Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: A Noisy Childbirth





“You guys! Don’t stagger there, go boil some water or something!”


All the guys started to move at once when they heard the midwife’s loud words.

In this world midwives have a high status.

Because they deal with all childbirths, their status is strong even against nobles.

On the contrary, if you attack a midwife, you’ll be in real trouble.


“Albert, take care of the water. The Frontier Count and I will standby here after we gather some clean towels. Since only women can enter this room, you should stay here, Suu, and if something happens you’ll contact me right away.”


I struggled to give instructions, my head being still in chaos.

Everyone was walking unsteadily, but it can’t be helped.

The damage from sitting in a seiza position was serious.

While I casted some healing magic on the Frontier Count, the maids came carrying a large quantity of sheets and towels.

Oh, they’re prepared for this.


“Your excellency Zest, the news about madam’s delivery have spread inside the entire palace. You can rest assured and wait here.”

“I see. That’s very helpful. I’ll rely on you then.”


I found about this later, but at this time the entire palace affairs were suspended.

The Emperor released an imperial command saying ‘Zest’s wife is our maximum priority. If anyone intrudes they’ll be accused of treason.’

……..Your Majesty, I won’t forget this favor for a while.


Since the maids abandoned their regular work and were helping us now, the Frontier Count and I had nothing to do.

We sat on the chairs prepared for us on the corridor and waited.


“Fuu, a childbirth, huh?……I can’t believe how useless I am in such moments, right, grandson-in-law-dono?”

“Indeed. If it were a battle, I wouldn’t have had problems joining it, but when it comes to this I’m completely useless.”


We talked as we drank some tea.

It didn’t matter that I have a huge amount of magical power, it was still useless for the delivery.

Waiting and praying was quite tough on me.




The Frontier Count and I waited for several dozens of minutes.

The door opened violently with a bang.


“Why are you carefreely drinking tea!? Go find a magic user who can use healing magic!! It’s urgent!!”


The midwife was yelling at us, her expression demonic and her body covered in blood.

Is this……. a dangerous situation?


“How good a magic user do you need? Or should we bring more than one? Maybe a few high-ranking mages?”

“A skilled mage is enough. She’s running out of blood, so she’s in a dangerous situation right now.”


As I thought…..

I don’t know much about giving birth, but I actually thought it was strange for Bea to bleed that much……


“Frontier Count, who is a famous healing mage in the imperial capital? Let’s hurry and contact them!”

“Leave it to me. A good former imperial mage……Ah! Sonia is back on my domain!!……We might as well rely on the much-rumored holy woman-dono of the Holy Country of Lilac……”


My master?……Will he arrive in time if we send someone to get him right now?

With the speed of a dragon he actually might arrive in time!?


“Albert, where is Albert!?”
“Yes sir! What is it, your excellency?”
“Albert, this is an emergency. Go to the Frontier Count’s domain as soon as possible and kidnap father-in-law Sonia!”

“Take this with you! This short dagger is the symbol of the Frontier Count. If you show this to Sonia, he’ll quietly come with you.”


“Yes sir! I’ll take care of it!”


Albert took the dagger and started running.

All I can do is rely on him now.

Next, the holy woman……But who is she?


“The holy woman-dono? Who is this person!?”
“You don’t know? She built a church on your domain…….”


Haaa!? That junky is the holy woman!!!

It-it is certain that she has the magical power and the necessary qualities……For the time being I’ll send someone for her too.


“Someone from the maids’ unit!?”

“Yes sir! I, Media, am here for you, your excellency.”


“Media, go bring the junk……the sister from the duke’s domain. If you explain her the situation, she won’t turn you down. Go!”

“Yes, I will definitely bring her along!”


She jumped off the window and left.

…….This is the third floor, you know? But she’s Media so it’s all right, I guess.

Since I heard the sound of a flying dragon, I believe she’s still alive.

Please, make it in time……

While the Frontier Count and I continued to pray, the door opened again.

Mother-in-law Lamia stood here with an imposing stance.


“Zest!! Aren’t you a mage who can use healing magic!? Hurry up and come inside!!”


“ “…………Ah” “


We were still…….everyone was still in a state of confusion…….



“Midwife-dono, leave the healing magic to me! I’ll cast it for an entire day if it’s necessary!”
“Leaving your pride aside, hurry up and do it!! Go wash your hands clean first!!”


“Ah, yes.”


Once I entered the room, the battlefield unfolded.

All those sheets and towels that the maids prepared were now completely red.

Bea stretched out on the bed, her face pale.


“Bea, I’ll never let you die. You can be certain of this.”


I spoke those words and released my entire magical power.

I created a mental image where I restored her blood while recovering her physical strength.

I have to save Bea no matter what…….

I have to save my child no matter what…….

As I prayed for their safety, I employed all the magical power I could use.


“Wh-what a magical power…….Are you still feeling all right?”

“I’m fine. If this is enough, I can continue to use this kind of magical power for three days straight. You don’t need to worry about me. Please take care of Bea.”


I continued to use healing magic, as the midwife drew away.


“Midwife-dono, this kid has an idiotic amount of magical power, so you don’t need to worry about him. Besides, as a mage he’s stronger than Sonia, so we can feel relieved.”

“He’s stronger than Sonia-sama? Ah, so that famous duke is actually this kid? In this case, we can indeed feel relieved.”
The tense atmosphere from moments ago was gone now.

What! What are they talking about?


“Normally, at this point, I would tell you to prepare for a stillbirth, but with this amount of magical power assisting me…….there’s no easier childbirth than this.”


Exactly as the midwife said, the delivery went on perfectly well after that.





“Waah! Waaaah!”

“Ooh, a healthy baby girl. Moreover, she resembles the madam, so she’ll be a great beauty.”

“Bea, you did your best.”


“She’s born…….This-this is my child…….”


The room resounded with the cries of the newborn baby.

Two hours after I entered the room, the delivery ended safely.


“She’s truly the spitting image of Bea. She’ll become a very beautiful woman in future.”

“She’s so warm…….Nice to meet you, my cute baby girl.”


Bea hugged the baby closely at her chest.

Mother-in-law Lamia watched over them affectionately.


“Dear me! I’ll be taking my leave now. Congratulations! I’m glad it all ended well.”


The midwife left the room, her face looking rather tired.


“She’s so cute. I want to give birth too.”

“This feels so good. I must hurry and get married too.”

“I’m….I’m…..I’m so jealous…….And I was thinking about getting married as well.”


The maids’ unit was making a racket too.

Fufu, I’m glad it all ended safely.



“So, son-in-law-dono, how long do you plan on being like that? For god’s sake, you became anemic just by watching the delivery…….”


“I feel ashamed of myself.”


I laid down on the sofa and gazed at the situation from there.

I actually couldn’t take a straight look at that process…….


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