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Chapter 90: The Pope’s Reply





The two with fake boobs were releasing a bizarre air inside my office.

It felt already like a battleground…….


“By…by the way, sister, what business has brought you here?”

“Yes…..The truth is the Pope entrusted me with a confidential letter.”


As always, the junky sister took out the letter from her chest region.

………….Am I really mistaken? The difference between her left boob and right boob is just too big.


Her right boob, from where she took out the letter, seemed to have withered.


“A confidential letter……It’s not going to be very gentle, is it?”

“No, it’s not a letter to deceive God…..The spirit who loves the new green leaves is swaying in a spring. In short, it is like a lamb that runs the earth while looking up at the clouds!”


She stopped speaking normally.

She returned to the usual junky sister…….Katalina, don’t look at her chest with your mouth open!


I accepted the letter with a vague smile on my face.


“Thank you for bringing this to me, sister.”

“No, I am just a mere pupil of God’s who is in a pursuit of knowledge. This is a trial that tests the acceptance of everything……It is God’s benevolence!”


Then, why don’t accept your chest size? I really wanted to press this question, but I couldn’t……

The junky was about to leave since she’s finished her job here, but Katalina challenged her.


“Sister, why does your chest differ in size-nya?”

“ “!?” “



This girl……She stepped right on a land mine……

And why is the junky even surprised? The difference is just too big, what did she expect?


“………God’s kindness is packed inside this. However, I, who am lacking knowledge, can only feel ashamed……Why?……Why did God give me such a sever trial?…….”

“Sister…….it’s difficult for you too-nya…….”



“Me too…………….I’m taking this trial-nya……..”


Maybe because she was surprised, the junky sister talked normally for a brief moment, something that shocked me.

Seemingly wanting to inflict the final blow, Katalina started to grope about her chest.


“That is!?”

“That’s right-nya……..It’s bread-nya……..”


With an anguished facial expression, Katalina held in her hand two loafs of bread.

Her chest disappeared completely.


“Such a sinful thing to do…….But, even so, God will forgive you! However, one must never waste bread.”

“Sister…….What should I do?”


“That bread is blessed! One must not waste it, instead one must hand it out to starving people. That way it won’t be wasted!”



How much longer should I keep watching this low comedy scene…….?

I silently stared at the two women, embracing each other.

In some way, it was a religious preach, so I won’t scold them and I won’t be disrespectful towards them.

But, in reality, I found this whole thing to be annoying.



Still, her entrance caused the two women’s bodies to freeze in place.


“Zest-sama, it’s time for your break…….Oh my, sister, what happened?”
It was Bea, with her E cup battle strength.



“Oh God……..This trial is just too…………….”


The two women left the office with staggering feet and ghastly pale faces.

Strictly speaking, it might be a bit disrespectful, but I can’t blame them.

‘Those breasts were so big they broke my heart.’

It would be too troublesome to hear this answer, so I decided to leave this whole thing behind.


“?……..What’s wrong with those two?”
“Bea…….just leave them be.”


I took out the letter and decided to drink some tea.

Enough was enough.





“I see. So that’s what happened……”

(Ahaha, bread is not boobs!)


While drinking some black tea, I finished explaining Bea, who looked rather disturbed, and Toto, who rolled about with laughter, the weird circumstances from before. After that, I looked at the letter.


The first part contained our travel permission, and when I told the two girls about it, they grew extremely happy.


The latter part……..was just as I thought.



‘Our Holy Country of Lilac has many sisters. Since the chest becomes a great obstacle when taking the praying pose, this is a serious problem for us. I already prepared the expenses therefore I want to request that bra thing…….Because of religious reasons.’



And so, we started to export the bra to the Holy Country of Lilac.

The Duke Domain’s high-class item, the ‘Spirit’s Bra’ became more and more accepted and praised by women.


We could also mass produce other things……However, the ‘Spirit’s Bra’ needed the dwarves’ cooperation for the mass production, the same dwarves who were in charge of making the black knights’ armors.

The ultra-first-class craftsmen we brought from the Frontier Count’s Domain had to make minute adjustments to the black wolves’ tails.


“Instead of armors, we have to make breasts equipment!?”


At first, the dwarves continued to yell. However


“You must make minute adjustments……Look, touch this one! If you touch this place, it feels kind of strange.”

“……………..It can’t be helped if it needs adjustments. Let me see.”


It seems they couldn’t win against the breasts’ charm.

Since the maids unit were already used to this, from their chain mails’ adjustments, so they wouldn’t mind being touched by the craftsmen.

After all the touches and confirmations, the dwarves’ craftsmen’s souls ignited.


“!? They change so much!”

“Oh! This is certainly a drastic change!”

“We must do it right, with feeling and all.”

“Ah? We have a request for armors? Wait for a while, this one comes first!”
And so, with great effort, we gave birth to the ‘Spirit’s Bra’.

…………..It was all right since it yielded great profit, but, you know, I kept wondering where my domain was heading towards.



“But I’m so looking forward to our trip! For some reason, my heart is beating so fast!”

(A trip with everyone! Toto is looking forward to it too!)


“Right. We’ll go to a trip together. First of all, we must enjoy it to the fullest! Thank you, Bea, Toto.”


A was lost in thought for a while, but they were very considerate of me, so I felt grateful.


“The latter part of the letter……..requested the bra.”
“………Oh my.”

(Will they fill it with bread again?)



We decided to stop making fun of Katalina, instead we started to discuss our trip’s arrangements.

Bea and Toto pressed their wish to go see the Grand Cathedral without fail.

In addition to that, we could also eat rare foods and see pretty fountains. We talked together about all the fun things we would do during this trip.



At such a great family time, a truly inelegant guy intruded. I could feel his presence.



“Your Excellency! Please give us that new equipment that helps training the chest, that bra thing!!”



“Albert, are you gonna wear it?”

“Albert, go home!”

(Will the mongrel fill it with bread?)


Albert stared at us, swinging his tail cheerfully, but later that day, he ended up crying as he got turned into the dwarves’ toy………….


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Translation: Nana
God’s gift to mankind: Mockii

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  4. ‘Our Holy Country of Lilac has many sisters. Since the chest becomes a great obstacle when taking the praying pose, this is a serious problem for us. I already prepared the expenses therefore I want to request that bra thing…….Because of religious reasons.’

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