Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Elven-style Reception





“So……son-in-law-dono, what is your relationship with her?”


I asked the prince, who got beaten by the little girl.

That Kachua didn’t go easy on him.

She didn’t care for an instant that the other party was a prince, she aimed straight at his face and released one full power magical punch.


“Yes, father. That old hag……I mean, Kachua-sama is my master.”

“Fufufu, it’s all right to call me an old hag. In any case, after this, we’ll have to take our time and talk.”


“Hmm? That magic power was quite the spectacle.”

“Yes. The black knights are making a fuss about letting them fight……”

“Foster father, I would like to fight too!”


It appears that this might turn out into something troublesome……

Good, I’ll take this course of action then.


“If you want to fight, you’ll have to do it in order……I’ll do the selection tomorrow, so wait patiently until then.”


I employed my magic power and intimidated them, so they finally quieted down.

Good, I can relax now.


“We caused you trouble, Kachua-dono. Anyway, I’ll rely on you to show me around.”

“What a magic power…..No wonder the dragons obey you.”


Kachua had a shocked expression on her face, but she wasn’t one to talk.

She was rather scary; the 1st Rank Royal Mage who was sent to welcome us, but beat the hell out of the prince, without any warning.

If they tell me that this is the elven-style of welcoming, all I can do is keep silent about it……


“First, you must be tired from your journey. I will guide you to your rooms, archduke Zest.”

“Yeah, thank you, Kachua-dono.”

(Dad! This granny is strong, right!?)


Haha, through Toto’s eye she looks like a granny……

A granny, huh?……So she really is that old.

An old hag loli, huh?


“Hohoho, spirit-sama is such an enjoyable person.”

“No, no, she’s still very young……”


Kachua, who was now leading us to our rooms, turned around and a vein popped out on her forehead.

……Urm…..What’s wrong with her?


“Spirit-sama, people usually call me senior, but……please call me Kachua.”

(Understood, Kachua!)





“Father-in-law, my master utterly despises the words old hag and granny. If you’re careless and say those, gah.”
“Mars, who’s an old hag?”


Son-in-law-dono got blown away by magic spheres unleashed in a sequence all around his area.

Yeah, so this happens when you say it.


“Son-in-law-dono, there’s no fool in our empire who would utter such words to this beautiful young girl. It was a futile advice.”

“Mars-sama……How could you say that to this lovely and sweet person…….”


“Hohoho, archduke Zest, you’re so good at flattery. To call me a beautiful young girl……I haven’t heard it in hundreds of years. Tsubaki-sama is such an honest and great person too.”

(Waa, Kachua’s magic is so fast!)


Alongside this energetic group, I followed Kachua as we walked towards the castle.

It appears that the castle was not far away from the square we landed to.

It soon came into our sight, a white castle surrounded by trees.



“However, you, archduke Zest, were the first……not to make a scene after seeing our elven-style welcoming.”


Inside the castle, as we advanced through a long corridor, Kachua murmured.

Only Toto, Tsubaki, the prince and I were following her now.

The black knights had to take care of the dragon’s relocation.


“Elven-style? You mean that dangerous reception?”

“Hohoho, you say this even though you could have finished off that level of magic power it in an instant.”


Her magic power slowly shook.

Is she going to challenge me?

I also employed my magic power and put myself on guard.


“I never imagined that the archduke could react to my subtle magic power flows……Is the elves’ country already done for…….?”


She drew in her magic power and, dropping her shoulders, turned around to face me.


“Right, archduke? We might not be a good match, but……could you endure to leave this old neck of mine attached?”

“What are you talking about, Kachua-dono? Did you think I want something like your neck?”
The spot we stopped at was right in the middle of the corridor.

There were no rooms around, nor any person.

…….It was the ideal place for a secret talk.


“The current situation in our country was more or less caused by me. I didn’t see through that prime minister’s perseverance, so it all turned out this way.”


Kachua wore a tragic expression on her face as she continued.


“The king is already dead, the queen was seduced by the prime minister…..But still, I can’t just wait patiently for the empire to absorb my country. You want to use Mars as a puppet king and subdue our country, right? Please, dispose of this neck first!”

“Kachua-dono. I don’t intend to do that. Again, the demons also left this matter in my care.”


Kachua pressed her knees against the floor, but I helped her stand up.


“Don’t worry about it. Mars is my son-in-law. I won’t interfere, nor object to his ruling. Also, I am planning to clean up the prime minister’s faction, so, afterwards, I’d like you to help him with his reign.”

“But, this way, the empire has nothing to win from this. There’s no way a country that doesn’t have ulterior motives and cooperates based on good will actually exists.”
She’s right. Since she’s an old hag, she should already know about the sourness and sweetness of life.

She probably saw enough countries moving with filthy ulterior motives.


“I am a stranger from a different world. I established my position in the empire, but I want to secure it. There’s the Pope in the Holy Country of Lilac. If Mars will reign over the elves’ country, that in itself is enough of a profit to me. I won’t let the empire interfere……Either way, they can easily and quickly erase this entire country. But the empire won’t concern itself with its direct governance.”


Kachua looked at me fixedly.

I guess she’s confirming what I just said inside her head.

Is it the truth or is it a lie?…..Or maybe she’s confirming the merits and demerits.


“What if the empire and the country of elves decide to work together temporarily?”

“While the Holy Country of Lilac pins down the country of elves, the empire will cease to exist. To begin with, ten dragons, the black knights, the war maidens and the kemonobito units will engage in attacking them. And I will provide support, employing all my healing magic, you know? Do you think they have any chance of winning this?”


“I see…..It has indeed logic to it. Mars, don’t you have anything to tell me?”


The discussion suddenly switched to Mars and he strengthened up his back.

His face taken aback, he let out a loud voice.


“I forgot!! The country of elves is in good health, master-sama!!”


He placed one hand on his chest and declared.

But, after she heard it, Kachua’s expression became demonic.



“You stupid disciple!! I told you that in case they become our allies you should use this signal to inform me! You absolute idiot! Thanks to you, I was almost ready to die!”



It appears that they had an arrangement to use a coded signal in case that the empire decided to work together with them.

And because he didn’t use the signal, she thought that we were their enemies……..


“Tsubaki, are you really all right with this piece of junk?”

“Father, I’m starting to feel a bit uneasy…….”

(Dad! The snapping sound just now, did something break?)


On the corridor, the screams of my stupid son-in-law resounded indefinitely……

Ah, he’s burning this time……


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  1. “While the Holy Country of Lilac pins down the country of elves, the empire will cease to exist. To begin with, ten dragons, the black knights, the war maidens and the kemonobito units will engage in attacking them. And I will provide support, employing all my healing magic, you know? Do you think they have any chance of winning this?”

    I don’t understand this part. Why the empire will cease to exist? I misinterpret something or is a error?

    1. Maybe Zest indicate that when Lilac pins down elves country, he’ll make empire cease to exist, or so. Holy Country of Lilac will prevent country of elves from absorbed to empire when at that time Zest with his army? will destroy empire, or so from what I understand.

    2. Its a “what if situation” of the elves and the king working together. Zest plans on using the Holy Country of Lilac to stall the elves, while Zest destroyes the empire.

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