Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Terrifying Nobles




“It’s hopeless……I’m done for……”


I took the glass on the table and gulped it down at once.

It was an expensive wine, but I couldn’t taste it at all.

I was drinking out of despair.


Perhaps……..It was a handkerchief with an original design!


I thought about it and checked the handkerchief again. It was useless though.

This handkerchief had three holes and it was made of lace……

The material between the two smaller holes was thicker.

No matter how you looked at these, they were still panties.


“It helps a little that they weren’t used, but…….”


Still, nothing really helped at this point, that’s what I felt.

But only for the fact that they were not being used before, I thought I was fortunate.


I poured some more wine and gulped it down.

I can’t keep going if I don’t drink.


By the time I opened the third bottle of wine, a heard a knock on my door.


“Who’s the…re? Come in.”

“Excuse m……Were you drinking? I will bring some snacks.”
She came inside at the perfect moment when I pawed at the ground. She froze in place.

I was so drunk I couldn’t speak……

It’s been a long time…….since I last drank this much.


“Suu! I don’t want shnacks. I don’t need yoww!”

“Master, you are quite drunk……Water. Please drink this.”


“Water? I don’t want watter, I want shake!”

“Yes, yes, I will go prepare some. But first, drink this, all right?”


She pinched my nose and made me drink water directly from the water jug.

Haha, it’s funny. It’s like I’ve become a glass or something.


“Wow, master. You’re amazing! Come now, drink some more!”

“Buhaaa! Really? I can drink a lot more, you know?”



And so, because Suu forced all that water down my throat, I was starting to sober up.

Still, her skills were so vivid.

When I came to my senses, she loosened up my belt and put me to sleep on the sofa.


“…….Sorry, Suu. I drank too much.”

“It’s all right. Sometimes it helps change your mood. Besides, that cur……I mean, my brother. I’m used to taking care of him in these situations.”


She said and placed a wet towel on my forehead.

Ah…….This feels so good…….

It would’ve been perfect if she didn’t call me a cur.


After a small break, my mind felt refreshed.

What I drank before was not normal water, was it?

I never woke up so quickly after a drunkenness like that. Maybe she put some medicinal plants in that water.


I put away the towel and stood up.

I wanted to take Suu to my mother-in-law’s room as quickly as possible.


“Suu, I have something to talk……”

“Master……Is it about this?”


An expressionless Suu was holding the panties in her hands, expanding them.

An expressionless beauty is extremely scary.

An expressionless plain girl is comedy material, but when a beautiful girl does this, well, that’s horror material.


“The…the truth is……”


I knelt down in front of Suu, who was still expanding those panties, and explained her the situation.

I didn’t know why I knelt down.

My body moved on its own.



I finished explaining to the expressionless Suu about what happened, while she continued to tamper with those panties.

I felt like an underwear thief explaining himself to the victim.


“…….Master, excuse me but I have to say this.”
She prompted me to sit on the sofa, then she started to talk.


“First, master, you are taking Lamia-sama too lightly. That person is a true noble. Most likely these are teaching materials.”


She fluttered the panties then continued.


“Lamia-sama gave you these in order to train you, master. What if these panties didn’t belong to Lamia-sama, but to some other noble woman? What would you do then?”

“Training…….Another noble woman?………”


“It’s not impossible. Your weakness is precisely your kindness, master. And when the other party is a woman, it’s just too easy to see this.”



I can’t really answer her back.


“If you’re a noble, the underwear is much less important when you could have naked women waiting for you. Besides……did you examine these panties properly?”



“Please look. Can you see that this part here is rather thick? Most likely inside is…….”


She said and tore the panties off.


“As I thought, it’s a secret message. Master…….take a look.”


I opened the memo she gave me.


‘Did it surprise you? You can’t let your guard down, all right?’


…….It’s settled. This was all my mother-in-law’s training.

Because I panicked too much, she saw right through me that I have no immunity to women.


My master’s training was hell……But my mother-in-law’s training was mental.

Still, I’m glad I received this training from her!

This dark side of nobles, I will never get it if they don’t teach me.

At any rate, my stomach started to hurt……Geez!


“Master, you learned something from this lesson……You have to properly check things for secret messages, you must get used to treating women, and, lastly, you should rely on me more.”

“…….You’re right. I’ll do just that. Ah……I feel relieved from the bottom of my heart.”


“Fufu, that and one more thing……You must never take the Frontier Count’s Household lightly. That Lamia-sama would never give you her own underwear.”


She said, then placed the panties on a tray and burnt them.

…….Err, Suu-san? Your face looks scary.


“When did it happen? How comes Lamia-sama got her hands on my underwear……”


Eh? These panties were Suu’s!?

Then, I might have wanted them.

That old hag’s……I mean, I don’t need that older sister of a mother-in-law’s panties. But if they belonged to a beautiful woman, then the story is different.


“Anyway, the issue has been settled. Madam found out about this too, right?”


He? Madam as in Bea? Where did she??


“Do you need anything from me? Good morning Zest-sama.”

(Good morning, Dad. You were found out!)


Bea and Toto came here from the bedroom.

It seems that she observed the situation first….. Bea could deceive me, but Toto is just too frank.

…….Great. Please don’t say that you wanted those panties.


Bea’s face turned completely red and she informed us, as if nothing happened whatsoever.


“Come now, Zest-sama. Let’s go eat.”

“You’re right. Suu, please take care of it.”

(What will we have for breakfast? Toto likes salad!)


“I’ll go prepare it right away.”


Suu lowered her head gracefully and left the room.

This girl really is excellent……I’ve got myself a wonderful steward.


I admired Suu once again as I drank some more water.

Now that I sobered up, I was quite hungry.

I’ll eat with all my might!


“By the way, Zest-sama?”


I was in an euphoric mood because of the upcoming breakfast. Bea smiled at me.


“About my mother’s underwear…….you might say that I understood.”

(Ah, I must go to the toilet.)


Toto disappeared, as if she ran away from a dark and cold magical power.

Toto, you have some amazing danger sensing abilities.

Take daddy with you!



“In the first place……why did have those panties? Fufufu, it’s strange, isn’t it? Let’s take our time and talk, will you?”

“Please wait. Suu! Suu did it!”




I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t do anything wrong!

I squeezed this interior desperate shout to death, and knelt down for the second time today……


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T/N: I hope he learned his lesson this time, but I have a feeling he didn’t xD
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  1. Eh? These panties were Suu’s!?
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    Yup… Suu is the best girl in this novel that has been introduced. Bea is okay, but not my cup of tea, especially not after the mind reading of her TRUE thoughts stopped, since she was pretty darn cute with that gap moe or whatever you wanna call it.

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