Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: Quiet Talk – Katalina’s Busy Schedule





“You do it like this-nya. But, these papers have to be done like this-nya.”


Sigh, I can finally take a break-nya.

After I gave the instructions, I leant against a chair and took a breath.

The duke’s domain……Half the territory of the former kingdom, managed now by duke Zest.

I alone was entrusted with its internal administration-nya.


“We need a few more bureaucrats-nya…….I wonder if we can find anyone good at this-nya…..”


I feel gratitude towards his excellency Zest-nya.

A commoner cat kemonobito young girl.

He even made someone like me a noble and even entrusted me with such an important official position.

Other feudal lords would never have treated me this way-nya.

But…….this hectic schedule of mine is hell-nya.


“Still, where can I find an excellent capable person…….I know-nya! Maybe that person!!”


That person is definitely excellent-nya!

However, without a good reason she’ll never agree-nya…….


“I know! I’ll go with this-nya!”


Without delay, I started writing a letter.



“Lord Katalina, you received a letter.”

“I was waiting for that-nya!”


A few days after I sent the letter, the reply came.

A reply containing the acceptance of my invitation-nya!

This way, we’ll have more hands at work-nya!


“Also, the sister came here with a different matter……”

“Ah, perhaps……it’s about the matter we’ve been talking about-nya. Show her to the reception room-nya.”


I instructed the maid, then made preparations for forwarding the letter.

If his excellency were here, he would definitely succeed with this-nya.

The smirk on my face stiffened as I hurried towards the reception room.



“I have made you wait-nya. Forgive us for the other day-nya.”


I greeted the sister who was waiting in the room.

During madam’s childbirth uproar we caused her many troubles, so I had to start with an apology-nya.


“Fufu, apologies are unnecessary. I, a maiden of God, am pursuing knowledge every day. In this case, all the incidents are the will of God……Yes, precisely like how a gentle breeze shakes the leaves of trees!”

“……I understand everything, but the last sentence-nya.”


Maybe because I got used to her, but somehow this junky sister had started to talk properly-nya.

Still, when she’s nervous or when she’s excited, she keeps saying incomprehensible things-nya.


“So, did you come to check on that matter-nya?”

“Yes. If that is completed, the lambs will shed tears of great joy. And we will be one step closer to God’s utopia…….Like a mild fall’s sunlight filtering through trees!”


As ever, the junky sister looked away from her invisible chest.

Because I can barely understand her intentions, I won’t plunge into this-nya.


“It is already 90% complete-nya. Once it’s done, I will inform you right away-nya.”

“Is that so?……In order for the sunset not to turn into an ultramarine color, we need the resolution to find a clear stream inside a thunderstorm. And that is God’s affection……Yes! A multistoried building inside the skies! That is good.”


She smiled then returned home.

I didn’t understand anything she said towards the end-nya……Maybe, she really wants thatnya.



“So, Katalina-chan. What are you scheming?”



When I returned to my office, Media was waiting there.

Since we become good friends, I know her well.

If she ever concludes that something is not of benefit to his excellency Zest, she won’t hesitate to kill even me.

For this reason, we became good friends-nya.


“It’s all right-nya. It’s a plan that benefits his excellency and can become helpful for our domain-nya.”

“…….I see. Good then. Ufufu, I went to buy those new baked sweets! Let’s eat them together!”


She wore a friendly smile on her face, but she never showed mercy to any of his excellency’s foes.

She’s truly a follower of his excellency’s doctrine.

Just the other day too, when one of the nobles complained about going to such lengths for something like the madam’s delivery………he ended up killed by someone.

I’m sure it was her doing-nya……


“Media. If I ever become his excellency’s enemy, you can kill me without reservation-nya. But in turn……”

“Yeah, me too, if I ever become his excellency’s enemy……or if you ever conclude that I’m a burden to him, please kill me.”


Right, we became good friends precisely because she’s like this.

Without his excellency, we would’ve never lived a good life.

That’s why, we’ll return the favor-nya.

We won’t let anyone hinder his excellency-nya.


“So, what about your plan?”


As we enjoyed our tea, Media munched on the newly produced baked sweets.

That’s right-nya……I can explain to her without problems-nya.


“I wrote a letter to Mizuta Mari 1 about his excellency-nya.”

“A letter? Who is this……Mizuta Mari?”


“She’s an acquaintance of his excellency-nya. She’s a commoner but she’s quite excellent-nya.”

“Did he have such an acquaintance!? Then?”


I drank some tea, then answered her.


“I asked her to write a story about two men who love each other-nya.”



Well, I expected as much-nya.

I must explain to her, otherwise this thirst for blood of hers might kill me-nya.


“We’ll scatter this story around inside the country of elves, with the prime minister and some of his retainers’ names. Such a shameful story will inflict great damage-nya. To say nothing of the unsociable elves; they will definitely be astonished-nya.”

“So, you’ll use this in our tactics.”


“Moreover, his excellency will most likely comprehend this plot’s effectiveness and riskiness. He will also unmistakably want the sender Mari brought here and guarded-nya…….”

“I see. That person will have to come to our domain. She’s an excellent person, after all.”


“Right-nya. However, since the demons are involved, I couldn’t use normal means-nya. But this way his excellency has got a reason to act too-nya.”


Media finally drew in her killing intent and returned to her usual smile.

It appears that she agrees to this plan-nya.


“Demons? I see. That person is a stranger too, right?……I now understand why you did this in secret. Ufufu, Katalina-chan, you’re truly a follower of his excellency’s doctrine. Do you plan to quarrel with the demons?”

“I don’t want to be told this by you-nya, Media. And about the demons, we can solve the matter by discussing it with them-nya.”


“Hmm. Well, these kinds of things are your specialty. Right, did the sister come to ask about that matter?”

“You know a lot-nya……You’re right. She really wants those things-nya.”


“Well that’s to be expected. Don’t you want them too?”

“The breast pads? I don’t need them-nya……I will ask his excellency about this-nya! If he can heal baldness, then he should be able to make breasts grow too-nya!!”


“Lord Katalina, is that really true!?”

“His excellency is truly a genius.”

“If this is his excellency we’re talking about then it might actually happen……..”


Nya!?…….Why were so many maids from the maids’ unit hidden here-nya?

You guys have a plentiful chest, so you don’t need that-nya!

Right when I was about to yell this at them my vision distorted…..


Ehh? The world is spinning-nya…….


“Hey, Katalina-chan! What’s wrong!?”

“So-someone, call the sister! Tell her that lord Katalina collapsed!”

“Get a hold of yourself, lord Katalina!!”

“Lord Katalina collapsed……Lord Katalina collapsed……Uh……..”

“Hey, why are you collapsing too!?”



Katalina collapsed…..

Unfortunately, time was needed for news about this matter to reach Zest in the country of elves.

And as a result……This marked the beginning of the afterwards incident…….



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Note from Nana: So it really was the fujoshi girl who wrote that manuscript at Katalina’s command…. xD  We cleared that up ^^

  1. One of the summoned survivors who’s living on the demons’ territory. The fujoshi girl. She shows up in Chapter 97

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