Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Study Meeting with Kalfa




“Your excellency, duke Zest, I am counting on you today. This is a small present for you.”

“Kalfa, you don’t have to be this considerate. Suu, prepare some tea.”

“As you wish.”



The meeting with the elf prince was still to come.

For now, while I still had some time, I decided to train Kalfa.

It was something like a study meeting.


“Now, last time I only explained you the basics. Today you’ll put that to practical use.”

“Yes! Please!”


Kalfa’s pony tail swayed energetically.

She felt more like a neighborhood girl rather than a young lady.

She was a very friendly person.


“Even though I said it’s going to be the applied version of what I taught you last time, it’s not really that different. You’ll improve the accuracy of your standard questions and I’ll give some piece of advice. That’s all.”

“I understand the questions part, but what about the advice?”


“It’s about ‘How can I become the customer’s ally?’ during the conversation.”

“Become the customer’s ally……?”


Kalfa blinked her big eyes with surprise.

It appears that she didn’t get it.


“Right……For example, I want to purchase some goods. I want some magical tool but I’m worried that my wife will scold me for it. Let’s go with these circumstances.”

“This setup happens rather frequently…….I do remember this.”


“How are you going to sell me the magical tool?”

“Right……Should I talk about the magical tool’s performance and price?”


Haha, as I thought, she went for this.

This is a mistake I made lots of times when I was a rookie salesman.


“Don’t sell anything to such a customer.”



“As I said, you don’t sell anything to such a customer.”



Hahaha, she’s confused now, isn’t she?

Kalfa was so astonished, she looked funny.


“If I am to tell you a bit more, you won’t sell them anything for now. Do you understand?”

“I won’t sell anything for now……For now?”


“If the customer is worried about his wife, why won’t you persuade her together with your customer? If you ask the customer if sending her jewels, clothes or flowers would work, he’ll answer you. First, you’ll crush his worries.”

“…….I see! This way I’ll become his ally.”


She finally understood.

If she knows about her customer’s worries, all becomes much easier.

‘I’ll help you solve your problems.’

These killing words are very useful.


“Are you doing business in order to sell goods? When a noble is your customer, if he or she likes the goods, you can sell them anyway. What you have to do is to enter the nobles’ pockets, right?”

“You’re saying that I shouldn’t get fooled by an immediate profit.”


She’s quite an excellent pupil.

It seems that Kalfa realized what she needed in order to manage her business properly.


“You don’t really have to present your goods. Your job is to make the nobles buy from you.”

“Yes, your excellency. I won’t forget these words!”


“Also……Suu, you can bring that.”

“Certainly, master!”


Suu reacted quickly to my words and brought me a box.


“Kalfa, accept this. In case you find yourself in hopeless situation, use it. You heard me? Don’t hesitate to use it, all right?”

“Yes……your excellency! This is…!”


The object inside the box.

It was a dagger with the Duke’s Household’s family crest.


“I think that everything is going to be all right, but we need precaution just in case.”

“Still, a dagger with your family crest…….”


That’s right. I obviously know this……the meaning behind a dagger with my family crest.

The owner of the dagger is regarded as an affiliate of the household using that crest.

And if you’re found to use a counterfeit, your entire family will be massacred.

In short, the dagger symbolizes this: ‘If you pick a fight with this person, I’ll be your opponent instead!’


“I’m planning to give one to Tanya as well, so don’t worry about it. That’s just how much I’m expecting from you. Hold on tight.”

“I…I respectfully accept it!”


With trembling hands, she received the box as she bowed her head.

Since there are no idiots who wish to openly pick a fight against the Duke’s Household, I felt relieved for the moment.

Well, once she uses it, she’ll be found out that she works for the Duke’s Household, so she won’t be able to gather information for me any longer.

Even so, I don’t want to abandon her.


“This is your trump card. But if you feel that you are in danger, you must use it immediately. Then, come to my domain! Understood?”

“I will definitely live up to your excellency’s expectations!”


Kalfa held the box tightly in her arms as she stared at me reassuringly.


“I do have expectations, but since your death would mean trouble for me, I gave you this. Don’t misunderstand me, all right?”

“Certainly, your excellency! I’m very grateful for your consideration.”


After this, our study meeting continued until evening, with me teaching her various minor details.

Kalfa seemed to have understood how it worked, as she absorbed my words rapidly.

This way it will be all right to leave the information gathering to her.





It’s been a while since I last talked this much and I was rather tired.

When I’m on my domain, I don’t receive any information from the imperial capital.

Am I bit too enthusiastic about having a valuable someone to gather info for me?


I sat on the sofa in my office and rubbed my shoulders.

Ah, it hurts……I’m an ossan 1 after all.

I used some healing magic as I took a mouthful of tea.

Shall I go to sleep early today? While I thought about this, I heard the door opening with a clink.


“Albert?…….What’s wrong?”

“Your excellency, you seem tired. How about this? Once in a while, secretly going out in the city is great for a change of mood.”


Albert is the guards’ commanding officer so he doesn’t need to knock when entering my office.

He’s also allowed to enter my sleeping chambers without authorization.

Some way or another I do trust……this cur.


“The city, huh?…..Do you know a good place or something?”

“Yes sir! The black knights will escort us as well.”


We grinned and exchanged glances.

He’s right. Once in a while, I have to reward my subordinates too!



“Good, Albert! It’s been a long time so I might as well go with you!”

“Let’s go then!”



And so, we decided to go out tonight and make merry.

Even the generals are going rampant.

Why shouldn’t the duke do so as well.



Thus, accompanied by my rascals, we arrived at that particular shop.


‘Touch Me Bar – Fluffy Paradise’


Or so it’s called.



“Damn you, Albert…..You have quite the taste.”

“Kah…..Zest-sama, it’s the first time I’m coming here.”


“Albert aniki 2 likes the ‘Flat Chest Academy’ after all.”

“Yeah, that really astonished me.”

“Albert-san, you truly love them small.”


……..Albert, you’re a noble, you know?

Even if you’re doing this to seize the soldiers’ sympathy…….you’re too much……


Albert turned away to avoid my glare, then he informed.


“Now, let’s go inside! The Paradise is waiting for us!”


He forcefully silenced the black knights and we entered the fluffy paradise.





“Oh my, such handsome men! You’re my type so I’ll take good care of you.”

“You’re silent……Are you perhaps extremely shy?”

“Ufufu, look, you can touch me, you know?”



What came into sight were leg hairs, chest hairs…..and arm hairs, some fluffy ossans wearing women’s clothes……


“Where’s that idiot Albert!! I’ll kill him with my bare hands!!!”


“You’re yelling……But I don’t hate it, you know?”

“He’s a very shy person, isn’t he?”

“Oh my, you must sit down.”



And so, the fluffy paradise night wore on……..


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Translation: Nana
God’s gift to mankind: Mockii


  1. It is rather annoying to always translate this term as ‘a middle-aged man’ so I’ll use the Japanese word from now on. I must mention that ossan is kind of a rude term.
  2. Older brother/ someone’s superior.

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