalina……We’ll move a little faster now.”

Nya!? I…..I can’t move faster than this……it’s impossible……nya.”
Hearing the voices coming from inside the room, Bea’s magical power escalated.

This was it.

She smashed the door with her bardiche and jumped inside the room in an instant.




Beatrice took an imposing stance, her whole body clad in magical power, but what she saw was not what she had in mind.

What she saw was Zest and Katalina holding hands and embracing each other in a friendly manner.


“……..What……..are you doing?”


“ “We practice dancing (nya).” “


“ “ “……………………” “ “





“I want to soon bestow Katalina with a noble title, but it’s impossible to do so if she can’t dance properly, right?”

“His Excellency is teaching me-nya, the quick part is really difficult-nya.”




“Bea…….what’s the matter?”

“What is your Excellency Beatrice………doing with that bardiche-nya?”



“I’m…..I’m practicing to become a ………fine lady.”



Bea ran away, her face bright red. I saw her off then heard Albert’s shriek from somewhere down the corridors.

Did she really practice for becoming a fine lady?

I decided not to think too much about it and continued with our dancing training.



“I guess it’s time to end for now.”

“Th…thank you very much-nya…….”


I felt considerably tired, so I ended our practice for the day.

Katalina’s feet were hurting too.

It’s always like that until you get used to it…….It kind of feels nostalgic.


“I know it’s difficult for you, but dancing is indispensable. Hold on a little longer, okay?”

“Y…..yes sir-nya.”


I left the exhausted Katalina behind and returned to my own room.

Albert was kneeling down in a seiza position on the corridor with a paper sheet attached to his body on which this word was written: ‘Reflecting’. I didn’t even look at him.

That’s because I recognized Bea’s writing.

I don’t want to get involved, you know? She’s scary when she’s like that.



I entered the bathroom together with Bea and Toto.

Having my back washed clean by Bea was an awfully great service…….

We left the bathroom, and after we finished eating dinner, Bea kept on clinging to me.



(Mom, is today the mating season?)

“ “…….It was Albert, right?” “




This was the moment when Albert’s punishment prolonged until the next morning.

It seems he provided Toto with unnecessary knowledge again.

After I firmly re-educated Toto, I lulled her to sleep. That mongrel, he made me do an unnecessary effort…….




After that, Bea and I enjoyed each other’s company and went to sleep afterwards.

I’ll give my best tomorrow too.

I thought, as I gently brushed the already asleep Bea’s hair, and fell asleep as well.





In the morning, I woke up, greeted Bea and Toto, got dressed and prepared to go to work.

I motivated myself to walk to my office and after I finished my work, I had dance practice with Katalina.

And in the evening, after making out with Bea, I went to sleep again.



Day after day passed in such a peaceful manner. However, one day the unexpected happened.








“Zest-sama, we made it……..or so it seems.”

(Mom is gonna be a mom! This is great!)


………….It appears that I’m going to be a father.


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Translation: Nana
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  1. Bardiche=a long pole-axe. See Wikipedia

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  2. The unexpected? You have unprotected sex with someone for many many months and her getting pregnant is unexpected? I thought the schooling system in Japan was better than here

  3. Thanks for another nice chapter Nana.

    Zest is in trouble now. Pray for a son man, since if you add a daughter on top of Bea and Toto, you’ll be facing odds of 3 on 1 instead of just 2! He’ll never win an argument again……..

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