Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Reasons for Prosperity





“Without any doubt, this is God’s divine command, there’s no other saying than this. On our great earth, where the holy gospels resound today, I saw a beautiful white raven.”


The junky sister recited, her spellbound eyes getting muddy.

Today as well, she was in perfect shape!


“The perch hopes for a waveless sea to send its gratitude to God, and God will create a mountain without undulations. This is God’s wish!”

“……..We offer our gratitude to God’s mercy.”


She nodded and brought her hands to her inexistent chest, taking a praying pose, then continued her junk talk.



“I must transmit that a ‘bra’ has to be donated in sign of gratitude towards God!”

“…………….I’ll make the necessary arrangements.”
That’s the only part I clearly understood. It seems you can speak normally if you want, can’t you?



I informed the proud junky of my departure then returned to my mansion.

I wanted to receive approval to go visit the Sacred Country of Lilac, so I wrote a letter and left it in her custody. All that’s left now is to wait and see.

I didn’t understand though, did I receive permission or not…….Her answer was like that……….



Inside my office, I made the arrangements to deliver that junky a bra.

Katalina and the maids unit put their lives on the line and completed the bra, which instantly became popular.

Instead of using wire, some former adventurers advised them to use raw materials coming from magical beasts, for they are much easier to use. After that, in a blink of time, it became one of the most popular items among women.


“It’s a hunt for dark wolves! Get ready!”

“My bra is waiting for me.”

“We must at least hunt 20 heads or so, otherwise the order schedule…….”

“For our bras, we have to hunt as many as we can!”


The dark wolf’s tail became very important at this point.

The whip-like tail gets torn in thin, long pieces that are later used instead of the wire.

Since that’s now like the bra’s raw material, the suppression corps’ morale is pretty high.


The dark wolf is a large wolf-type magical beast.

It’s a dangerous magical beast that usually lives in packs and attacks villages and travellers. It’s also a strong magical beast that won’t lose in a 1 vs 1 battle with a trained soldier.

Since they usually move around in groups of 10, it’s typical to make units of 50 to 100 soldiers in order to hunt them.


Since they really are dangerous magical beasts, there’s no problem in getting violent against them.

Rather, if we don’t do that, the people would get anxious. At the present time, this suppression festival is getting a lot of high praise.



“I went out for a stroll when I saw one. Ahaha, I was very troubled.”

(That dog, Mom cut it right in half! It was amazing!)


Yesterday, Bea told me with a laugh, while shouldering her bardiche.

Is it all right for a pregnant woman to do that?……I can’t complain since it was a simple stroll. It was inevitable.


I became extremely busy because of the bra thing and my paperwork increased as well. I put everything in order then returned to my private room.

We had some extraordinary economic results, but the workload increased extraordinarily too………



I finally returned to my room and informed Bea and Toto about the matter with the sister.


“Then, it all depends on the reply to your letter.”

(I’m sure it’s all right! I’m very excited about our trip!)


Toto laughed cheerfully and I placed her on my shoulder, her ‘home’ position, then drank some tea restfully.

Bea was watching over us, a sweet smile on her face.


“However, that bra is amazing. I never thought you can use something like that.”

(Toto is wearing one too! Do you wanna see?)


Toto, it’s all right, you don’t need to undress. You didn’t need one in the first place.


Still, Bea is amazing……She already had a D cup before, but now, her arsenal increased without any doubt.

Reflexively, I carefully looked in that direction.


“…….Zest-sama? Women understand that glace, you know?”

(Dad, do you wanna see Toto’s too?)


“S…sorry. Toto, hurry up and put on your clothes.”



It’s no good to glare at a woman’s chest…….I must be careful……..

After I got scolded softly by Bea, I grew a little timid as I went to bed.

As punishment I won’t be allowed to touch anything tonight, so I obediently went to sleep.







You must not glare at a woman’s chest.


I thought I was supposed to have learnt that, but that day in the office I ended up looking at Katalina’s chest.


“Your Excellency Zest, a letter arrived from the Sacred Country of Lilac-nya.”

“Th….thank you…….”


She handed in the letter and returned to her desk.

Her chest was filled by a mysterious puff.


……………That’s strange.

Breasts don’t grow that fast, do they?

Actually, I’m not a specialist when it comes to chests so I can’t really say……………


She returned to her work, while shaking her D cups.


“Ha, my shoulders are stiff-nya. This is so troublesome-nya.”
Her face was clearly not that of a troubled person, since it was fully covered in smiles, so I couldn’t reply anything to her.

All I could do was continue to inspect the letter.


I didn’t even exchange looks with the maids inside the office.

Since they’re all women, this topic is not to be touched. There’s no way I would inquire Katalina about it.



…………..Someone else should do it.


This atmosphere spread like a disease in my office, when my saviour arrived.


“Your Excellency Zest, the sister is here. Will you see her?………………”

“Bring her right away!”


I’m saved……I guess it’s about the letter. It doesn’t really matter, anything is good now. For the time being, I can’t bear this atmosphere anymore.


Albert left and returned with the sister immediately after.



“Your Excellency Zest, excuse me for coming without any arrangements. Thank you for the audience.”




The junky sister said and started to laugh; her chest too was now a D cup………….


The situation got worse…………..

I won’t be able to make a breakthrough in this deadlock situation…………..


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