Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Arrival! The Country of Elves






“Master, did you listen? About today’s schedule. If you don’t hurry, we won’t make it in time.”


“Unless I misheard it, you said that I have thirty meetings…….”

“You’re so mature, Zest-sama.”

(Dad! I got the diaper!)


I heard Suu’s report in Bea’s room as I changed Wis’ diaper.

Despite me leaving tonight, why is my schedule so packed today!?


“Good, perfect. I made the diaper silkier so that it won’t hurt her skin. Do you like it, Wis?”

“Oh my, this is great.”

(Dad, she looks incredibly happy! That’s amazing!)


Instead of using baby powder I used healing magic; normally, this would be unthinkable.

But this is the archduke’s household so it can’t be helped.


“If young lady Wis’ maintenance is finished, we should go, master.”
“…….See you later, everyone.”
I left the room with painful reluctance.

From this moment on I have to attend a festival of bald old men.



“It’s finally over…….”


The operation of restoring the heads of the kneeling old men finally marked its end.

Suu only scheduled a meeting with those nobles who support me.

There were others too on the corridors begging me to heal them, but Albert took them away.

Restoring the heads of all of those people would’ve been nothing but bullying to me.


“Now, after a short break we will take our leave. Are son-in-law-dono and the others ready?”

“Yes. As soon as master arrives there, we’re ready to leave.”


I rubbed my shoulders as I sipped some tea.

Suu showed consideration and started to massage my shoulders…….Aah, this feels good.


“After I go check on Wis again in Bea’s room we shall leave. I won’t return home for a few days so, if she forgets my face, I’m confident I’ll cry.”

“No one forgets their parent’s face in just a few days…….”


I ignored Suu’s scolding and decided to spend a little more time with my family.

This time, I’m taking only Toto along.

Bea and Wis will return to our domain and take care of the house.


“Then, I should be leaving. Bea, on your way back, please drop by my foster father’s house on the Frontier Count’s domain and introduce them to Wis.”

“Yes, I will make sure to pay them a visit.”


(I’m going together with Dad! It’s been a while!!)


I haven’t met recently my foster father Galef and my foster mother Celica, but with this everything will be fine.

I placed Toto on my shoulder and walked towards the square where son-in-law-dono and everyone else were waiting.






“Those two, are way too noisy.”

“You’re so right, father.”

“Master, your hair is disheveled.”

(Ahahaha, this is so fast!!)


Two guys were screaming their lungs out…….Prince Mars and General Calis.

Tsubaki and the female soldiers were fully enjoying the air trip with composed expressions.


“Still, this really is fast……This way, we’ll arrive there in a few hours.”

“It would’ve taken us about one month to get there with a boat, father.”

“I can’t believe they’re screaming because of something like this……Master, they definitely need more training.”


We were relaxing on the back of a dragon.

We were enclosed in a magic barrier so that we didn’t feel the wind too strongly.

This way, I could let everyone mount the dragons without any worrying.


“I’ll die! I’ll diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie”



………Are they really that scared?

They’re lacking some guts.


“Too noisy!! Don’t panic because of something like flying in the sky on the back of a dragon! Are you idiots!? Look at the black nights and the war maidens’ unit! They’re so quiet…….”


“How about it? Do you like the air trip……? You are quite a good-looking man. In case you like riding me…..I’ll let you do it again, you know?”

“…….A dragon is making advances at me?”

“Gahahaha, isn’t it great! You are single anyway!”

“The only one to try to seduce me is a dragon……”


“So, about those two? The he-female and she-male.”

“You mean, lord Tasel!?”

“Yes, yes, those two are lovely, aren’t they!”

“I want to get married too……Hey, do you know a good man? A dragon is fine too!”


It all turned into an enjoyable picnic……

And yeah, it was not even close to being quiet.


“Master, it appears that those two fainted…….Let’s not pay them any mind.”

“You’re right…..Afterwards you must increase the prince’s training load. Also, try introducing someone to the girl who said she wanted to meet a dragon even.”


“Yeah, she’s way to pitiful.”

“As expected from my father’s units……Your people can even marry dragons……”


And so, the enjoyable sky trip was reaching its end.

It all turned out into a formal marriage interview though…….



“Master, I can see the land. We’ll soon be arriving.”


Suu called out to me and I looked over.

But, what she could see as a kemonobito was hidden from a normal human’s eye.

It was already dark.


“I see. We already sent a messenger. We informed them that we’ll be arriving with the dragons…..Suu, it’s all safe, right?”

“Yes, I unmistakably sent a messenger beforehand.”


Good, this should be safe.

We’ll go straight to the capital city then.


“Since it’s already night the commoners shouldn’t be able to see us. Dragon, we’ll go straight to the castle.”

“Understood, my master.”


The huge, black dragon I was riding on, took the lead, followed by ten dragons who let out war cries as we approached the castle grounds.

The elves’ country’s castle……We drew as near as to see it clearly.




“D-d-d-d-d-dragons! Just what in the world are you doing!? This is the elves’ royal castle!!”


An extremely loud voice resounded, amplified by magic.

Was it in my imagination? It seemed that this voice was trembling…..Also, it was a woman’s voice. Is she feeling nervous or something?


“I’m archduke Zest from the Grun Empire. I’m bringing along my daughter and my son-in-law for the purpose of my daughter’s marriage. Who the hell are you!?”


I also amplified my voice as I gave my answer.

Having done so, a bonfire was lit up in the square in front of the royal castle, illuminating the region.

Right in the middle of that square a small little girl was standing.


“Fo-forgive me. I am Kachua, 1st Rank Royal Mage. Archduke Zest, please land inside this square.”

“Kachua-dono, I understand. I will land first, so you guys should stay away for now. If the nearby soldiers draw near me, consider them a threat and eliminate them.”


I one-sidedly declared and instructed my dragon to land.

It would be too troublesome if they shoot at us from the darkness of the night.

If I’m on the ground, I’m confident I won’t lose.


The dragon slowly descended.

After she confirmed it, the little girl approached me.


“Let me greet you again……I am Kachua, the 1st Rank Royal Mage. Nice to meet you, archduke Zest.”

“Yeah, you can check this. It’s a handwritten letter from his Majesty, the Emperor of the Grun Empire.”


I took out the letter and handed it over.

The little girl received it with great care and confirmed the seal on the other side of the envelope.

Her outward appearance is that of a little girl……However, the magic power she’s clad in is fairly exceptional.

She’s at least two times stronger than the prince.


She’s wearing her long silver hair in two pony tails.

……..This hair style suits her lovely outward appearance.

……..Her chest though……Yeah, you know.


“Yes, this is indeed his Majesty the Emperor’s seal. Welcome archduke Zest. We welcome you to our country.”


Kachua placed one of her hand to her chest and saluted me in elven-style.

The nearby soldiers’ thirst for blood was also lessening.


“This was quite a dangerous reception. Didn’t my messenger arrive here first?”

“Messenger? No, not yet…….”


The girl looked bewildered so I believe she really didn’t know about it.

She is panicking for treating an important person from a foreign country this rudely…….This is unmistakably so.



“Master, a while back, we passed a ship. Wasn’t it the ship our messenger was on, I wonder?”


I became stiff when I heard Suu’s murmured suggestion.

Eh? Was it really that slow, the boat my messenger was on!?

It took only an instant with the dragons…….Ah, the boat that should’ve informed these people of our arrival with the dragons didn’t get here yet……..

What should I do? …….It’s way too bad to start all of this with an error all of a sudden…..


The square became still as death; that’s when we heard the sound of something dropping down.

It appears that the prince fell down.


“Guho!? Father-in-law?……What happened to me?…….”

“Wha!? Mars! What did you just do!!!”


Before I could retort, Kachua’s riposte resounded all around us.


“An old loli…..?”

“Master, you’re saying it out loud.”


The prince’s painful shrieks were luckily louder than Suu’s calm voice.

It appears that this loli is not simply a 1st Rank Royal Mage…….


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