Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: It’s Been a Long Time






“It’s been a long time, your excellency Zest. You look good.”

“I’m glad that you are doing well, your excellency.”



The ones who greeted me were a Japanese old man and a young woman.

We met again inside the Grand Cathedral’s office.

The old man seemed to have lost some weight; he cut his gray hair short too and now released an aura of an old gentleman.

The young woman wore her long chestnut-colored hair tied at the back, and she seemed like a sociable and lovely person.

Her style was good too……Bea glared at me, so I let the matter drop.



“It’s been a long time. I’m really glad that you’re safe. You guys can leave after you finish the preparations.”


The maids unit prepared the tea, then left the room.

I waited for them to leave and saluted the two Japanese people again.


“Long time no see. You can talk normally now.”
The two looked shortly at Bea.


“Ahaha, it’s all right. I know that you are Japanese, just like Zest-sama, so I won’t demand any courtesy from your part.”


Bea told them and they seemed to finally feel relieved.


“Ha, well……that helps. I can’t seem to grow accustomed to talking like that.”

“Thank you. I’m not really good with formalities……”


The thin old man wore a bitter smile and the young woman……


“I heard there were three of you. Did something happen?”

“No, no. My wife didn’t feel well so I came alone.”


“Your wife……You must be extremely worried.”

“I bet it’s just a common cold. She’s old so it’s kind of inevitable.”

“Haha, he says that now, but before we left, grandpa was terribly worried.”


After she teased him, the old man sent a short glance at the young woman.

They seem to be getting along well.


“Grandpa, was it?”

“Haha, I’m like a granddaughter to them. We have no relatives, so we live like a family.”


The old man showed a shy smile when the woman teased him again.

They sat side by side and they truly looked like a family to me.



“…….I’m the only one who lives like a noble now. I abandoned you all.”


I wanted to get rid of my anxiety first.

So I boldly let out those words.


“Zest-san, it wasn’t like that. You abandoned us? Did any of us ask you for help?”


The old man looked fixedly at me.


“I don’t think that you abandoned us. They…….the demons, told us about how you went through all those troubles to become a noble. That is something to celebrate, not to feel bitter about.”

“He’s right. My head was fully thinking only of myself at that time, so I won’t complain about anything. Besides, nobility is impossible for me. I would die from worrying.”


These were their true feelings……I confirmed it with observation magic.


“I understand…….Then, tell me about your lives now, how are they?”


“The demons are taking care of all our daily necessities. I never thought that, before dying, I would come to a different world……It was a good present for me before going to the underworld. I even have a granddaughter now.”

“For the time being, we live our lives without worries…….We also don’t have to work, so I kind of gained weight……”


It’s true that they are being taken care of.

Just to be sure, I kept on using observation magic while I listened to their story.


“Then…..You don’t need rescuing?”

“Rescuing? Who?”

“Eh? Are there any other Japanese alive?”


……………They’re talking the truth. It seems there’s no problem.


“……………I thought you would resent me.”


The two looked blankly at me, and I continued to talk.


“I separated from you all, ultimately became a noble and obtained power. Why won’t he come help us? Why is he the only one? Things like that…”


“I see. The ones who died said something similar.”

“Ah, those idiots……Those guys were truly idiots that couldn’t have been helped.”


……These were some harsh words.


“We are the victims here, so it’s obvious you must protect us. You also must apology to us and offer us compensations! …….Then……you must teach me magic too, don’t trick me!”

“This is just a dream so no matter what I do, it will be all right….Or such.”


………Eh? Were they really that stupid?

I don’t even feel like saving those types of people.


“They were so foolish that even the demons felt sorry for them. It’s a shameful story, those guys were a hindrance. All we wanted was to live peacefully in this world.”

“As one would expect, when you don’t have enough understanding abilities, you’d have to draw back. Since this was clearly not Japan, I often wondered why couldn’t they try to adapt.”


“That’s……I don’t know what to say…….”


“We are not blaming you, Zest-san. We didn’t do anything for them either. If we wanted to live tranquil lives we had to let it happen.”

“He’s right. We couldn’t ask for a stranger’s help. You went through a lot of trouble yourself. Besides, I really can’t live the life of a noble. Living a quiet life is all I’m asking for.”


“……..I understand. In this case, we won’t be able to keep in touch too often.”


“Maybe this is for the best. We want to silently live our lives like dwellers of this world.”

“That’s why there’s no need to worry about us. We’re quite comfortable now.”


The two of them said and laughed.

Their facial expressions were calm and gentle, and they really seemed to have found happiness.

If they start having relations with the nobility, the danger will only increase……But if they want quiet lives, it would be best if we went separate ways.


“We’ll do that then. I don’t even know your names, but in case something happens to you, please rely on Zest. I will try to solve the problem with as much discretion as I can.”
“Err, my wife and I are okay with it. It is actually better for us this way, since we don’t want to get involved with the nobles. However, my granddaughter is still young, so when we won’t be around anymore, please take care of her.”



The old man stared at me with a serious expression.


“This child will be all alone. Please…..please…….”

“Grandpa, it’s all right! You don’t need to worry!”


The old man bowed frantically, but the woman tried to stop him.

Even so, he wouldn’t stop.


“I’m a noble, therefore I can support one or two women. I’m also entirely devoted to my wife, so you can rest assured. Raise your head now.”
“Thank you very much. I can die now anytime without having regrets.”

“……..Stop it! All you need to do is live a long life, stupid grandpa!”


The young woman was moved to tears, but the old man consoled her by brushing her hair.

He was worried about his granddaughter……If it’s only this, I can surely cooperate.

If they were to forcefully ask me for help, I would’ve refused them. But this was different.


“It’s good while we’re still alive, but when we will be gone and you’ll be alone, it’s going to be tough, you know? It wouldn’t be a problem if you could find a husband, but in case you can’t, you’ll have to ask Zest-san to give you some work to do. If it’s only you, it would be easier to guarantee your safety so that you could work, right?”


“It’s all right, really! I don’t want to get married and I don’t want to work! I’m finally living an enjoyable life, so if I start working, I’ll feel like I’ve lost or something!”


……………And here I thought it was a good deal. Will this girl be all right?


“Besides, I like men who like other men! I’m not an object of romantic interest!”



………….This girl is rotten.


After that, the battle between the old man and the fujoshi 1 girl continued.

It became ridiculous; I already finished my third cup of tea and was getting kind of sleepy, but the argument hadn’t  finished yet.

Maybe it would be better to leave this girl alone……




“Your excellency Zest, we’ll be taking our leave now. I wish you the best.”

“Your excellency, thank you for this recording magical tool! I will take good care of it!”


The young woman was very pleased with her present, so she was in high spirits.

Their conflict finally ended and they were about to leave, when it occurred to me.


“Yes, I wish you the best too. I would also like to hear your names…….Or maybe hear the young woman’s name. It would be easier for getting in touch if needed.”


I didn’t have any secret intentions. I was not that stupid to have secret intentions with a fujoshi girl.






The woman said shyly.


“What was it? I didn’t hear you.”


The old man constantly stared at the ground, he wouldn’t look at me.

The fujoshi girl turned completely red.



“I’m Mizuta Mari 2!! Did you hear it now, your excellency!!”



Hold it, you can’t laugh at people’s names, so just hold it in!



“What is the matter? You are completely red, Mizuta Mari.”

(Look Dad, the pond is shaking.)





After Bea and Toto gave me the final blow, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

I burst into laughter, and as the little pond got covered in spit, she continued to tremble for what seemed like forever………


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Translation: Nana
God’s gift to mankind: Mockii


  1. Lit. rotten girl; females who enjoy BL manga/anime etc. Read more here if you want
  2. 水田マリ/Mizuta Mari; written like this it doesn’t mean anything that could be funny, but when you pronounce it, it then becomes a different word: みずたまり/mizutamari which means ‘pool of water’, ‘puddle’, ‘pond’

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