Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: The Pope’s Confession






“Well, where should I start………”


Pope Garbera drank some black tea then put the cup down.

This old priestess…….is she really a spirit?


“Shall I start with the story about myself?”


I’m sorry for making such a serious face, but would you put that bra away for a second?

…….I can’t concentrate on your story.


“I was born maybe about 300 years ago……Have you ever heard about the story of that hero who saved the people from a plague? That person was my father, and since then, I’ve always been in this world.”


Is it about that guy who achieved spiritification before me?

I’m sure I heard about him……However, she sure had an understanding environment if she could stay as the Pope for 300 years.


“Fufufu, this shape is a temporary one……My father’s relatives and I take turns to work as the Pope. Don’t let anyone know, by the way.”


The old woman’s body started to shine.

Is she transforming!? Is she in fact a very beautiful woman or the sort!?


The light vanished and it came into sight.


“This is Garbera’s real shape……What do you think? You’re shocked, right?”


“This is…….”





What came into our sight was a refrigerator.


Its height? About 180 cm; a fair-skinned fridge…….

It has 2 two doors and a simple design…….

This was nothing but madness. The fridge used its two doors as lips in order to speak.


“I have a nice body, with bust-waist-hip measurements as 200cm-200cm-200cm.”


Ah, this is too much! Who made this thing!?



“Bust-waist-hip measurements? Don’t tell me………..your father……………”

“You figured it out? My father was a stranger who came from a different world……he was Japanese.”


I never imagined that a Japanese would be part of this story…….

The fridge was flipping its doors and continued talking.

Bea, get yourself together! Your eyes look lost.


“Ah, I’ll go back to my normal way of talking. That was tiring…….Well then, my father created me and then I became a spirit. It was really fun during those days. My father used to carry me on his shoulder and travel to so many different places!”


I used healing magic on Bea and she was starting to recover.

The fridge continued to chat, its doors opening even wider.

Toto wasn’t perturbed…..She was sitting on top of the refrigerator.


“And then? When I put medicine and drinks inside to refrigerate, my father would always compliment me happily saying how wonderful and delicious they became! About that time I met my mother and, after a while, the children showed up. I used to play with them a lot! It was really fun! ………However, my father died………….”


The fridge looked a bit sad.

No, I actually have no idea how the fridge felt, because it didn’t show anything on the surface……


“Before he died, my father said ‘Help my children in order to live happy lives’. That’s why I always stayed here, protecting my father’s children!”


……………….I see.

This was that Japanese guy’s last wish………….


“And then, when I heard that a Japanese man came to this world and even created a spirit, I was very happy! I decided then that I will help this person who is a Japanese, just like my father!”


The fridge let out a cold sigh and then continued its talk.


“That’s why I want us to get along! That’s why I made that girl come to your domain. That girl is really strong, so she’s all right by herself!”


“That girl? You mean, the sister?”


I let Bea rest on the sofa, then asked.


“That’s right. That girl…….she is kind of too similar to my father, she’s a little weird, but she’s very strong! I want you to get along well. I also want us to get along well.”

“!? That sister……..Is she your father’s granddaughter?”


“That’s right. She’s the next Pope. You should make friends with her, okay?”


……………Will the Holy Country of Lilac be all right?


“Yes, she’s been taking care of me and I don’t intend to neglect her either.”


The fridge seemed to have laughed? It flapped its doors again.


“I’m not referring to a marriage or something of the sort, I just want you to get along well as friends. You don’t need to worry!”

“I, I see.”

(Dad, Garbera is not lying. She wants to become friends with us.)


Toto, sitting on top of the fridge, informed me with a smile.

I wonder if I should believe it when Toto is saying that everything will be all right…….

Become friends with a fridge……What is wrong with me?…….


“T…then………I’ll be in your care.”


The refrigerator flapped its doors even more intensely.


“I did it! I’m so happy. Let’s get along well, all right? Do you want some juice?”

“……………..Thank you.”

(Toto wants too, Toto wants too!)




The juice that came out from the fridge was indeed delicious…….For some reason, I felt defeated.



After that, Bea came back to life and joined our fun? tea party.


“Oh my, this is the first time I’m eating this, but it’s so delicious……Pudding, was it?”

“My father loved pudding, so I always carry some with me.”

(Toto wants more!)



I looked at this girls’ party and decided not to think too much about it.

This was a different world…….The exchange diary became a spirit after all. So it wasn’t too weird for a fridge to become a spirit either.

I told that to myself.



About the time the two girls finished their 4th pudding, the fridge continued talking.



“Ah, I forgot to tell you about the Protectors.”


Right. The Protectors.

I completely forgot about it……The refrigerator’s impact was too strong.


She corrected her posture and started to talk, but nothing more than a groan could be heard.

Toto, close the door now! The fridge can’t speak because of that.



“I’ll tell you about the Protectors later. Everyone will meet us in a little bit, so I’ll tell you this story then!”


…………Everyone will meet us? What the heck does it mean?


When I was about to ask her about it, a knock on the door interrupted me.

We saw that light again and the fridge became an old woman. She gave her permission and a woman dressed in priestess clothes entered the room.



“I’m sorry for interrupting your discussion. It is almost time.”

“Already?…….It can’t be helped. Let’s meet again at a later time. I’m sorry but we’ll have to end our conversation here for today.”





Because she was the Pope, she was probably very busy, so we left the room quietly.


The priestess guided us to another room and we decided to rest there for a while.

We wanted to talk about it a little more, and we were in fact quite lucky to receive lodging inside the Grand Cathedral.

It was also arranged for my subordinates to stand-by close to me, so it was no problem at the moment.

We decided to take our time and visit the interiors of the Grand Cathedral.


“However, this was very unexpected.”

“Yes, we must be careful not to say a word about it.”

(Toto will keep it a secret too!)


We have to be careful since this is a great secret that must not be reveled to the outside world.

We talked about this a bit and tried to relax when a priestess called out to me, her face pale.



“I’m sorry for disturbing you, but the maids unit and the holy knights troupe started a sham battle…….”







It seems that a battle between muscle brains just started.

…………….What’s a honeymoon after all!?…………….


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Translation: Nana
God’s gift to mankind: Mockii

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  1. Refrigerator Pope? Phht. Still not the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a web novel.

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  2. Wasn’t there a WN where guy got summoned in to a different world as a wending machine?

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  3. So far, we have a book becoming a spirit girl (not that unusual in fantasies, so why not), a massive battle for the ownership of a goblin’s loin cloth (destroyed part of the castle) and a fridge as the head of the most powerful religion-state.

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