Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: The Head of the Demon Race





“I am glad to meet you, spirit-sama, you two. I’m Neebel, the head of the demon race.”


Inside the Grand Cathedral, in the office, I met with the demons’ chief.

The fridge was here too, but she said she was going to be quiet this time.

……She was just a refrigerator at this point.


The man was tall and had silver hair; he looked young.

He also looked rather tough, giving the impression of a soldier.

He kept his long hair carefully tied at the back, however he didn’t give off a feeling of weakness.


“Well, first I must apologize to you. Zest-dono, I’m really sorry…….”

“No, it’s me who should be sorry……..I apologize for my fellow countrymen’s misconduct.”


After both of us apologized, we had a silly chat.

Without that, we couldn’t get to the real topic…….Well, to the arrangement in this case.


“And so, Zest-dono, do you want to meet with them?”

“That’s the plan. I want to confirm their situations………Also, I feel it’s somewhat my duty……..”


Neebel’s face turned rigid rather quickly.


“You’re worried about their situations? Duty? You’re feeling guilty?……..Or, do you still plan to return them to Japan?”
………He said frankly.


“Japan is a constitutional country, so you’re right to think so. That is a wonderful world where ethics is a priority. However, this world is different. If you don’t have power, you can’t live. Strength, riches, authority………If you have none of these, all you can do is obey someone. This is how this world works.”


He’s right……This is the noble’s society.

Neebel said, after he sipped some tea.


“It’s unfortunate that they got summoned here, but we had nothing to do with it. We offered them protection out of kindness, so we don’t intend to receive criticism. Am I wrong?”

“…….You’re not wrong.”


“You neither. But what are you to those people? Their protector? Their parent? Their boss?……..You’re just a stranger.”

“It’s true that…..I’m a stranger to them.”


He’s comforting me.

You did nothing wrong, or so……..It’s only natural to prioritize yourself.



“Haha, that world seems quite gentle. That country called Japan.”


Compared to before, his expression now was rather soft.


“Kindness is seen as a virtue there, but here it’s sometimes seen as a weakness. Please be careful.”

“I’m grateful to your words.”


“No, you already know that anyway……I will make the preparations for you to meet the other Japanese. I had to first verify your reasons, so I’m sorry for taking this long. Also, I need a little more time. If news of this leak out, it can get really dangerous.”
He’s taking care of me…….Well, well.

He even saw through all my worries.



After that, we decided that I would meet the Japanese people one week after.

As for the place, we decided to use this office, inside the Grand Cathedral.


They will come disguised as pilgrims.

He’s being very careful…….I wonder if those who come here from a different world are really in such a dangerous position?


“Zest-dono, I will only say this. We don’t intend to oppose you. Our duty is…….No, I will eventually tell you about this later……..”



What Neebel started to say before he left, stirred up my curiosity.

Duty?……..There must a secret behind it…….


However, there’s no need to force the information out of him right now, I’m sure he’ll explain things to me later.

If he can’t do it now, it means he has a reason for that.


And so, the interview with the demons’ chief, Neebel, ended.


As a demonic being, he was extremely different than I imagined, and it seemed we would get along pretty well.

Just to be sure, I will still be vigilant around him, but I’m sure everything will be all right; he said he was an ally.

………I felt relief.






“Welcome back, Zest-sama.”

(Welcome back, Dad! I ate three puddings!)


“Ah, thanks. Toto, your stomach will explode, you know?”


I returned to my room and relaxed.

I placed Toto on my shoulder and brushed her hair.


“Don’t think too much about it. From now on, I think that you should only do the things you can.”

“Ah, Neebel-dono said the same. I was supposed to know this already.”
“Come on! You’re not supposed to, you have to know it!”


Bea beat me on my chest repeatedly, and I brushed her hair lightly.

She was also a person who worried lots about me……..

The demons seem to be allies too, so I felt much better now.


“You’re right. I’m all right now. Sorry for worrying you.”

“……..Then, I’ll forgive you.”

(Ah~, Toto feels sleepy~ I’ll go sleep now.)


Toto said those words in a monotonous tone, and disappeared in the bedroom. I kissed Bea and pushed her slowly on the sofa.




…………….Good, Albert won’t come this time.

Just to be sure, I tied him up and left him in the bathroom, so everything’s safe.




“Urm……do you want it…….here?”

“Is it no good, Bea?”


“It’s not that…….it’s no good, I’m just embarrassed.”


I deliberately took my time to strip Bea of her dress, as her face got even redder…………





(Dad! Mom! This is bad! This is really bad!)





We were half-naked as we just got to the good part, when Toto came flying in her underwear.

What happened? What’s wrong!?
Extremely surprised, I was hiding my important parts.

………Unfortunately, Bea was doing the same.



“Wh…what happened, Toto-chan?”

“What’s wrong? An enemy attack or?”


Crying, Toto made a tragic face as she started to inform us.





(I’m having a baby…………Toto is pregnant!)





“ “Toto, you overate!” “



Toto didn’t seem to agree as she continued to pat her stomach, and she cried and cried……..for what seemed like an eternity………….





Of course, it all went to ruin today as well…………..I wanna cry too.


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