Stranger’s Handbook – Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Increasing Work Arrangements





“……I see. So, if Bea stays away from you, she returns to her older self, is that right, Toto?”

(Yes! Mom’s dark magic is too strong after all.)


I physically silenced Albert, then Toto explained me about Bea’s situation.

It appears that if Toto stays close to her, everything is all right…….


“So nothing is wrong with her body in particular?”

(No, she’s all right! Since that isn’t an illness. Mom and I don’t usually get sick.)


“I see…..Then, will you stay with Bea, Toto? I love both Beas, but in her current situation she might remember the past, so she will be sad. Don’t you think that she’ll be too pitiful that way?”

(Understood. I will stay close to Mom!)


Toto answered me as she chewed on a cookie.

As always, she’s in a very good mood when she eats sweets.

I honestly regret that the tsundere, dark Bea will disappear, but it can’t be helped since this affects the administration of my territory.


(Fufufu, you care about Mom a lot, right, Dad!?)

“Of course I do. I love you and Wis too, but as my daughters. Bea is the only one I love as a woman. When you’ll grow up, you’ll understand this, Toto.”


Toto, who sat directly on top of the table, looked at me, and her expression changed from a cute smile to a broad grin.

……..She looks indeed like a mini Bea, but I wonder what happened?

I was about to ask her, but then I felt something warm around my neck.


“When I was finally able to get some good sleep……I woke up because of your noisiness. Obviously, you will take responsibility for this, right, Zest-sama?”

‘Zest-sama, you’re saying such things even when I’m not around…….I’m embarrassed, but very happy!’


I was hugged from behind, and I couldn’t move around.

Bea’s face looked like she was glaring at a molester, but her actions were quite the contrary.

She hugged me and rubbed her cheeks on my face.

Her clothes…….As one would expect, she was wearing some…….But, she was wearing thin night-clothes than made my heart race.


“Bea, in this case, shall we go to sleep together? We can talk detailed stuff tomorrow.”

(Then, Toto will clean up around here and go sleep with Wis! Good night.)


Toto understood the situation and sent a magic bullet into Albert in order to move him.

Which reminds me that he didn’t wake up at all after receiving a punch in the neck from me….Is he all right?

…….Well, this is Albert, so I bet he’s all right.

For now, I’ll just ignore everything else……Bea’s eyes are saying ‘I won’t let you fall asleep!’ so I must work hard.




“Well then, Katalina. This last period was quite difficult for you. Bea will be back to herself in a few days, so don’t worry about this. Also, since we will have some new citizens, I’ll leave the arrangements to you. Everything is written in these documents, so please look them over.”

“Certainly-nya. This is helpful-nya.”


“There are also some business plans among those documents. Your work load will increase, but…….Was the Mizuta Mari incident your doing?”

“Nya!? Ye-yes.”


“Well, I’ll ignore it this time. Just in case, next time, let me know about something like this beforehand, all right? I also sent a letter to the demons, so she’ll be here soon. If we don’t put a bell around her neck, she can be quite dangerous. You do understand, right?”

“Yes. I’ll make arrangements for a few people from the intelligence unit to always stay next to her-nya. They’ll be doing this under the pretext of guarding her. As for her treatment, will it be all right to treat her as your excellency’s precious retainer-nya?”


In my office, Katalina and I were having a business meeting.

Since yesterday I fully replenished my Bea ingredient, I was now in perfect form.


“Do that. Ah, I will promote both you and Albert. I’ll also leave these preparations to you, all right? Albert will become a marquis and you will become a count.”

“Yes, understood……Nyanya!?”


“You do all my internal administration. My dominion includes that kemonobito fishing village as well……Since I also plan to build a harbor, that will become our first source of income.”

“Wa-wait a second-nya, please! Me a count-nya??”


Katalina dropped the documents she had in her hands and asked me hurriedly.


“Are you perhaps discontent? I can only name one marquis, and that will be Albert…….I know. You will also be Wis’ nanny. You have to endure this now.”

“Nya!? Young lady Wis’ nanny!?”


She gathered half of those documents, but dropped them again when she heard this.

Oi oi, are you that astonished?


“You’re the only one I can ask this to. Listen! Supposing that something happens to me, you will become Wis’ guardian and continue to manage my dominion. Bea and Suu both agree with me on this. Also, when Wis becomes an adult, please help her when she needs.”

“Of, of course I will-nya! I have absolutely no problem with helping the children of your excellency-nya!”


“I’ll leave it to you then! Also, I have one more favor to ask.”

“Yes. Ask me anything-nya.”


“In case Wis turns out to be someone unfitted for an archduchess……send her to a remote village. You will have the authorization to do this, so it’ll be up to your judgement.”

“……..Do you understand what you’re saying-nya?”


Katalina gave up on gathering the documents, and stared at me with a serious expression.

Precisely because I do, I have to say this.


“Albert is as he is. Even if Wis turns out to be a blockhead, he’ll follow her nonetheless. Suu is the same. She will never agree to force Wis to retire early. As for Bea…….It will be impossible for her to keep her daughter away from power, precisely because she’s strongly conscious as a noblewoman. However, this way, the people will have to suffer, you know?”



“Therefore, you are the only one who can do this. One of the reasons my archduke’s household hasn’t employed the intelligence unit is this. Economic strength and the intelligence unit……These will be your powers. This way, neither Bea, nor Albert………nor Wis will be able to take you lightly.”

“Are you sure about this-nya? It is dangerous to offer so much power to your subordinates, you know that-nya?”


“I am doing this precisely because my subordinate warned me that this is dangerous. Since I am a jumped-up person, my household’s honor or status are not important to me. I only want my family to be able to live safely. Therefore, I’ll rely on you……It’ll be a nightmare if a civil war starts in the future. So, if my family can continue to live quietly, then that is fine with me…….I am leaving this in your care then, all right?”

“I will definitely protect your excellency’s family-nya! Therefore, there is nothing to worry about-nya!”


Katalina said and looked at me, then she continued as she looked me straight in the eyes.


“First, I will educate young lady Wis in order to become a wonderful ruler-nya. I won’t let anyone interfere with this-nya.”

“Yeah, I entrusted you with this precisely because you know what pain is. It’s up to you now.”


“It’s just that……..”

“What? Is there a problem?”


Her face looked a little worried as she continued.


“I’m a little worried about lord Albert becoming a marquis……Mainly with a domestic affairs’ meaning.”

“Ev-everything will be all right if you often rotate the officials…….”


“But……Ah! I just thought of something great-nya! There’s a perfect person for this job-nya!”

“Who is it? Who’s the convenient person you’re talking about?”


“It’s Meril-sama! Lord Albert’s wife, Meril-sama is perfect for this-nya. That lady graduated the nobles’ school as the head of her class-nya. She was also invited by the Frontier Count’s household to work there as a civil official, so she truly is a talented woman-nya! We must immediately summon her and discuss this matter-nya!”

“In this case, summon Meril. We must probe her quickly, since she’s also busy with raising her children.”


The moment I said this, the door opened vigorously with a bang.

As I feared, it was Albert.


“Please wait, your excellency. I know that this might be rude, but I have to say it. You enjoyed yourself too, didn’t you, your excellency? I also enjoyed myself without knowing they were men!? Therefore, my wife…….Meril…….Please keep this a secret from her!! If you say this is impossible, then I’ll offer you my head right away!!”


“Your excellency, what is he talking about-nya? Enjoying yourself with men?”

“Albert, I’ll put you to rest with one punch. Come closer.”


And so, the mongrel destroyed the serious mood……However, the damage didn’t stop at that point.


“…….Zest-sama……..Did you enjoy yourself with men? I do want to know the details.”

(Dad! Toto didn’t say anything! It was the dog who talked!)


Toto, if you say this now, you only make it worse…….


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