Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107:  Dealing with Suu




“Suu, I want to directly hire you in my household. But first, I must confirm something.”

“Yes, anything.”


After that turmoil, the three of us were now having an interview in a room prepared for us.

By directly employing her, she’ll serve into my household.



“Do you wish to get married?……..Don’t make such an expression, Bea! It’s not what you think.”

“……..Do you want Suu as your concubine?”


Even this Bea, who frowns at me, is quite adorable.

But it’s not that.


“No, it’s different. I want Suu to be out steward.”

“Ah, in this case I agree.”

“S….steward!? You want me to be a steward?”


Suu was extremely surprised by Bea’s consent.

She had a mincing expression on her face.


“Master said……I mean, I heard it from father-in-law. That Suu will make for the perfect steward.”

“If that’s what father said, all I can do is agree.”

“Wait, it’s not that! I am a kemonobito woman, you know? Someone like me to become a steward…….”


The steward in a duke’s household has to attend to highly ranked nobles.

While I’m away, she might also have to get involved in politics.

In short, she will be the head of all the servants in the duke’s household, and she’ll be responsible for managing my assets.

It’s easier to understand when I put it like this.


“Hm? Is there a problem with women stewards?”

“No, there is no such rule.”


“Right? Bea, you’ll feel safe too with her as our steward, right?”

“Yes, our duke’s household has become like a big family.”

“Urm……I’m a kemonobito woman, you know?”


Yeah, she does have a complex for being a kemonobito!

It’s all right, it’s all right. You’ll work on the domain that freed all the kemonobito.

I won’t even let his Majesty complain about this.

And it’s also for the sake of stability.


“This is my house. You can rest assured because I won’t let anyone complain about it. However, stewards can’t get married……..That’s why I asked.”

“That’s right……..Won’t it be a waste since Suu is so young?”


“No, it won’t. This great duty…….I will gladly accept it. Kemonobito can give birth until late in life, after all. Until then, I’ll devote myself to raising an exceptional successor.”


Suu said and lowered her head.

She lifted her skirt a little and bent her knee; her shape was perfect.

I get why the elite maids in the Frontier Count’s Household said that ‘Suu is only lacking years and a husband’.


I don’t have a servant inside my mansion that I can trust.

But Suu is someone who will never betray me.

She can learn about her job as a steward little by little. What is important is the fact that she won’t betray me.


“Good. It’s settled then.”


I felt relief as I informed them, but Suu asked me to wait.


“There is something I must decline first.”


She was still bowing as she said this.


“I don’t mind. Say it.”

“My maximum priority is Zest-sama. After him comes the child and the madam comes last. If you can agree to this, then I’ll accept the job.”


……….Shut! Bea’s releasing a dark aura.


“…….What do you mean by that?”

“Yes. The madam is replaceable. However, Zest-sama can’t be replaced. And the same goes for the child.”


“In short, if we are ever in danger…….”

“Zest-sama will be my utmost priority. If I can save Zest-sama by sacrificing the madam, I will do it.”


The room returned to silence; I had a feeling that only the sound of my trembling body could be heard.

Suu-chan, that reasoning of yours is a bit too extreme……

Bea, what’s with that magical power?……

Too…..scary! These two are too scary!!


The silence continued for what felt like an eternity, until Bea broke it.


“I will ask one more time. Zest-sama is your top priority no matter what, right?”

“Yes, there’s no mistaking it.”



“Yes ma’am!”


It couldn’t be helped that I jumped a little.

She startled me.


“Let’s make Suu our steward. I won’t let anyone complain about this.”
Bea said and smiled, and all I could do was nod in agreement.

She hired her! Are you sure about this? Are you really sure about this?

This is great!……This is great, right?





We finished the interview and started preparing for our travel to the imperial capital.

I wrote a letter to Katalina, and prepared some documents of the Duke’s Household for Suu.

It’s been a while since I last did office work.


The Frontier Count and my master were very pleased when they heard about Suu becoming my steward.


“The kemonobito Suu is a steward…….Grandson-in-law-dono’s domain is so peaceful. No people will rise against his excellency the duke when he cares this much for the kemonobito.”

“Are you planning a rebellion or something, since you’ve created such a stronghold? The kemonobito people’s hero-dono?”


They told me, with a dark laughter.

……You’re reading too much into this, you two.


“Will you not believe me if I say that I honestly hired her because she’s Albert’s little sister?”


“Hoho, such an amusing joke. When it comes to you, grandson-in-law-dono, this is not possible.”

“That’s because son-in-law-dono is extremely wary. I bet he considered both his domain’s stability and the kemonobito’s traits before deciding upon doing this. Besides, he already asked his intelligence unit to investigate Suu and find out if she hides something. Right?”


“I praise you, grandson-in-law-dono.”

“You’ve become quite a noble.”


The two smiled happily.

The Frontier Count’s Household which never ceases to smile……It seems that our relations will continue for much longer.



I remembered this exchange as I finished my office work.

And so, tomorrow we’ll depart for the imperial capital.


Still, will Suu be all right?

I understand why she wants to prioritize me…….I’m the head of the household after all.

If I were to say, it was really inevitable, but strangely……..after that, Bea started to get along quite well with Suu.


I can’t understand what women think…..

Or perhaps, I can’t understand what nobles think.


Well, it’s important to have a steward that will never betray you.

The vassals are important too, but I also have to protect my house.

I already feel pity for my children though; they’ll go through a lot of hardships.


I put the documents in order and leaned against the chair.

My children, huh?…….I will have children in a different world.

They’ll have a lot of troubles for being born as nobles, but at least they won’t die unreasonable deaths like common people often do.

Until my children grow into adults, I will found un unshakable household and leave it to them.


I drank some tea as I made my resolve, all alone.

It’s rather cold…….I rang the bell and called for a maid.

It was Suu who answered my call.


“Did you call, master?”

“Yeah. Prepare some tea.”


She lowered her head gently. She then quickly finished the preparations.


“About tomorrow’s trip to the imperial capital. How are the arrangements?”

“Yes. I prepared a thick zabuton 1 for madam. I thought it might be more comfortable for her.”


“I see. I leave her in your care.”

“As you wish.”


Suu prepared the tea before my eyes and was about to leave the room.

However, she stopped right in front of the door and turned around.


“Did you forget something?”

“No…….Master, about the matter with madam from last night……..”


“Can I do it if it’s only for a little!?”


I called out, finishing Suu’s phrase.

It can’t be helped, can it? I had to resist my urges for such a long time.





“Master, please use this.”




She said and left the room quite pleased with herself.


She left Bea’s panties on top of my desk.

…….In short, she wants me to take care of myself, by myself.


……………….Is that so?

Maybe it was a mistake to make her my steward…….


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Translation: Nana
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  1. Zabuton = a flat floor cushion used when sitting or kneeling.

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  1. “My maximum priority is Zest-sama. After him comes the child and the madam comes last. If you can agree to this, then I’ll accept the job.”
    ……….Shut! Bea’s releasing a dark aura.
    “…….What do you mean by that?”
    “Yes. The madam is replaceable. However, Zest-sama can’t be replaced. And the same goes for the child.”
    “In short, if we are ever in danger…….”
    “Zest-sama will be my utmost priority. If I can save Zest-sama by sacrificing the madam, I will do it.”

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