Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: My Mother-in-law’s Wish





“Oh my. It’s been a long time. Have you been well, son-in-law-dono?”

“It’s been a long time, mother-in-law. Errr……..You’re wearing some very proactive Western clothes.”


Mother Lamia was drinking tea gracefully inside my office.

She was wearing her usual maid uniform…..Is she requested to wear this uniform, that makes her look like an attractive mature lady, I wonder?

Because I was in such a hurry to get here, my legs were trembling like a baby horse’s right after its birth, so I applied some strengthening magic on them.

I took a deep breath so that she wouldn’t realize it, then sat down in front of her.


“A honeymoon, huh? That’s lovely. I’m jealous, you know?”

“Master will go with you right away if mother-in-law tells him to. I want you to tell me your secret for how to preserve a relationship’s hotness forever, like you do.”


We started with lip service.

The nobles’ customs are strict even inside the family.

‘Precisely because it’s family, it’s perfect for practicing’ that’s what master said.



“You know, son-in-law-dono…….”


Finally, we could talk about the main topic.

I drank some tea and prepared myself.


“Did you team up with the Holy Country of Lilac in order to start a rebellion or something?”



What’s with this dangerous question?…….Don’t say that the imperial capital believes this!?


“Mother-in-law, that is impossible. Don’t say that the imperial capital is suspecting me of such things?”

“One group of nobles made a fuss about it, that’s all. Still, since this matter couldn’t have been disregarded, I was dispatched here.”


She made a troubled face, as she flapped her iron fan.

That iron fan was so heavy that, when she put it on the desk, the wood creaked…….


“However, dispatching a family member…….a relative to solve this matter it’s not really meaningful…….”

“But…….I was the only one, since I’m an Imperial Mage.”


……………Well, it couldn’t be helped that we monopolized the superior ranks.

If they were to send an unskilled mage, they wouldn’t have won against me.

If they wanted to have the minimum hope of winning, my mother-in-law was the only options…….Besides……


“I see. So they want me to regard this only as a formality and nothing more.”

“It’s great you understand things fast. You’re not truly suspected. But the formalities are also important……It’s quite a bother to be honest.”


Mother-in-law smiled sweetly.

They needed someone to formally check things up.

Don’t the imperial capital nobles get tired of thinking only about formalities?


“That’s why, half my work here is already done. All that’s left is to take young lady Tsubaki to the imperial capital with me, but…… is she?”

“She’s all right. I train……ahem, educated her strictly. She won’t embarrass us.”


“I see. I’m relieved to hear that. Ah, about that attendant, she returned to her parents’ home. Her parents found out that she did something improper……..It was quite serious.”

“My goodness!”


That attendant……Maybe one of those followers of Tsubaki from back then?

I believe that she was trained at the Frontier Count’s place or something? Just as one would expect.


“Also, it was quite a big uproar when his Majesty’s headdress disappeared, you know?”

“……..My goodness!”


She glared at me.

It wasn’t me! It was Toto who threw away the emperor’s wig!


“It can’t be helped. But refrain from making too many pranks, all right?”

“I gratefully received your advice, mother-in-law.”


She told me with a smile.

In case you want a liberal translation, this is it:

‘I feel rather sick about all this, so I don’t care anymore.’

‘As I thought, you’re angry about it. I understand you.’

Or something along these lines.


Because, obviously, we couldn’t say those words out loud, we had to talk indirectly.

I kind of got used to it lately.



After that, we talked about the honeymoon and the souvenirs…….as well as about the current state of my domain.

My fishing village seems to be a hot topic in the imperial capital.

Since there are only a few places that engage in fishing, fish is quite valuable.

I gave her the souvenirs.


After we talked this much, it was quite late.

I could see the sunset from the window……I wonder if it’ll be sunny tomorrow.



We paused the conversation and I let my guard down for a moment; mother-in-law took that change to approach me and sit next to me.

……..A pleasant smell floated about and my heart started to beat fast.


“Err, son-in-law-dono……..No……Zest”


She talked with an awfully erotic voice, as she twined her arms around mine and sent me an upward glance.

This was quite effective since she looked like an adult Bea.


“What’s the matter, mother-in-law?”


I asked her quickly, in order for me not to be even more perturbed by her chest touching my arm.

Is she tempting me? This is……..But she’s and old…….sister and my mother-in-law for that matter……..


“You see, I have a request from you, Zest…….Will you listen to it?”

“………If there’s something I can do, then sure.”


I tried to give her a deceitful an answer as possible.

I neither said ‘yes’ nor ‘no’.


My mother-in-law deepened that Frontier Count-like smile of hers, and she looked pretty scary at that moment.


“You’re already this wary. It’s a simple request……It’s about my hair, you know?”



“Hey? What’s the matter? Your face is pale……..I just want you to touch my hair again.”



………….Again?…………..She wants me to brush her hair again?

You want the side dish too!? Right, mother-in-law!?


No, it’s different……It’s not that…….

She’s not really the naughty type of mother-in-law, so it has to be a reason for this!


“Urm, mother-in-law. Your hair?”

“Ahaha, you remember that you brushed my hair once before, right? That time, my hair became smooth and glossy. Maybe it’s a property of your magic? Do it again, please.”



So I did misunderstand?………

I thought it was strange; this kind of plot, with a woman seducing her son-in-law, only happens in manga.


“All right. I’ll try.”


I started brushing my mother-in-law’s hair, as I imagined it.

That shampoo and conditioner commercial.

I pictured in my mind that image of a moist and smooth……..that vibrant coating on a woman’s hair.


I tried infusing some magical power in my hand as I caressed her, and her hair became more and more beautiful.

………This is quite interesting.


I continued to brush her hair with both hands, as I observed the effects.



As I absentmindedly brushed her hair, my mother-in-law fell asleep.

Her sleeping face was similar to Bea’s.


I continued to brush her hair, thinking how much alike these two were.





“Oh my, Zest-sama. I’m so happy that you get along well with mother.”

(Wooa, Dad and mom Lamia are making children!?)





I turned my head slowly and saw two faces looking at me. They peeked inside the office.

It was the usual black haired girls duo.



“Zest-sama……shall we go for a walk?…….Let’s have a little talk.”

(Ah~ I’m so sleepy. I’ll sleep here next to mom Lamia.)



The duo entered the room, talking with an empty tone in their voices.

I wanted to tell them that it was all a misunderstanding.


But, since I laid my mother-in-law down on the sofa and offered her my lap, as I brushed her hair to sleep, I was clearly in the wrong.

……………..Good bye everyone. I’m going to get some fresh air…………..


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