Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: Returning Home





“Gahahaha…..Thanks for yesterday, Zest.”

“Zest, you shouldn’t fix him next time, really…….”


“…….Err, try to be more moderate…….father.”

“Let me see……Take care of yourself?, father-in-law.”

(Dad is alright because he’s very flexible.)


Toto, stop.

Bea turned completely red, so stop already.



I quickly finished this awkward breakfast, then started to make the arrangements for us to go to the Frontier Count’s place, when a maid called out to me.

I wanted to consult with the Count about the affair with the demons, however could it be troublesome for him?


“Young master, merchant Tanya requested an audience with you. What will you do?”

“Tanya? It’s been a long time. Bring her to the reception room.”


“As you wish!”


The maid left after she lowered her head. Still, my interest was picked.

Since a merchant decided to visit me in person, there’s more to this than a simple greeting.

Just in case, maybe I’ll ask Bea and Toto to be present too…….



I took Bea and Toto with me and we walked to the reception room, where a middle-aged woman was waiting.


“Your excellency, duke Zest, your excellency, duchess Beatrice, it’s been a long time. Toto-sama is looking good as well.”


As ever, this woman had a soft bearing.

As expected from a merchant, her smile alone is making me feel comfortable…….She’s rather skilled.


“Yes, Tanya, it’s been. Are you in good health?”

“Thank you for asking. Thanks to you, the business is favorable, as for me, I’m the very image of health itself.”


We sat down and started to chat.

I have to do this every single time but it can’t be helped…….If I skip this step, other nobles would disagree and I’ll become the target of their pricking sarcasm.


“Now…….Come to think of it, your excellency Zest. There’s a rumor saying that……you developed some truly wonderful thing.”


She didn’t have that soft bearing anymore, instead her eyes were shining brightly.

So, this is her purpose.


“Developed?……..Ah, are you talking about the bra?”

“Yes, about that, your excellency. I would definitely like to be part of it too………”


I see……Well, it’s not like I’m hiding it or anything.

And I don’t want to monopolize it either, since people’s envy can get scary.


“This request comes from no other than Tanya, therefore, I can’t refuse. Right, Bea?”

“As one would expect from Zest-sama. It’s a wonderful consideration.”

(Dad is so kind! Towards women, that is!)


……Toto? Look closely, Tanya is already an old lady, all right?

Besides, I’m nice towards men too……..Maybe.


“Thank you so much, your excellency. This is nothing but a small present……..”


Tanya took out some clothes materials and jewels.

She’s quite wicked……

This is nothing but a small present, so it’s all right.


“I see. I’ll accept it then. I’ll leave it to my assistant Katalina to dispatch the craftsmen and take care of the details. I’ll write her a few lines, so you can feel at ease.”

“Katalina-sama, right? Understood. I’m looking forward to it. Thank you.”


“This is nothing but me speaking to myself, but a new underwear trial product is under development. It’s getting quite busy and we don’t have enough hands.”

“To receive this extraordinary consideration again……..”


“Tanya, I was just speaking to myself. There’s no need for thanks.”

“Oh my, what have I done?”


Hahahaha, Ohohohoho

We both laughed.


‘This is still a secret, but I’m releasing a new product. If you send some people and pay for the expenses, I’ll let you in on this.’

‘It’ll be a great feast.’

This is a free translation of our previous exchange.


I won’t monopolize the production, instead I will involve merchant Tanya and the Frontier Count in order to diminish the risks.

I stand out too much recently……If I don’t reduce my profit, it might turn ugly.

I must distribute the risks as much as I can.



After that, I arranged for a letter to be sent to Katalina, and so the story was over.

I bet that Tanya spent a large amount of money on this not-even-close-to-small present she offered me, but she left this place very pleased with herself.


Well, once she calculated her profit, she must have realized that she’d be in the black anyway.

Merchants have a great sense of smell after all.



It got considerably late, but we, nonetheless, went to the Frontier Count’s mansion.

We left right after we finished eating lunch.

There was still enough time, so I’ll take it easy and consult with the Count until evening.


“Welcome home, Bea. How are you feeling? Are you in pain? Right, hurry up and come inside. Toto, you’re as cute as ever. It’s like I’m watching the child Bea…….Ah, son-in-law-dono. You look healthy. That’s good.”


“It’s been a long time, master. I mean, father-in-law.”

“It’s been a long time, father.”

(Am I cute? He said I’m cute!)


I was the only one who was treated rather poorly by my master, but I still followed him inside the mansion.

Recently, Bea’s belly had grown bigger, and this is making my master even more of a doting parent.


“The young lady has such a kind smile………”

“Ah, I never imagined that the day when I would see the young lady’s child will come!”

“Such a frightening……. I mean, awe-inspiring young lady is becoming a mother!”


I heard the maids’ whispers.

You guys have been through a lot of hardships………Like the exchange diary and the sort…….



Bea felt completely relaxed since she returned to her childhood home.

The maids were taking good care of Toto, so she was all smiles.


“Say, grandson-in-law-dono. It seems you have something to discuss with me.”


Why am I alone with the Frontier Count in another room……..?

I know that he’s not a bad person, but even so he’s quite scary.


“Yes. I want to consult you about the matter that the demons’ head, Neebel-dono asked me to do.”

“Neebel-dono? Was it about technology?”


As I thought, he knows about this.


“Yes. Why do they negate technology……..I mean, surveil it? I would like to know the reason for this.”

“I see……But, grandson-in-law-dono, you mustn’t hurry. I’m sure that Neebel-dono will tell you all about it when the time is right. You should stop investigating this matter until then.”


The Frontier Count recited as he stared at me fixedly.


“It’s only natural that grandson-in-law-dono wants to know more about this. However, you mustn’t be impatient. You have to wait a little longer……..please……..”

“Wha!? Please stop!”


I never imagined that the Frontier Count would lower his head to me and beg……..I can’t turn him down.

There must be a good reason behind this.


“I understand. I will wait for Neebel-dono to explain things properly.”

“You do that. This way I can feel at ease too.”


The Frontier Count smiled like he felt completely relieved.


“Now that you feel relieved, shall we reunite with Bea and the others? After all, she’s visiting her home after such a long time.”

“Hoho, you’re right. Bea will soon give birth to a child…….I’ve sure gotten old.”


The Frontier Count and I walked towards my master’s room.

I guess Bea and the others are already in the middle of a tea party.


The Frontier Count was wearing an unusually kind smile as he opened the door to my master’s room.

What came in sight at that point was a battlefield……I mean, hell.



“You don’t say………that Zest-sama proposed to you?”

(Mom, what does propose mean? Is it a flower’s seed or something?)


“Yes, young lady Beatrice…….I mean, your excellency, the duchess. That’s right.”



My master and Albert were on the floor in a seiza 1 position.

Bea was clad in a nostalgic dark magical power that was penetrating cold.

A dog kemonobito maid was trembling in front of her.




“Grandson-in-law-dono……………….What do they mean by marriage proposal?”


The Frontier Count wore a pitch-black smile.


It’s been a long time since I was last in such a pinch, and I ended up doing some markings 2 again.

This…… probably bad.


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Translation: Nana
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  1. I’m sure I explained this term before, but just in case you forgot, I’ll do it again. It basically refers to the traditional formal way of sitting in Japan. It’s also quite difficult and rather painful to sit like that if you’re not used to it. xD
  2. Refer to chapter 11, for the marking thing.

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  1. Reminder for those who have no clue what happened at the end:

    At the start of this novel, the MC called Albert’s sister, the dogkin maid, a cat (calling dogkin a cat is the strongest form of courting) w/out knowing the meaning of it.
    It seems that now that situation has reached Bea’s ears….

    1. its is funny tho the races that stand to gain the most for stopping/slowing technology are the once warning him.
      could it be they are scared of technology and what it is possible to do with it?

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