Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: The Holy Country of Lilac





“You are very welcome, your excellency, Duke Zest! We, the holy knights troupe, will be your escort and your guide for your stay here.”


The brave looking women knights informed us and saluted.


“I see. I am grateful to the Pope’s concern.”

“Yes sir! Then, we will bring you to them right away!”


The women knights started to arrange the horses, while I waited inside the carriage.


“Even though they are women, the holy knights troupe is quite famous.”

(They’re all so white and glittery!)


This was the holy knights troupe that the Holy Country of Lilac was so proud of.

It was a unit of elite female soldiers only…..I didn’t imagine they would act as a guide and escort for a couple of foreign travelers and even come to the state border in order to welcome us.

Are they really attaching such importance to me?……Or……..


“Look at the chests of those women from the maids unit…….”

“The Duke’s Army’s maids unit………We can’t lose to them!”

“They are not shaking even while horseback riding……….Really?”

“What a presence!”


The highly-regarded thing here is actually the bra…….

I enhanced my ears with magic and listened to their talk, but then I decided to flirt with Bea instead.

I was stupid for being vigilant.



For this trip, I made Albert lead the black knights and the maids unit.

I took as few people as I was expected to as a Duke; about 50 people.

It can’t be said that it was a very comfortable journey, but that was the situation.


Now that about 50 holy knights joined us, we were a unit of 100 people…….It was rather intimidating.

My trip, however, continued without any problem.




“Your excellency, Duke Zest, we welcome you. The Pope is waiting. Please, if you may…….”


We were about to enter the Grand Cathedral when we were told this.

‘Sightseeing? The bra comes first. Hurry up! Hurry up!’

Or so it seems.


We were now inside the Cathedral, but we could not look around and enjoy it.

We obediently followed the guide.


(Mom, there’s a picture on that glass ceiling! Wooooaa…….)


Toto seemed to have lots of fun by herself and Bea responded her with a smile.

Indeed, that stained glass was quite beautiful and sparkling.

It was the main accent of this white building and it had a divine beauty.


I didn’t want to be made a fool of for looking around restlessly, so I endured it and followed the guide. She stopped the nest moment.


“Your grace, his excellency Duke Zest arrived.”

“Come in.”


Was this room an office? Bookshelves decorated the walls, while the desk was right in the front. An old woman was sitting at it, dressed in priest clothes.


“I’m Garbera, the Pope, thank you for coming.”


“I am Zest Gaiyus-Tarminal from Grun Empire. It’s a great pleasure to meet you, your grace.”

“I am Beatrice Gaiyus-Tarminal, your grace.”

(I’m Toto! I love sweets!)


“There’s no one else here. You two should feel at ease. So, Toto likes sweets?……I’ll make the preparations right away.”




Bea’s eyes were round from surprise too.


“What’s wrong? Ah, did it surprise you that I could hear Toto’s telepathic message?”


Pope Garbera continued with a huge grin on her face.


“That Razatonia youngster didn’t tell you anything?”


…………Razatonia youngster?

We were dumbfounded, but she continued to tease us, while preparing some sweets for Toto.


“Well, well, so he forced this onto me……..that mischievous youngster. I bet it was very harsh for you, Beatrice-dono, with a grandfather like that.”

“Do, do you know my grandfather?”


“Yes, I know him very well. Even that youngster’s weaknesses. Haha……..He’s like a grandchild to me. Ah, make yourselves comfortable.”


We sat down, our bodies trembling.

It seems that this won’t be just a regular trip……..


“Well now…..about why I can hear Toto’s messages and how I know that Razatonia youngster…….Am I right that this is what you want to hear about?”

“Yes, if you’re willing to tell us.”

“I would like to hear.”


The Pope brushed Toto’s hair and smiled.


“You two, be a little more at ease, I am something like a relative.”

“…….Y, yes.”


Who is this grandma?……..What is she trying to say?



“That Razatonia youngster and that Galef boy are this generation’s Protectors……I know them very well.”



………Protectors?……….The Frontier Count and my foster father?

What is she talking about?



“As for why I can hear Toto’s telepathic messages, that is because I am a spirit myself. You didn’t realize that?”

(Ufufu, I knew it right away! Because Garbera has a gentle scent!)



Pope Garbera is……..a spirit………


I was too surprised to say anything.

Bea was completely frozen…..


“I’ll explain you everything……..about the Protectors……and about me…….You are the masters of a spirit, you deserve to know.”


The Pope placed Toto on her shoulders and smiled.
“We have enough time, there’s no need to rush. ………………….Besides………………”



She let Toto off and turned to face us with a serious expression.

I gulped down my saliva and stared at the Pope firmly.



“If I don’t receive that bra first, I would be too worried to tell you the story.”






An old hag was rubbing her chest with a serious expression on her face.


……………..Isn’t it……………..a little too late?


I refrained myself from saying that, and sighed deeply.

Bea’s eyes turned completely white; it was inevitable after all…….I’ll leave her alone for now.


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