Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: One Thing after Another





“You’re such a jealous person. There’s no way I’d do such things with son-in-law-dono.”

“Hahaha, mother-in-law. Please forgive her already.”

“……..I’m really sorry.”

(Mom, your face is bright red!)



We went for a walk, in order to have our little physically violent talk; what saw during this walk  was a beautiful river and fireworks.

Thanks to the pink diamond, the misunderstanding got cleared but, when we got back, mother-in-law started to mock us.


“Bea, there’s no need for you to worry. I only love you.”

“……..Zest-sama, I’m such a bad woman. Since I don’t trust my husband.”


“The jealous you is also rather cute, so it’s all right.”

“Say, Toto-chan, do those two not see that I’m here too?”

(Mom Lamia, when they get like this it’s impossible!)


Bea and I ended up flirting with each other in a world meant only for us, but one careless word transformed everything into a battlefield.


“But, you’ve never used your magic on me, to make my hair smooth and glossy……..Why only mother?”

“Bea, your hair is always beautiful and glossy anyway.”


“Oh my…….is that so?”

“Yes, it’s true. It’s so vibrant, it overflows with youth…….”

“My goodness! You say that, because I’m old, my hair is all dried out?”


Mother-in-law had veins popping up on the side of her forehead.

She was still here?……This is bad, it can actually turn ugly.


“Mother-in-law, what are you talking about? Even I, who’s only devoted to Bea, was startled by your fascinating charm…….”

“Zest-sama? Did my mother startle you?”
A chilly, dark magical power started to overflow from Bea.

This, I received this blow a few moments ago. I don’t need this again.


“Hahaha, when you’ll become more of an adult, you’ll have that sort of charm too. I’m looking forward to see what kind of woman my cute Bea will become.”

“You always treat me like a child…….I’m going to soon be a mother, you know?”


“That’s why. As there’s still a little time, I want to make full use of it and imprint this cute Bea into my memories.”

“Zest-samaaa. It can’t be helped then.”
I brushed her hair gently, then we cuddled close together, smiling.

Good! It worked!



“Son-in-law-dono? Perhaps, you believe that you managed to successfully deceive us?”


I raised my head and saw the Frontier Count-like smile on my mother-in-law’s face, as she readied her iron fan.

It’s no good……That why’s I can’t handle old wo………young-ish women too well.



She forgave me after I promised that I would give her a bra as souvenir, then finally returned to my own room.

Dear me…….In truth, my mother-in-law only wanted that bra, I bet.


Now, that my mother-in-law was content, she would take Tsubaki with her and leave for the imperial capital tomorrow.

The first stage was already complete……

I drank some black tea and looked at the bed. Bea fell asleep after I brushed her hair with everything I got.

Toto was sleeping too……They really look like mother and child, don’t they?


I wanted to sleep too, so I stood up then crawled into bed.

I felt their warmth and was happy that this day was finally over………


“Zest-sama, are you asleep?”

“Bea, did I wake you up?”


“……..I thought I should do something to apologize to you.”

“What are you going to do to me?”


I gently embraced Bea, and was about to kiss her when…

(Dad, bathroom, pee-pee)


…………….We could not do it.






The next morning, I changed my clothes quickly and walked towards my office.

Toto got in my way last night so I was quite frustrated, but it couldn’t be helped.

I’ll ask Bea to do me a favor later.


I was grinning as I waited for my mother-in-law inside the office.

It was soon that mother-in-law and Tsubaki showed up.


“Father, Tsubaki is here to see you!”

“Yea, mother Lamia is going to bring you to the imperial capital with her. Greet her.”


Tsubaki turned to face my mother-in-law and greeted her flatly.


“Aunt Lamia…….”

“Well, well, Lamia is enough, you know? If you call me more than that, I…….don’t know what I’ll do.”
“Lamia-sama, please take good care of me!”


Yes, calling her an aunt is very bad.

Good job Tsubaki, you sensed it.


“Tsubaki-chan, Bea used to talk like that too, you know?”

“It’s an honor to be compared to mother!”


Mother-in-law nodded in agreement…….Is it really all right like this……..?

Well, if it is, then great.

Besides, was Bea really like this too once?


“You traine……..educated her well, son-in-law-dono. Well then, shall we go, Tsubaki-chan?”

“Yes ma’am! Father, thank you for everything! I’ll be going now.”


“Yes, take care……Let’s meet again in the imperial capital.”


Tsubaki was taken away by my mother-in-law; she was getting further and further away.

Well, she has to go to the imperial capital before getting married.

…………….I really hope that they won’t turn her back into the stupid young woman she used to be.



They left with a carriage full of souvenirs, and I could finally relax.


There’s a meeting with the elf prince at the imperial capital next month, so, until then, I’ll take my time to do some paperwork.

Maybe I’ll start with the work that piled up during the time I was travelling?


It’s been a long time since I did paperwork, so I was quite fast at the time.

After such a refreshing trip, I was moving right ahead with my work.


I was doing well and, by night time, I already finished twice the work load I was planning to do.

If I continue like this, I’ll finish with work in two weeks…..Maybe we’ll go to the seaside or something after that.

As I thought about this plan, a very sad notice reached me.



“Your excellency! This is very bad-nya!”



Katalina plunged into the office, her face ashen.

It seems that she settled down to a B cup.


“Katalina, you’re a noble too now. Be a little calmer, all right? I already have enough of this with the maids unit and the black knights.”


I sipped some of my tea.

This one has a good flavor……It’s a high class tea that I’m drinking today.



“Your excellency! Lord Albert said he is going to marry the sister-nya!”



I ended up spurting out the tea.

Getting married to the sister? Albert is?


Just how in the world did they come to this…….? Another troublesome incident?

I was already greatly perplexed when another misfortune fell upon me.



“Zest-sama……..What are you doing to Katalina……..?”

(Woaa, older sis Katalina is fully exposed!)


Because of the tea, her shirt got wet and became completely transparent.

And on top of that, Katalina was trembling, her eyes full of tears……..This situation……….



There might be a need for a talk……………again…………..


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