Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: A Sudden Notice




“Hoho, grandson-in-law-dono….. I never thought that I would fly into the sky at such an old age.”

“Urm…..Sorry for the trouble…..”


A few hours after Albert departed, he returned with the Frontier Count on the back of the dragon.

In midair, if you fly in a straight line, you can travel unthinkably fast.

These pets are rather useful, aren’t they?


“So, the reason you called for me is to discuss the elves’ matter, right?”


As expected from the Frontier Count, he’s quick to understand things.

I made a sign with my hand and the maids left the room.

Only Suu and I……and the Frontier Count were left.

Albert went to train with the dragons; this was perfect since he’s not suited for such discussions.


“Suu, grandson-in-law-dono is going to extend his influence in the country of elves too. This way, the Frontier Count’s Household alone won’t be able to stop him anymore.”


The Frontier Count held his cup in a hand and said, at which Suu declared with a clear voice.


“I am master’s steward. Please talk to my master first, before talking to me. And another thing…..No matter if you’re the Frontier Count, in case you harm my master……you won’t be able to return anymore. Please be careful.”

“Hoo, you intend to threaten me? You lass.”


The Frontier Count released his magical power in a clear attempt to intimidate Suu, but she didn’t draw back.

In this tense atmosphere, they stared at each other.


“Can you even get rid of me?”

“If my brother, the black knights…… and the maids’ unit attack together, we can win. Since returning to our domain is too troublesome, we’ll deal with you right here. Only Sonia-sama and Lamia-sama will be left…..But there’s a high possibility that those two would be on master’s side, so something will come out of it.”


Fufufu, I’m glad that the Frontier Count is having fun.


“Hohoho, you passed. Crushing every single threat against your master is the very basics. At this point, you can probably finish me off.”

“Thank you for your guidance.”


The Frontier Count withdrew his magical power and started to laugh.

Suu laughed as well as she prepared another round of tea.

Yes, this was a test.


“After I saw this, I can feel at ease and leave things to you. Grandson-in-law-dono, you don’t have to worry about anything while you’re in the elves’ country. You will make a lot of progress.”


The Frontier Count said and smiled, a dark smile that I haven’t seen in a long time…..



And so, our lovely meeting full of smiles ended.

What was already decided……was that I would accompany prince Mars and go to the elves’ country.

We felt too uneasy to leave everything in prince Mars’ hands.

In this case, it was best if I would go with him.


Another job away from home, huh?…..I’ll be so lonely.


I drank some tea, lamenting my solitude.

The Frontier Count said that he wanted to see Bea, so he left in a hurry towards her room.

Oh dear! He’s such a foolish old geezer……


I casually looked at the window and my eyes met Albert’s.

……Hm? This is the third floor, isn’t it?


I rubbed my eyes and looked again but I saw nothing.

I let out a sigh of relief but then my eyes met Albert’s again.

I opened the window and checked what was going on outside……


“Ooh, he jumped.”

“Lord Albert is first. He jumped up to the third floor.”

“I’m next! I’m next!”


“Fuhahaha, I’ll spring you up with my tail as much as you want!”


The black knights were having fun with a dragon.

…..Yeah, do whatever you want.

I closed the window quietly and pretended I haven’t seen anything.



I decided to use my free time and deal with some letters.

I started with greeting letters from the nobles, and for some reason I even found a petition for exterminating a band of thieves.

I’m not a Jack of all trades, you know? Don’t request such things from a duke……


Still, it’s been a while since I last took my time and did paperwork.

Sometimes enjoying a peaceful day is such a good thing.


……Though, the problem is we only have peaceful days once in a while.

As if responding to my intercranial retort, I heard a violent knocking on my door.


“Ma-ma-ma-ma-master! This is very serious!!”


Suu jumped in the room, her facial expression transformed.


“Calm down. Did more dragons arrive or something? How many are they now?”


I sipped some tea as I scolded the flustered Suu.

Really now, these guys never behave like nobles…..


“Madam collapsed because of a bleeding!!”



I spurt out the tea, which covered Suu in a poisonous mist.



“Ooh, grandson-in-law-dono! Use your healing magic! No, wipe the blood……Aah, Bea…..”

“Madam, fight! You’ll get over this with fighting spirit!”

“Do-do-do-do-doctor? Where’s the doctor? Ah, his excellency the duke is here, so it’s all right!”


When I arrived at Bea’s room, what was happening there was a scene from Hell.

Bea lay down on the bed, surrounded by worried people.

Everyone was upset.


“What happened? Did anyone hurt Bea……Albert, did you kill the criminal?”

“No, she suddenly collapsed. We don’t know the cause…..maybe a drug or some sort of spell!”

“I was also present and I didn’t sense any magical power. Maybe it was a drug.”

(Dad, Mom is! Mom is!!)


Toto cried and shouted and the Frontier Count was red with anger.

Albert made arrangements to gather all the black knights, his tail fluffy but rigid.


I approached Bea in order to heal her, but she tried hard to squeeze out some words, as she suffered in pain.


“Uh….uuugh, Ze-Zest-sama.”

“Bea, your wound is superficial! It’s all right, I’ll definitely save you!!”


I held her hand firmly and told her, but she informed me, her face drenched in cold sweat.



“I’m…I’m giving birth. Please call my mother.”


She’s giving birth?………….She said she’s giving birth!?
“De…! Someone, someone call the baby!!!!”

“Ooh, a baby. Summon a baby!!”

“Oi! Someone bring a baby here!! Use the dragons!”

“Master, how old should this baby be?”



For some reason, this confused gang was preparing to try to abduct a baby.

This chaotic place settled down by the actions of a single person.



“You idiots! Listen up! All men leave the room right now!! I brought the midwife. Leave the rest to us and wait outside, kneeling down on the corridor or something!!!!”



Mother Lamia slapped us, and we went out, kneeling down on the corridor.

I never imagined that I would live the day when the Frontier Count and I knelt down together in a seiza position……It was a premiere…..


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Translation: Nana
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  1. Hm… I guess I should be happy that the chapters ended right at the dreaded child birth chapter since I hate it when mcs get children and start doting on them since it restrains them a lot… Yet from the character sheet it seems it will be a daughter(which is far more acceptable than a son, even though I dislike both) and since he’s a duke or whatever, I think he will be away a lot, so it won’t matter much that he’s got a kid or two.

    I just despise when the children get too much attention. It kind of tends to change the entire novel/story into something else. I like romance, but prefer if children show up towards the very end.

    Oh well, maybe it’d be good in this novel, every author is different after all and the way they write stuff differ. I’m a bit sad that I can’t read a bit further, but I guess it’s time to find another novel to read, it was a fun ride, a lot of flaws but many laughs. Thanks for translating this.

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    Well , from the start till now . Did you really think it gonna be like that. As you can see even at giving birth is this funny . Raising a child could be more or less hillarious. 😉

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