Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: The Daughter’s Name





“Bea, you did great. The baby is adorable…..I won’t approve of someone weaker than me taking my girl in marriage.”

“Fufu, say what you like but it’s a bit too early to think about that.”
I recovered from anemia and was now talking with Bea, as the baby slept next to her.

This child is my daughter……


“She’s so little.”

“She is. But it’s normal for babies to be this little.”

(She’s bigger than Toto! She’s my younger sister, but she’s bigger that Toto!)


Toto was a bit troubled by this fact but she, nonetheless, didn’t separate from her younger sister for she was too lovely.

It appears that she was completely charmed by the baby.


“However, I’m happy that the delivery ended safely. Everyone was worried, so I’ll have to go thank them.”

“That’s right. Besides, you have to think of a name too.”

(Name! What name will you give her!?)


………A name, huh?

Can I choose it?


“Bea, can I choose the name? Did you also have something in mind?”

“Eh! Will-will you listen to my opinion too!?”
“Why are you even surprised? That’s only natural, isn’t it?…..Is it perhaps different in this world?”

“Yes, only men are allowed to pick the name for their children. I chose the name for Toto-chan, but this girl is the Duke’s Household’s eldest daughter……”


I see, in this world……this is customary among nobles.


“I’m a stranger so I don’t really mind. Shall we think about it together?”

“Yes! I want to give her a wonderful name.”

(Toto too! Toto will think about it too!)


I spent a wonderful happy time with my newly increased family.



“Grandson-in-law-dono, I heard your talk just now. What a wonderful idea to choose the name together with everyone! I shall cooperate as well.”
“Son-in-law-dono thinks a lot about his family. I shall cooperate too.”


The ones who opened the door and entered the room were the Frontier Count and mother-in-law Lamia, both their faces covered in smiles.

……Cooperate? Choose together with everyone?

Who talked about that?


We looked at them blankly, but those two didn’t mind it.


“I heard from the maids that, even though it is natural for the father to choose the name……you want to choose it together with everyone.”

“I, as well, was deeply moved by this, father. Bea has a wonderful husband.”


“I can’t believe I will be present when choosing the name for my great-grandchild.”

“……I, as well, have become a grandma……Grandma…….”


Both of them had distant looks in their eyes, in a different way, that is. I couldn’t think of any plan to deal with these two.

What the hell did the maids’ unit tell them…..?


“Mother-in-law, how about calling my daughter ‘Lamia-sama’?”

“That is wonderful, Zest-sama.”


For the time being, reviving my mother-in-law was my top priority.

It seems that Bea supported me on this so she followed along with my plan.


“Lamia-sama?…..Let’s choose this then.”


The light returned in my mother-in-law’s eyes.

I can check the situation this way…..For now, I’ll leave the Count alone.

He’s still immersed in something and has no reaction at all.


“Well, how about we start now to properly consult about the name!”


Before Bea and I could complain about why things have turned this way, the Frontier Count came back to life.


“Leave it to me, I have about 108 suggestions!!”

“I can’t lose this either! When we chose Bea’s name…….we consulted for three days and three nights, so much that Sonia begged us to let him go to sleep!”


And so, the very enjoyable family council for choosing the name of my daughter has started.



“As I said, we must choose a name that is related to Bea.”

“No, we must choose a legendary flower’s name for my granddaughter.”


Two hours have passed since we’ve started.

The intensity of the fight between the Count and my mother-in-law continued to increase.

We were at the stage of choosing a range first, before getting to the actual name.


“Be-Bea……Will this ever get settled?”

“I don’t know…..I’m starting to feel a bit scared too.”

(Dad, I’m sleepy.)


Toto crawled into the bed next to the baby and fell asleep immediately.

I bet Bea is tired too……She’s rubbing her eyes.


“It appears that it’ll take some time for this to be settled. You should rest as well, Bea.”

“I’ll do just that. Please take care of this.”


I prepared a futon 1 for her, then returned to the battlefield.

Dear me.



“Then, we’ll just go with a flower’s name.”

“Yes, this is splendid.”


“Thanks god……truly…..”


They finally chose the name range, and that was the name of an ancient and legendary flower.

In short, one of the flower names that the former Japanese stranger left behind.

This way, I can participate as well and I think it’s a great idea.

I have no complaints……I really don’t, but this fight is lasting way too long.


“Then, let’s propose some names. Japanese style names, right?”

“Hahaha, you mean western style name, right?”


Another two hours fight started for choosing either a Japanese style name or a western style one.

It seems that I can’t go to sleep for another long while.




“As I thought, a western style name is better.”

“You’re right, we must choose a western style name.”


“Master, please stay strong. They finally chose something.”

“Suu, I can’t do this anymore.”


In order force my eyes open, I kept on pinching my legs; but this was starting to be insufficient.

I lightly stabbed myself with a sword, then used healing magic as I tried to endure this long fight.

I’ve been through a lot these past hours so I really wanted to sleep…..


“Well now, it’s finally the time we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s propose the names.”

“Hohoho, you shall be astonished by the amount of proposals I have in mind.”


How comes these two are so energetic?

I corrected my posture backed up only by willpower.


However, this was the moment when I remembered something.

A very essential thing…..


The door opened violently with a bang.

We all looked at it simultaneously and saw my master standing in the door.


“Bea! Is Bea all right!!??”


It was the moment when our family council increased by one member.



“She’s adorable. This girl will become a beautiful woman similar to Bea.”



“Right? It makes me remember when I gave birth to Bea.”



“Hoho, you’ll have a lot of hardships in future. You must get rid of all bad insects.”



I have almost no memories of this moment.

According to Suu, at that time I was a living thing which could only muster a ‘Yes’ at fixed intervals.


My memories returned right after that moment.

That was when the door opened again with a huge noise.




“I’ve kept you waiting! I have brought the sister, the holy woman-dono!”

“Holy woman……I am nothing but an equally loved child of God. As the trees don’t compare their sizes, as the winds don’t compete with their strength. We are all like the continuous sound of rainfall. And that is the will of God!”







“Wh-wh-wh-what’s wrong, grandson-in-law-dono?”

“Son-in-law-dono? Get a hold of yourself.”

“E-eh? What’s wrong, your excellency?”

“Master, don’t do anything rash!”

“Wh-what happened? Zest-sama!? What’s going on!?”


(Mom, Mom! My little sister is crying!!)


My spasm continued for a while.

I could no longer……endure this situation…….


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  1. Futon = quilted Japanese-style mattress laid out on the floor

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