Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Tactics from Now On






“By the way, Suu. Are you doing it by yourself? Or do you have a partner?”

“…….Forgive me, master. I can’t understand the intention of this question.”

It was a pretty understandable question, but it’s not like I wanted to sexually harass her.

I asked this because I needed to know if my steward Suu had a intimately close woman to her.


“If my steward has a woman close to her……I need to consider various things.”

“Ah, so that’s what you meant? Please don’t worry about it, there’s no one.”

“I see…..Suu, this is nothing but a discussion.”


At my words, Suu removed her foot from Albert’s head and faced me.

He was still having convulsions, so he was alive. It’s all right.


“This time it all ended with a funny story, but this kind of situation might cause a big incident in the future. Therefore, don’t you want to write a ‘Kemonobito Folk’s Handbook’?”

“A handbook?”

“Yeah, there will be many kemonobito nobles on my domain from now on. In this case, if someone makes a mistake because they didn’t know about some things…..Also, because the other people don’t know about those things either, they will misunderstand each other.”

“I see…..Understood. I am a bit worried about my ability to accomplish this, but I will give my best with all my might. I’ll try writing it.”

And so, Suu wrote the ‘Kemonobito Folk’s Handbook’.

This will end up being a big hit not only on my domain, but on the entire continent.

To the kemonobito people, this became a reference book describing their passed down customs and etiquette.

For the other races, it was an informative book teaching unknown things.

In a way, anyone must have this book.

And because of this book, I also started to write the ‘Stranger’s Handbook’…..

However, I didn’t know at that time.

That because of this handbook, an unnecessary uproar would occur…..



“Well, then? Let’s hear your report.”

I ordered Suu to write the handbook, I healed Albert, and it was now time to reach the main topic.

I placed them on the sofa, and it was time for a report meeting.


“Yes sir! Excepting five golden dragons, I sent the other ones back to our territory. Also, the soldiers stationing here are five black knights and ten war maidens. There are ten more people from the intelligence unit, so we have a total of twenty-five soldiers.”

“I must say that most of them are commanding officers so we have enough of a war potential.”

“I see. What about reinforcements?”

“With the black dragons’ transportation, I planed to mobilise thirty black knights and fifty war maidens.”

“In a few days everything will be prepared.”

“All right…..Supplement the intelligence unit as well. I understand that you all are worried about me, but this time it is an intelligence battle. It’s enough to supplement fifteen black knights and twenty war maidens. Make arrangements to mobilise our entire intelligence force.”

“Yes sir! Understood.”

“As you wish, master.”

For a moment, we drank some tea and took a little break.


Now that we finished with the current conditions of our military affairs, it was time to discuss the current conditions of the secret information gathered so far.

Since I considerably used my head……I sweetened my tea ever more.


“Next, about the information gathered.”

“I will report.”

Suu took out a bunch of documents.

This was impossible for Albert, so I didn’t expect anything from him when it came to this.

Don’t look so deplorable, you mongrel.


“To start with, I’ll talk about the prime minister’s plans. There’s no mistaking it. We got access to the undersurface stories……It is rather good for them to be in a state of isolation. This topic is widely talked about at quite a large-scale.”

“That……Is the prime minister an idiot?”

“He boosts with self-confidence and pride. He’s this kind of man……Besides, it’s not like many people approve of him. Most of the elves seem to be taken along by the stream. In short, they’re all peace fools, without any opportunists and independent individuals.”

“In this case, it’ll be easier for us than what we previously planned.”


The two of us were having a serious conversation, while Albert was eating cookies with a crunching sound, next to us.

He had nothing to do…..We’ll be finishing soon, so have a little more patience.


“Therefore, if we suppress the prime minister and engage in a coercion diplomacy, there’s a high possibility that they’ll obediently follow us. As for the queen, she’s out of the question…..She’s something like a sample woman for all the stupid nobles.”

“She’s my son-in-law’s mother. Will he feel at ease if we imprison her?”

“Right. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Understood, then we’ll go with this.”


Good. The course of action was decided.

With the intelligence unit playing an active role, there might not a be a need for me to use military force.


“So, how about our little present?”

“Yes. I gave it to the queen’s chief maid, since she seems to manage the castle’s servants. I entrusted her with the distribution method as well.”

“In case there are not enough, I can supplement as many as needed.”

“Don’t worry. I gave her quite a few gold coins. As the report said, she’s the type of person who likes money…..She was extremely cooperative.”

“Did you deliver that to the noble class women?”

“Yeah, the bra was extremely popular. But please don’t worry, I will interact with these women myself as a representative.”


I see…..The servants inside the castle are silenced with money.

The noble women…..The wives of those I’ll be getting to know from now on are already appeased due to the bra.

All is going way too much according to plan that it’s laughable.


“It’s only a matter of time, master. This country is truly peaceful.”

Suu said and laughed, and she looked terrifyingly similar to the Frontier Count.

A workplace where you can’t stop laughing……This laugh was definitely not that…..

Albert, you’re spilling cookies, so stop trembling.

You’re way too scared of your sister.


“Your excellency……Don’t tell me you’re marking this place as well 1…….This Albert admires you greatly!”

“…….Master, it’s because of the fatigue……”


As I received the two brothers’ various looks……I peed on myself after such a long time.

Before they told me, I didn’t even notice it…..Could I be sick?…..


“Master, it’s all right. We won’t tell anyone.”

“Suu, I’m going to become unnecessarily miserable, so please give me a break.”


With a deplorable posture, towel rolled over my hips, I felt quite down.

It was all right recently, so why did I do this with such a timing……

My mood was the worse as Suu busily prepared a change of clothes for me.

I felt extremely embarrassed……That’s because I wasn’t exposed like this before.

And this came to light in front of a woman…..I wanted to die.


“Once you finish changing your clothes, we’ll have to leave since an invitation came from the prime minister.”



Her kind smile like that of a nurse hollowed out my heart in an unnecessary way.

Albert left, saying something like ‘In order not to lose to his excellency, I have to train more!’.

I didn’t know what was this competition about, but I didn’t care about it since he was a mongrel.

I stood in front of Suu who was holding my change of clothes.

Ah, did she already finish preparing them……I wanted to escape from reality a little longer.

I looked at her but for some reason her expression was dark.

“Master, forgive me. It was my clumsiness.”

“What’s wrong? Don’t worry about this…..You’re less objectionable than me.”


I didn’t know what clumsiness she was talking about, but it must be way better than peeing on oneself.

Besides, I have no qualification to scold her right now.


“I didn’t prepare any underwear for master. Please use this instead.”


She said and held out to me a pair of pink string bikinis.

I watched fixedly what was most likely Suu’s private property.


“Are you telling me to wear these?”

“Forgive me. Now that it already came to this, I have to take responsibility and die……”


She took out a dagger from her breast pocket and brought it to her neck.

I hurried to sop her arm, but the trace of a light wound was already visible on the nape of her neck.


“Don’t be hasty! I don’t dislike this! I don’t dislike this, but I thought you might!!”


That was a lie…..Wearing something like this was torture.

However, it can’t be helped if it means I’ll lose her otherwise.


“It’s all right, master. There’s no way I dislike this. It’s an honour for me. I just took them off so they’re not chilly. Here.”

“Wouldn’t it be better for them to be a new pair?”

“That is no good. What will we do if that underwear contains chemicals or drugs or something! With these, since I already wore them, there will be no problem, so you can rest assured.”


And so, I equipped myself with a pair of pink string bikinis and was on my way to the prime minister’s house.

Today, I felt I lost all sorts of things……

I might already be useless as a human being……


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