Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: Bea’s Unusualness






“What’s wrong? Stop making that face. Even though I am very busy, I said that we must talk, didn’t I?”


With her iron-ribbed fan in her hand, she lifted up my chin.

Aah, this is mother Lamia’s favorite technique…..But this is not the point.

Something seems off now, doesn’t it? It’s not necessary for her to pressure everyone in her surrounding in this manner.

Still, Bea is spreading dark magic power in all directions……Hmm? Will this perhaps work again?


“Bea, thank you for taking care of the household while I was gone. It must have been difficult for you…….How is your physical condition?”


I asked her, as I casted a certain spell.

This was a safe question even in case she was angry, and if everything goes as I expect it to, then!


“Words of thanks are unnecessary. Besides, I can’t be called a noble if my physical condition gets bad because of something like this. Good grief, you’re only stating the obvious…..Maybe you lack a little bit of noble self-awareness?”

‘Aww! Because Zest-sama is so kind. I am all right, I am full of energy, you know? Besides, since I am Zest-sama’s wife, taking care of things is only natural!’


She stared at me like I was a cockroach, as she said this.

Aah, I have no doubts……She’s back to her former self……

But what was the trigger? No, first we have to take refuge in our private quarters, otherwise Katalina and the others might die from the stress.


“Hahaha, you’re right. Then, shall we move to a room where we can be just the two of us?”

“What are you doing? I can walk by myself.”

‘Eeh, pri-princess-carry?……Everyone is looking though…….’


“I want to do this. I was too lonely because I didn’t see you, Bea. Forgive my selfishness.”

“……..Then, it can’t be helped.”

‘Was Zest-sama lonely too? Ufufu, in this case, I’ll forgive you.’


With enmity in her eyes, Bea covered half of her face with her fan, as I carried her in my arms.

If strangers were to see her, they would judge her expression as being enraged……But I already knew.

She was just hiding her embarrassment.


“Katalina, leave me and Bea alone for a while. If someone intrudes, I’ll feed them to the dragons.”

“Since the dragons might damage their stomachs, it’s better to let the intruders be their playthings instead.”

‘You can’t feed your followers to the dragons! I will warn the dragons, so let’s forgive them with only a training match, okay?’


Yes, yes. The translation went as smoothly as before.

As I thought, Bea really is a kind person.


“I see, we’ll do that then. Bea’s a very kind person after all.”


Bea turned completely red, as I kissed her forehead, then we left the office.


“…….His excellency is amazing-nya. He called the current madam a kind person, he must have a high level of tolerance-nya.”

“I was too scared to even move.”

“She didn’t even tell us not to intervene, but we couldn’t go near her…….”


I heard Katalina and the others’ words somewhere in the back, as I hurried to my private quarters.



“Now, Bea. How is it? Do you have self-awareness?”

“I do…….I am not a child after all. Also, I can sit by myself.”

‘I knew from everyone’s reactions. But leaving this aside……I wonder if he will let me sit on his l-lap?’


With a face like broken domino pieces, Bea sat on my lap hesitantly.

Since the tsundere Bea, that only I knew, came back to life, the tension was extremely high.

As I brushed her silky hair, I asked as nicely as I could.


“In this position, I can feel your warmth, Bea, so I kind of like it. Also, when did this start?”

“In this case, it can’t be helped. Let me think……About two days ago or so.”

‘I’m embarrassed but I’ll endure it! Zest-sams is such a spoiled child!’


“Two days ago?……You’re not feeling sick or anything, right?”

“Yes, I feel great.”

‘Fufu, you worry too much.’


Bea laughed and her face looked like she was planning my murder or something.

If people who didn’t know what I knew were to see her, her smile would definitely look so dark that they would start crying.


However, the cause is unknown, huh?…….It’s good that there’s no problem with her physical condition…….Except that it isn’t good!!

Should I ask Toto about this? When I think about it, Bea changed right after Toto showed up.

I didn’t have much time to think because my clothes were pulled down suddenly.


“Zest-sama? Who are you thinking about in front of your wife?”

‘I understand that you’re worrying about my current condition, but you said it in front of everyone, that they weren’t allowed to disturb us…….I was so embarrassed I could die!’


Why was she embarrassed?

……Ah!! I see. We’re just the two of us in a room that cannot be entered! My words meant something like don’t interrupt a couple’s business…….I’ve done it this time.


“So-sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose, but I let them misunderstand my words.”

“Was it a misunderstanding?”

‘Was it a misunderstanding?’


Bea’s outer and inner voices harmonized as she asked me, and I couldn’t resist her.

As I felt the warmth of her arms twined around my neck, Bea and I became one…….





“Your excellency, I’m sorry to disturb you when you’re tired……Toto-sama wants to talk to you.”

“Stop the tired thing. If Bea hears you, you’ll become rust on her bardiche! All right, Albert?”


A little time passed since we finished our business, and I was drinking tea when the revived mongrel came to inform me.

At this precise moment I felt big-hearted, so I wouldn’t get angry because of something like this.

And since Bea was asleep in the next room, he was safe.


“Bring Toto here then. It’s perfect since I also wanted to talk to her.”

“Yes sir! Right away!……..Are you really not tired? As I thought, your excellency has amazing stamina.”


Hahaha, Albert laughed, as he went to bring Toto to me.

Does he not know the word delicacy? Is this a trait of all kemonobito people?

I’ll have Suu finish that handbook quickly……Otherwise, you never know when you step on a land mine.

I was amazed, but still kept pouring tea for myself, as I waited for them to come back.


“We kept you waiting!”

(Dad, you had a lot of fun last night, right!)


With a bright smile on her face, Toto informed me in a telepathic message.

This is the mongrel’s doing.


“Albert, you fool, what are you teaching Toto!?”

“Your excellency, it’s a misunderstanding! I didn’t say anything!!”

(It wasn’t the mongrel. The Garbera fridge taught me! That in case Mom and Dad went to sleep together, I should say this to you.)


That fridge did something unnecessary…….Since she’ll be coming to the wedding ceremony, I’ll tell her a thing or two.

However, it wasn’t the mongrel…….I did him wrong.


Sorry……..But this word never came out.


(The mongrel said to the black knights that if you train three times per night it is perfect and you end up working hard until morning! Dad, what did they train for?)

“Toto, close your eyes and cover your ears for a little bit.”


(All right! I’ll keep them closed tightly!)

“Albert, I told you not to bring Toto to your drinking parties, didn’t I?”

“But I didn’t! Toto-sama mixed up with us before we could even notic-gyoufu!!!”


I hit the mongrel right in his neck with a strengthened punch encompassing my entire magic power.

He spited out foam and was convulsing, but he was still alive, so it was oaky.

The foam coming out of his mouth was mixed with blood, but he was all right……..I placed Toto on my shoulder and I brushed her hair, as she still kept her eyes closed.


(Can I open my eyes now? Besides, Dad, what did you train for last night?)

“…….Cu-curry…….It’s a Japanese dish, you know?”


For some reason, I had to bring in this world the existence of curry……..

I couldn’t think of anything else to answer her…….


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