Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Naming





“The junky……Where’s the junky!!?”

“Master, here’s some water.”


I collapsed, emitting this strange voice, and I was afterwards carried in bed.

Suu took care of me, looking worried.

Bea had to take care of the baby, so it can’t be helped that she’s not with me now.

…………..But that’s a good thing.


“Did I……collapse……?”

“Are you feeling all right? You seemed like you had a nightmare.”


I drank the glass of water without stopping to take a breath and I finally calmed down.

For now, how did the whole situation unfold?


“Suu, tell me what happened.”

“Yes, after master collapsed……”


I fell senseless right after the junky sister arrived.

I do remember up to that part.

After that, my master Sonia used his observation magic on me and concluded that it all happened due to overwork.

Then I was moved to a bed.


The junky sister went to rest after thanking everybody and Albert showed her to a guest’s room.

Suu told me that she took notes of what the sister said and asked me if I wanted to read them, but I refused.

In any case I won’t understand anything unless I talk to her directly.


After that, my master explained things to the Frontier Count and my mother-in-law and the family council was suspended for the moment.

I see. I now understand that we haven’t come to any conclusion yet.


“For the time being I’ll go see Bea. If we don’t choose a name before them, this will never end.”

“That’s right. I thought this would be for the best too.”


It appears that Suu approved of this as well.

Right, I’ll go talk to Bea first.

I quickly went on my way to our room.



“Zest-sama, are you already feeling better?”

(Dad, are you all right?)


These two looked very worried when they saw me enter the room.

But that is understandable; anyone would feel worried when her husband suddenly lets out a strange voice and collapses soon afterwards.


“Yeah, I’m fine. I came because I have something to talk to you Bea.”

“Talk? What is it?”


“About the name……Carrying on with this situation is too troublesome. We might as well choose the name first?”

“About that……they did trouble you quite a bit……But you’re right, it is better this way.”

(Name! Are you choosing it now!?)


As one would expect, Bea was also shocked by this whole situation and she came to approve of my idea.

Maybe she concluded that, unless we did this now, my mental faculties wouldn’t hold for much longer.


“Zest-sama is the one supposed to choose the name in the first place. I won’t allow anyone to complain about this!”

(Waaai, Dad will choose it!)


Bea was overflowing with a strange power; was she angry or something?

Maybe because her family selfishly intruded in this matter?


“Worries that would make Zest-sama collapse……..I will let my mother and grandfather feel them too…….Ufufufufufufufu”

(Ah, Toto must go eat some sweets.)


Toto ran away.

However, I couldn’t do the same.


“It-it-it-it’s all right. You’re prone to worrying, Bea…….But thank you for worrying about me.”


I gently stroke her head and her black, sinister magic power finally settled down.

This was dangerous……It considerably scared me.


“But do you have any good name?”

“Kind of…..Say, Bea. Is something like the language of flowers handed down in this world?”


“The language of flowers…….? It is the first time I hear about this.”


She held the baby in her arms as she answered me.

It seems that she just changed her diaper.

It just happened……It’s not like the baby peed because of the fright caused by Bea’s magic power.


“I see…..In this case…..”


I told her about what the language of flowers meant and about the name I chose.

As she embraced the baby, Bea seemed very pleased with my choice.


“It’s wonderful!! No one will be able to complain about this. Ufufu, it is truly a great name.”

“Kya kya”


Both Bea and the baby had faces covered in smiles.

…….This kid……Can she understand what we’re talking about?

Well, it’s just a coincidence……I decided to believe this and hurried to the reception room where the Frontier Count and the others were waiting.




“Everyone, I’m sorry for worrying you. But I’m all right now.”


I entered the reception room, filled with energy.

The Frontier Count, my master Sonia and mother-in-law Lamia looked at me.


“Oh, so you’re fine? You mustn’t overdo it.”

“You’re such a troublesome son-in-law. You should depend more on the people surrounding you, you know?”

“Zest……I understand you…..I understand you perfectly, Zest.”


It appears that my only ally is my master.

After all, when choosing Bea’s name, he endured this fight for three days and three nights…..


I had a hunch that we conveyed out feelings just by looking at each other.


“Also, about the name.”


After our ordinary talk, when I broke the ice and mentioned the matter with the name, the atmosphere changed completely.

You guys, how can you get so obsessed because of a name?

However, I cannot lose this fight.

My heart felt very calm.


“To tell you the truth, I have one proposal as well. I think about giving my daughter this name!”


How about it!? I told them!!

Maybe because my words surprised them, the two troublemakers hanged their heads down.

Only my master showed an expression of shock.


“Therefore, I will explain to you the na…….”


I couldn’t continue. My words wouldn’t come out.

I felt an incredible pressure weighting down on me.


“That is great…….If you’ve gone this far, you might as well continue.”

“Fufu, son-in-law-dono……In case you chose a weird name……Ufufufu”


Ah, this is a hopeless pattern……

I ended up leaking a bit, but it was only a little so everything’s fine.

Once it dries there’ll be no problem.


Assaulted by an overwhelming magic power, I resolved myself.

In case the name is inappropriate, there’s nothing waiting for me but death……Still!!

I clad myself in light attribute magic power and declared to them.


“Do you know about the language of flowers? It is something handed down in my native country, and it refers to the emotion and meaning embedded in a flower’s name.”


“There’s a word for this?”

“As expected from a stranger. And?”


“My daughter’s name is ‘Wisteria’. In Japan, wisteria is a light violet, beautiful flower. And, in the language of flowers, it means ‘Gladly received / Never let go’. What do you think?”


“ “……..” “


How is it? You can’t complain about this, can’t you?……You won’t complain, right?

The two of them stared at me fixedly without saying any words.

My master’s face looked tense too…..If it comes to something hopeless, you’ll help me, right?



Just how much time had passed?

The two of them, who stayed frozen in a silent mood up to now, suddenly experienced a reboot.


“Excellent. The Frontier Count’s Household’s women dress in black and red clothes. The light attribute grandson-in-law-dono’s child will wear a light purple color…..This is excellent!”

“Wisteria……It’s great. And I quite like that language of flowers thing! Let’s go with this name!!”


It seems that both of them were extremely pleased with the name I chose.

…….Thank goodness…..I’m glad they liked it.


“Thank god, if your choice ended up being inappropriate… already guessed it, right? You were very close to dying, you know, Zest?”

“They’re this much obsessed about something like…….a name……”


Those two were in a state of excitement, but I ignored them. Then, my master kindly encouraged me.


“Still, looking at their state now, everything seems fine. When this happened to me, it was far more terrible. Good for you that everything ended this way!”

“Is-is that so!? It will end now, right!?”


I’m finally set free.

Because of the happiness I felt, tears came to flow down my face involuntarily.


However, it is my life that won’t allow it to end this way.


“Wisteria, huh? Now we have to choose her nickname.”

“Oh my, father. It is obviously Wis.”


“Hahaha, I tell you, it’s Teria.”

“Ohoho, and I say Wis……..”



It appears that I won’t be set free for another long time.

Can I just say……I reached the finish line??


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