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Chapter 105: Family Council





“Oh, so that’s what actually happened. I was surprised.”

“Hoho, now that you mentioned it, it did happen that way.”

“Really now………. son-in-law-dono? Don’t startle us like that……..”

“Hahaha, his excellency is quite the ladies’ ma!…….Ouch”


“Albert, this all happened because you didn’t explain properly!”


I punched him lightly, my magical power at full throttle.

His face is twitching, so he’s still alive…….No problems there.


“This time, my brother made troubles for you. I’m sorry.”


The maid Suu lowered her head very deeply.

I thought that she would follow after her brother since he’s become a noble, but she continued to work as a maid, saying ‘I will pay back our debt of gratitude to the Frontier Count’s Household.’


“Don’t worry about it, Suu. Albert too…….he’s been through a lot. Besides, he’s my vassal. His carelessness is my responsibility.”


After I comforted Suu, I turned around to face everybody.


“I’m sorry for the uproar I caused this time. Please forgive my vassal for his clumsiness.”


I bowed my head to the Frontier Count and the others.

The misunderstanding got cleared, but it all happened because of Albert’s insufficient explanation.

Even inside my family, as a noble, I have to take responsibility.


“Yougur exgucelengucy, fogur my sague yougu…”


Albert, I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Maybe…….I’m sorry you had to do this for me, or something like this?


“Hoho, since grandson-in-law-dono lowered his head to us, I can’t say anything.”

sigh……Albert. You must serve son-in-law-dono with whole-hearted devotion.”


“Guyes sirgu!”


Albert saluted, as he lay sprawled, drooling on the floor.

……..Sorry. Did I use too much power?




I revived Albert with healing magic.

Will this time count as a mistake? I glanced at Bea.


“Zest-sama, I can’t punish Albert after he received that from you……..”

(Dad, people would normally die from that!)


“Thank goodness, Albert! You still have two times left!” 1

“Yes sir! Thank you for your consideration!”


I successfully forced a good bargain in the end.

The muscle brains are indeed wonderful.


“……..Grandson-in-law-dono used a much more powerful technique than I expected. I’m surprised!”

“It was a time when he wasn’t like this……..”

Oniisama, 2 The loyalty dance! Do it for his excellency!”


I don’t want to be told this by the Frontier Count and my master, the frightening duo.

Moreover………………Is Suu a muscle brain too!?

No way. Besides, what’s the loyalty dance?


Albert nodded and stood up quickly.

It seems that the dance is starting.




The mysterious dance started with a howl.

It was a strange dance that combined hula dance moves, limbo dance moves and Cossack dance moves.

This show continued for nearly one hour…….



Oniisama, well done! I’m sure his excellency, duke Zest is delighted.”

“Right! For someone like me, this was an impeccable performance.”


Albert wiped away his sweat and smiled happily.

He finally finished! I have no idea how to react to this……..


“Right……This…….is like that, don’t you say, Sonia?”

“……..Yes, right. It’s like that, you know, son-in-law-dono.”

“……..It’s like you said.”


I cut my way through this by invoking my special move, the ‘It’s like you said’ phrase.

The Frontier Count and my master were shocked by my trick……..


“Thank you for your wonderful words! This Albert will forever serve you with loyalty!”


Albert quickly dropped to one knee.

I really wanted to ask him what words was he so grateful for.


“Good for you, Albert.”

“(Dad, what was that dance?)


As Bea wanted to deceive Albert with a casual congrats, her face now was starting to sweat.


(Mom! What kind of ritual was this?)

“…….Toto-chan, it can’t be helped. Let’s go eat some baked sweets!)


(Yeeeeeey! Sweets!)


She was completely fooled……Toto is such a simpleton.

Next time I’ll use baked sweets too.



And so, the uproar about Suu’s marriage ended safely.

With one exception…..however………


“Your excellency, Frontier Count, you took good care of me. I never imagined that his excellency, the duke, needed my brother that much……..This is something I can’t entrust to my brother alone. I would like to serve under his excellency, the duke, as well!”


Suu bowed in an elegant manner.

Unlike the knights, her bow was wonderfully graceful.


“With you there I can feel at ease. Bea will soon give birth, so it is rather me who should ask you to do this.”

“……..She could be a candidate for a chief maid. Son-in-law-dono, Suu is quite excellent, you know? Take good care of her!”

“She is Albert’s little sister, after all. I want her as my attendant.”

(We did it! Dad, we got another pet!)


Toto, you can’t say that…….


“Suu, I’m relying on you! Please become Bea’s strength.”

“As you wish! Please leave the young lady in my care!”


She lifted her skirt and bent her knee, as she lowered her head beautifully.

……Precisely this…………….This is what the Duke’s Household was lacking.

Still, I’m too used to maids saluting me that Suu’s bow felt rather uncomfortable.



A new vassal, the elite maid Suu joined my household.

I have two muscle brains units, the black knights and the maids unit.

I have a scouting and intelligence gathering unit formed of former adventurers.

I have a kemonobito unit formed of the kemonobito released from slavery.

I also have Katalina, who single-handedly manages the whole internal administration of my domain. She is in charge of the civil officials.


………….Isn’t my army just perfect?

Since Katalina is training new civil officials, I won’t have to work that much anymore.

Now that Suu will lead the maids, their elegance will have a pleasant healing effect.


I won.

At last, I can see my victory.


A fair amount of time passed since I came to this world.

Still, I gradually obtained powerful and relying forces!



As I continued to reflect upon my achievements, I drank some black tea.

I enjoyed the black tea’s taste and scent, sitting on the sofa in the room the Frontier Count prepared for me.


Outside the window, the full moon was shining brightly, like it was sending its blessing to me.



“I’m no longer afraid of anything………Fufu, fuhahahahahahahaha!”



As I looked up at the full moon, I let out a loud laugh.

Great military force, great political power; I obtained a position that makes me feel at ease!

I was already quite excited, but my tension further increased.



“Zest-sama? We’ll be in trouble if Toto-chan wakes up. Please be quiet.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”



……………Still, I can’t oppose my wife.


“And since Toto-chan is asleep…….right?”

“…….Are you sure, Bea?”


I did it! I really want to hit myself for previously believing my wife was frightening.

Bea smiled gently and I kissed her.

I softly lay her down on the sofa and removed her thin lingerie………



“Your excellency, duke Zest, this can’t happen. It’s madam’s first childbirth. Please take all possible measures to prevent acting rashly.”


The dog eared ‘excellent’ maid peeked through the door and muttered.

…………….Suu-san…………..Not even a little?

It appears that she’s taking good care of Bea……..


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  1. Refer to Chapter 101 to read about the ‘punishment game’ Bea proposed
  2. One of the Japanese ways to say ‘big brother’; a relatively polite one.

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