Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: The Forgotten Thing





“We finally returned…..”


I was finally back into my quarters inside the royal castle.

The girls, the kemonobito reception unit, took a different course of action.

There was no way I could take them all back with me, so this was inevitable.


“Welcome back, master.”

“Suu?…..How should I put it, they really were useful.”


“As I thought, a kemonobito reception party took place, right? I figured the prime minister would do something like this.”


Suu nodded with a smug face, and I thought that……she should really explain things to me more…..

I took a huge mental damage because of this, you know?


“Listen, Suu…..Since the kemonobito folk’s customs are difficult to understand, you should explain things to me beforehand…….”

“At that time, I was in a hurry and I was too embarrassed. But you’re right……I’ll hurry with the publication of the handbook. Are the girls from the reception party your subordinates now? In this case, I really must hurry.”


Her face slightly red, Suu answered me.

She surely must have been embarrassed to give her panties to a man.

To say nothing of the panties being used.


“Aah, next time be more careful…….Also, did you distribute that book?”

“Yes, since we increased the number of personnel in the intelligence unit it all went well. The noble class people should already know about it.”


“I see. In this case make preparations for sending a letter.”



That book…..That rotten book about two men.

I changed it to a hot love story between the prime minister and his general.

Suu made the preparations and I started writing the letter.

On one side it was a letter of thanks for today’s invitation, and on the other side it was a complaint letter.


‘At the time of agreeing to cooperate with you in order to obtain the country of elves, I didn’t realize how big of a mistake it was.

Thanks to this, my work has become so much harder to handle!

However, that reception party was the best……I want to meet those girls again…….’


This was the content of the letter.

The lewd archduke enjoyed the reception party, so he saw the prime minister’s error as a good opportunity.

The goal was to make him believe this.


“This way, I can summon those girls without looking too suspicious.”

“You’re right. You let yourself be caught in his trap, then used this as a pretext to place those girls right inside his nest……As expected from master.”


“Fufu, I never show mercy to my enemies. About how will he deal with the rumors…….it all depends on the prime minister’s skills.”

“Yes. And if the prime minister manages to deal with the rumors in a clean way, what will we do then?”


“…….At that time, the prime minister will be involved in an unfortunate accident.”

“As you wish. I’ll give orders for Media to come here.”


I nodded, and Suu started to line up a tea set.

Since I drank a little this evening, my belly was rather empty, so this was just right.

Media, huh?……She looks just like a woman and the prime minister will surely be negligent.

And she’ll certainly get rid of him……


“I’ve thoroughly become a noble as well…….”


A muttered these words for no one to hear……

As I drank my tea, Suu kept staring at me.




(Dad! Toto is angry!)


I finished writing some detailed instructions for my people, then returned to my bedroom, when I saw Toto glare at me with an angry expression.

Because Toto was always together with Bea….

I forgot that she came with me this time……..


“Toto, today’s little trip was a dangerous one. We’ll spend tomorrow together, all right? That’s why, you don’t have to be this angry.”

(Really? Will we be together tomorrow?)


“Yes, of course. I know. I’ll summon some merchants, so that we can choose a souvenir for Bea together. What do you say?”

(!? We’ll chose a souvenir for Mom!)


I brushed Toto’s hair, as she instantly showed a happy smile, then I took off my clothes in order to change them.

What about the shower?……I kind of drank tonight, so I’ll just take one in the morning.


(Dad, why are you wearing Suu’s underwear?)

“……Toto, you must keep this a secret from Mom, all right? I know. I’ll buy you a mountain of sweets tomorrow.”


(Dad, Toto didn’t see anything!)

“Good. You can choose as many sweets as you want.”


I successfully bought her silence with sweets, after which I finished changing my clothes and went to bed.

Today was a difficult day……

Toto came together with me under the blanket, and she was in high spirits as she kept muttering ‘Sweets, sweets’, but she soon fell asleep.



“Good morning, master. A letter came from the prime minister.”

“Hahaha, he was quite fast.”


I finished my morning bath, and as I walked towards my office, Suu waited for me with a grinning face.

………I’m wearing my own pants today, you know? What are you laughing about?


“Well then, I wonder what he wrote…….”


I opened the letter, sending Suu, who was showing an eerie smile, a glance.

The contents were as expected.

‘I really know nothing about that.

I’m sorry for making trouble for you all of a sudden……

I made arrangements for those girls to come to your place, so please forgive me.’

This was it…..He must have been in a hurry to write this letter, since I saw ink drips in several places.


“As expected……It looks like the girls will be here tomorrow. I leave the arrangements to you.”

“Certainly. I’ll make the neccesary arrangements.”


“Also, summon some merchants. Today……..Toto and I will chose some souvenirs. She’ll wake up soon.”

“Understood. When Toto-sama wakes up, should I bring her here?”


“Please do so. Aah, summon some merchants who trade in sweets as well.”

“Sweets?…….Aah, you’re bribing her into secrecy? Understood.”


I was found out…….I thought, as I watched Suu leave the room, giggling.

This, will this really not be revealed to Bea?

A woman’s intuition is a scary thing after all…….And so, with these thoughts, my day started.



(Dad, Toto is incredibly happy right now.)

“Thank you very much for your purchase! This amount……As one would expect, archdukes are something else.”


“Haha…….No matter how you flatter me, I won’t buy more than this, you know?”


Judging only by this conversation, it looked like nothing but a pleasant exchange.

However, the problem was the amount and quality of the things I bought.


“Master, are you really all right with this?”
“Suu, these are inevitable expenses…….”


Despite being worried, Suu nodded…..This happens when you use gold coins in units of thousands when doing shopping.

My dominion’s yearly budget is about a hundred thousand……Wait, I shouldn’t be thinking about this or I’ll lose my mind.


“I understand about the sweets……but, it seems you bought many souvenirs for madam as well……..”

“It’s not like I feel guilty or anything, you know? I genuinely want to give her many presents!”

(Mom will be very happy!)


Yes, I only want to give her these presents; these are my honest feelings.

I’m definitely not thinking about deceiving her with expensive things!

It’s absolutely different!


“Good. The shopping is over. Now, shall we eat some sweets, Toto?”

(Yes! I’ll start with these!)


“Sigh……Buying people with things…….I can already see the failure.”


I disregarded this murmuring, as my and Toto’s sweets feast started.

……..It’s all right. This way, Toto won’t talk and Bea will be deceived by all those presents!

With this assumption, I enjoyed my sweets.



“Your excellency, as I thought, you’re working too much.”

“Albert, you’re awake?……Making a complete come-back in just one day after receiving my punch……..”


As punishment for stripping off my trousers, I knocked him off with one punch, but it appears that he already recovered.

Even though I used a considerable amount of strengthening magic as I hit him……..He really is sturdy.


“Eeh, without this armor, it would’ve meant an instant death. Your excellency’s punch is as one would expect.”

“…….I see. If you’re saying this, then it might be true.”


I thought I hit him on the face…..Is my memory playing tricks on me?

Albert muttered something as he brushed his black armor, then he suddenly turned to face me.


“Apart from this, your excellency, you must relax a little. If you continue in this manner, you will collapse.”

“I enjoyed a sweets feast…….I didn’t work that much, you know?”


I enjoyed my time today playing and eating with Toto, so it was already evening.

Toto was sleeping, being tired from all that playing…….I was also resting inside my office.


“No, since we came to the country of elves, you worked non-stop. I will…….draw you out to the night district……..”

“You fool, you still haven’t learned from your experiences? Last time and the time before last you did nothing but fail miserably!”


“Fufufu, your excellency. I am not that stupid. I do learn from my mistakes!”

“What…..are you talking about?”


Albert took out something like a notebook from his pocket.

No way! This mongrel can actually learn!?


“First of all, I gathered intelligence and narrowed everything down to a few shops, then I personally went to check them out. After the confirmation, I found out that this shop…….has beautiful women of just the right age!!”


With a booming sound effect, the notebook spread vigorously in front of me.

Inside it, this was written with huge letters.


‘High class secret bar – the New World! Many beautiful women, good sake, elves, kemonobito and humans alike are present’


“You can actually do it right if you want to……Albert, prepare the horses! We’ll depart for the front!”

“Yes sir! I will ask the black knights to accompany us!”


This time for sure, it’ll be all right! There’s no way he will fail this time! I do believe in him!!

Third time lucky…….Believing in these words, I sallied forth towards the twilight district…….


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