Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Strategy Meeting




“Oh, Zest! I was waiting for you.”

“I’m sorry to have made you wait, your Majesty. Considering the situation, please forgive my rudeness.”


We were not inside the audience room, but in a big council room.

The empire’s upper echelons were gathered here at this moment.

Since the legendary dragons were approaching in a swarm, it wasn’t the time for proper etiquette and manners.


“Can someone explain the current situation?”

“I will.”


The one who stood up was Prime Minister Arc.

It’s been a year since I last saw him. He aged quite a bit…..mister Prime Minister.


“The dragons are approaching from the north. A soldier who was watch-keeping in the tower detected them. He first confirmed it with spectacles, then reported to me. It hasn’t passed much time since then, but soon we’ll be able to see the dragons with the naked eye.”

“Exactly how many are they?”


“Twelve. It’s a mix of black and golden dragons.”


Ah, these colors are eerie……

If you think about it, aren’t these the colors that usually announce a mighty power?

Their number is definitely a threat, but these boss-like colors are a threat as well.


“How much of a military force can we mobilize at the moment?”

“At best, 1500 soldiers. What about duke Zest?”


“I have about 300 people with me….. But we’ll first discuss things with them, right? The dragons finally showed up. There must be a reason behind this.”

“I thought you’d say that. However, I still want to mobilize the soldiers just in case.”


After he said this, Prime Minister Arc left the room.

He carried a bunch of documents with him, as he hurried out.

He went to make adjustments to each department…….He’ll grow even older after this.


“Only military authorities are left, huh? You must go and organize the soldiers. Listen closely, you must absolutely not act without orders!”

“ “ “Yes sir!” “ “


The generals saluted and left the room.

This is serious, all right? I hope they’ll keep that in mind.


“Your Majesty, just to be sure……”

“Yeah…..I made arrangements for Tsubaki to escape the palace. If the worst case happens, I leave her in your care.”


In case a battle commences, he wants me to take Tsubaki and run away.

This is his last means of protecting the blood of the imperial family.


“In that case, please look after my son too, Zest. He’s studying now in the Zaar Kingdom, the country of kemonobito.”


Studying abroad, huh? I bet the real motive is something different.

He was cautious of me, as he let his son leave the country…


“We must negotiate so that things won’t turn….. this way.”


I answered and the Emperor let out a feeble laugh.


“If I trusted you from the beginning…..But on the contrary, this way was better instead. If my son is safe, the empire won’t be finished. And in case I die, please become his guardian and rule the empire as a regent.”

“As you wish. I will certainly act in accordance to your will.”


As we had this exchange, a soldier wearing an armor leaped inside the room.


“I report! A man who claims to be a demon arrived and wants to talk about the current situation!”


The Emperor sent me a glance.

So, you’re leaving this to me, huh?


“Bring him here. Be careful not to show him disrespect.”

“Yes sir!”


And so, the discussion with the demon guy began.




“I am glad to meet you, your Majesty. I am Neebel, the demons’ head. Duke Zest, long time no see.”


The one who entered the council room was Neebel.

Inside the room were now only his Majesty, the Prime Minister, Neebel and I.

A discussion between these four people began.


“The demon race has a boss…… Did you know this, Zest?”

“Yes. We met before.”


Neebel smiled and answered instead, but I couldn’t let my guard down.

He came here for a reason.

It must have something to do with his work as an overseer.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about this, your Majesty.”

“It’s all right. I’m sure you had a reason for hiding this, Zest.”


“Indeed. I forbade him to speak about it.”


He cut in my conversation with the Emperor, but we couldn’t condemn him for this.

Everyone present sensed that Neebel’s position was the strongest of us all.


“Well now, I am in a hurry this time so let me confirm something right away.”


He didn’t have the same expression as before.

Neebel continued, clad in a bloody aura that made even me feel an electric shock run through my entire body.

His magical power…..was the strongest I encountered until now.

The Prime Minister lost his consciousness in an instant and collapsed…..The Emperor somehow managed to stay awake, enduring the unbearable pressure.


“What are you planning to do……about the elves’ conspiracy?”


Depending on our answer, we might start killing each other in an instant.

I prepared myself for this, employing my magical power as well.

I don’t intend to make an enemy out of the demon race, but I also have to stand firm.

Reacting at my display of magical power, Neebel turned to face me.


“Why are you surprised, Neebel-dono? If you let our that much killing intent, this is the only way I can respond. I am guaranteeing my own safety, so please don’t worry about it.”

“No, I am fine with that. What actually shocked me was the amount of magical power you have…..I never imagined you had this much………”


Mine and Neebel’s magical power.

We both boosted it, in order to check who was stronger.

At first, I only used magical power, but then I blended in some killing intent as well and it all developed into an intimidation battle.

The Emperor finally collapsed as well, and only the two of us were left in the council room. That’s when we heard a sequence of huge bangs.


“Neebel-dono, a preemptive strike……Whatever the circumstances might be, aren’t you a little impatient?”

“Eh!? I never ordered something like this!”


Neebel quickly shook his head at my words.

I doubted his honesty, but the report of the soldier who come inside the room right after made everything clear.


“Urgent message! The dragons fell inside the castle grounds! However, these dragons are spouting bubbles and are unconscious!! What should we do!?”


The council room fell silent and the soldiers’ tumult could be heard from far away.

The dragons fell from the sky??


“I see, this is what happened!”


Neebel clapped his hands together.

It seems he has an answer.



“Most likely, they were taken by surprise by duke Zest and my magical power display and lost consciousness. At any rate, it’s been a while since they last went out, so when they felt this aggressive magical power……Hahahahahaha, even though they look like that, they’re quite delicate beings, you know…….?”



Neebel talked like it was the most natural thing in the world, but sweat started to flow down his face.

It appears that the legendary dragons are surprisingly delicate…….



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  1. Nowadays dragons are starting to be treated as really pitiful existences, isn’t?

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