Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: A Sudden Notice





“Well now, Garbera, tell me again what you wish me to do?”

“It’s….it’s embarrassing……..”


“It’s not embarrassing. You are so wet down here…….”

“!? That’s!…….Don’t touch me there…….”

“Come on, say it out loud.”

“…………I want you to.”


“What do you want me to do?”





“I want you to defrost me!!”



Seemingly enraged, Garbera was opening and closing her doors with a thud.

She hasn’t defrosted herself in 5 years, so there was a lot of ice gathered inside her.


Since it was so rare to see a bashful refrigerator, I was quite satisfied and decided to help defrost her.


“Oh, you’re skilled. It feels good.”


Delighted, Garbera made her compressor buzz.

I started to understand her emotions better only by hearing the sounds she makes.

……..Though, saying that I grew to understand a refrigerator’s feelings makes my head hurt.



“Good. I’ve finished. Pope……..Garbera.”

“I see. You must call me Garbera when we are alone! And thank you, I feel much lighter.”
The fridge was in a great mood now and we started to drink tea inside her office.

She called me here, saying that she had something to talk with me alone, but in reality, her business with me was the defrosting thing…….


I was taking a break, drinking the tea that I poured for myself.

It was my first time defrosting a fridge and, somehow, I felt worn-out.


“Oh right. I must tell you why I summoned you here!”

“………Wasn’t it about the defrosting?”


“Wrong! I have a message from everyone!…….All the other Japanese people are being offered protection, so there’s no need for worry. However, inevitably, out of seven people, four of them are never going to go back. It’s unfortunate……..!”



A message from everyone? The other Japanese people……..?

Not minding my confusion at all, Garbera continued talking.


“Errr……Here’s a letter explaining all the fine details. Also, the rest of the Japanese people are rather healthy, so everything’s all right.”


The refrigerator seemed to have said something, but I couldn’t understand any of it.


“Excuse me. I need a break.”


I somehow managed to say those words, then took the letter and returned to my room.



I soon as I reached my room, I checked the letter.


‘First, I want to apologize for letting four of your fellow countrymen die.

I’m sorry……I don’t think that apologizing would solve anything, but I want to tell you the reason why it happened.


We, the demon race, welcomed the Japanese with our arms wide open, when the Frontier Count Razatonia sent them to us.

Of course, we offered them hospitality.

We thought that since we were familiar with the customs of Japanese people, there wouldn’t be any problems.

However, four of them…….two women and two men, didn’t want to accept that this was a different world and ended up taking children and women as hostages.

That’s why we killed them.


As for the other three, they accepted that they came to another world and are now living quiet lives.

They live in a sunny private room and have no discomfort whatsoever, when it comes to their necessities.

Of course, I assure you that no acts of violence or discrimination were conducted against them.

After all, we have no intention to quarrel.


Lastly, if you wish to meet them, I will make it happen.

Just tell Garbera about it and I will make the preparations right away.


The head of the demon race, Neebel…………..To the visitor from a different world’



……………So, four Japanese people have died.

The rest of them……..I can meet if I wish to.



I wonder how long I remained in that position.

Before I knew it, I molded the letter and sat down, only to feel someone shaking my shoulders.


“Zest-sama!? Zest-sama!”


With tears floating on her face, Bea was desperately shaking my shoulders.


“What happened?”

“Don’t ask me that! Zest-sama, are you all right? Why did you make such an expression while crying!?”


………..Crying? Was I crying?

Because of the shaking, I dropped the letter on the floor.

Bea picked it up and her complexion changed.


“So, this is the reason why…….”




I let them die.

Right after I came to this world, my priority was to survive.

It’s true that they were nothing more than strangers who got summoned together with me…….They had nothing to do with me.


However, I even forgot about them completely and continued living by myself.

To meet them at this late hour? How should I even face them?

‘What did you come here for at such a late time?’

I’m sure that this is what they’re going to say…….



I didn’t know whether this ferocious trembling was caused by fear or guilt.

Still, I couldn’t stop it.



Suddenly, all I could see was total darkness.


“Zest-sama, what’s wrong? Do you feel responsible for them?”

“……..Maybe that’s it. I’m scared, Bea.”


She hugged me and whispered.


Fufu, there’s something even Zest-sama is afraid of. Why do you feel so guilty? Did you know them?”

“I didn’t know them personally……However, I let them die…….”


“That’s wrong. Your life now is the result of your persistence and victory. Besides, relying on someone can make one spoiled. It would be unreasonable for them to demand things from you.”



“If you are really bothered about it, you should meet with them. And we’ll think about it together after that, okay?”

“……….Sorry Bea. You have such a miserable husband…….”


Crying, I clung to her body and she started brushing my hair as to comfort me, like I was a child.


“To me, there is only you. Even if the entire continent ends up criticizing you, I will be your only ally.”


She said and smiled, at which point I disgracefully threw myself at her mercy.

I continued to cry in her embrace……for what seemed like an eternity………..







“Bea, I will meet them…….”

“Yes, and I will come with you. Anywhere you wish to go.”





I finally stopped crying at night; Bea kept on brushing my hair all this time.

She accepted me even though I am such a miserable person.

It made me think about it again…….That all I really needed was Bea.

I could clearly say it to them now, that I abandoned them in order to have her.

For Bea’s sake, I would make an enemy of the entire continent as well…….In case the Japanese people end up becoming a hindrance……..



We were sitting on the sofa just the two of us, looking through the window at the night sky.

The red full moon was shining like it was supporting my determination.







(Dad, Mom. Did you finish the baby play? Toto wants to go to the toilet…….)



“ “Toto, who taught you that?” “



Once in a while, I want to conclude things in a cool manner.

But that aspiration of mine crumbled down in an instant……………



It was all messed up after all!!


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    1. Though seriously…
      Those 4 Japanese did something stupid. Why would you take someone hostage when you don’t have a clue where you were…I mean I understand that they were confused, but taking hostages is a no.

      Lastly, it never really bothered me at the beginning, but I seriously feel weirded and honored at the same time by the “your Mightiness,” I really think that translators should be the ones honored by the people.
      (I was first?)

      1. Hysteria is a frightening thing. Even in real life when forced into extreme situations, people have done similar things as they lost all reason and went out of control. It takes a strong hearted person to stay calm and make good decisions no matter how crazy their circumstances are. So they weren’t so much stupid as weak spirited and weak willed. So much that they refused to believe there was no way home and grabbed a hostage saying ridiculous things like “Send me home right now or I’ll kill her!” as though they had been kidnapped.
        People can be really idiotic sometimes.

  1. Why do they even bother asking who taught that to Toto? It’s always the same answer.

    Seriously, they need to muzzle that mutt.

  2. Finally! I’ve been waiting so long for the author to address this dammit! Even if it’s just thrown in all of the sudden, you really have to tie off these loose ends. Though amidst all the fluffiness, it seems the author still wants to have a small dash of reality since four of them lost the plot, went out of control and took hostages. There might be a surprising number of people in real life who would react the same way though.
    At least Zest is willing to admit that he focused on himself and chose not to think about them until now though. He’s not making any excuses, which I like better than someone who acts like they did nothing wrong.
    Thanks for the chapter Nana.

  3. “Fufu, there’s something even Zest-sama is afraid of. Why do you feel so guilty? Did you know them?”
    “I didn’t know them personally……However, I let them die…….”

    Kills thousands of people in a war and a lot of other people for offending him, cries because people who came with him was killed due to taking hostages and being generally hostile. As if it was his fault in the first place that they died. I don’t get how the author is thinking here. Why would he feel sad and blame himself for something ridiculous like this?

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