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First, I have to apologize to all of you who subscribed to my website for receiving yesterday a series of emails with dummy posts. I am currently experiencing some weird technical issues and I really don’t know what is causing them, but I am on a quest to solve the problems for like 2-3 weeks now. This is one of the reasons I haven’t posted anything lately, because I’m afraid that if I do that Siteground (my host) will block the access to my website. I am really tired and pissed off because of this (and my host isn’t really helping), but once I solve the problems I’ll be back on my previous schedule (maybe I’ll invest even more time in this, because I simply love translating novels and it pains me that I can’t post anything right now). Please put up with me a bit longer and forgive me again for those dummy emails (that happened because I bought a professional theme for the site and tried to implement it, but because how bad my website works right now, that happened…..I’m really sorry ><) Anyway, hope to see you all soon with new awesome chapters! Thank you! Nana

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    1. Aww, thx 😀 I might’ve just solved the problem, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure. Thx for your support, it is much appreciated! ^^

    1. Yes, it really was tough >< More so when it clearly wasn't my fault... For 3 weeks I tried optimizing stuff that had no real problems, when the actual problem was my host's server...Anyway, I think the issue was just solved, but I have to wait 24h for the new implementations' results to show properly. If everything seems fine, you guys will enjoy new chapters tomorrow ^^ Thx for your support!

      1. Glad to here it Nana. It must be frustrating to be sitting on updates you know people are waiting for, stuff you have done and really want to upload more than anyone, when the server just won’t let you. Especially when you can’t even access just to let people know the situation before they start assuming you’ve just vanished on us. When it comes to japanese web novels getting translated, you just get used to translators who were all over a project just vanishing one day, or just updating slower and slower until it finally stops altogether. People are quick to think that’s the case whenever something like this happens. There’s just too much precedent.
        I’m glad we haven’t lost you. I’m not as invested in Stranger’s Handbook as I used to be, but I always watch out for the latest chapter of Ototsukai. I’m looking forward to it.

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